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How are last seasons top 7 progressing?

Posted on October 21, 2014 by Eddie S

With 8 games already played it’s time to take a look at how last seasons top 7 teams are faring, some had pretensions of challenging for the title, whilst others would simply be content to finish in the top 4 at this stage of their development, all of them are hoping for some sort of silverware of course. As is always the case a couple of teams are gate crashing the party and performing far better than could ever be envisaged and it would come as no surprise if a new contender for the top 7 emerged this season.

Tottenham in the news. Podolki and Szczesny to replace Soldado and Lloris!

Posted on October 21, 2014 by Guest Writer

Quite apart from the ridiculous reports of some sort of embarrassing performance up at the Etihad, reports so distant from the truth and oblivious to the shortcomings of officials that contributed to our demise, that the authors should be taken to task as to whether they actually witnessed the event. Other recent reports in the media range from the hilarious to the ridiculous, while others are a little more encouraging and give an insight into the thoughts and ambitions of some of our players.

Yet again there is wild speculation that Tottenham are preparing a £10m bid for a striker from Arsenal, now when you think of an Arsenal striker it could only be Olivier Giroud he is the only specialist striker that they have, so when you delve further into the story the fact that it is Podolski is simply hilarious. in all honesty we would be better off playing Tom Carroll up front rather than a player struggling to get a game, with just 56 appearances since joining the club, many of them as a substitute, and with the goals drying up the idea that Tottenham might invest highly in him is laughable. Hell might as well freeze over before we would accept him at our club.

Is Jamie Redknapp fit to give opinion on football matters?

Posted on October 20, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

Just like last year and the year before that the media are on the back of Tottenham, again it’s the same old ringleaders, you know the ones, those with a grudge against Tottenham. Ex-Arsenal and Liverpool players that have infiltrated every football channel and show on TV and the football pages of almost all newspapers. On a daily basis some so called expert or other jumps on the bandwagon in an effort to destabilise the supporters of Tottenham,

Predictions game 8.

Posted on October 19, 2014 by Eddie S

Well I managed to get four of yesterdays results correct but could not have been more wrong when predicting the Southampton v Sunderland result, after watching a relatively toothless Southampton a couple of weeks back at White Hart Lane it is hard to explain now just where that result came from. Though the game between City and Tottenham was one of the most exciting for 70 minutes credit has to go to West Ham who now have a team to be proud of and a couple of strikers to be envied.

Perspective:City defeat should not disguise a good performance.

Posted on October 19, 2014 by Scraggs

On the face of it a 4-1 defeat suggests yet another dismal Tottenham display against Manchester City but I and many other Tottenham supporters did not quite see it that way and nor should any of us. We travelled to the Etihad Stadium in the knowledge that we had conceded eleven goals against the Champions of England just last season, six on that away visit, nobody gave us much of a chance and yet for almost 70 minutes of what was a thrilling encounter Tottenham were in the match every step of the way and contributed an equal number of efforts on the City goal.

Does Brendan Rodgers ever stop whining?

Posted on October 18, 2014 by Guest Writer

It has got to the stage that I can’t bear to watch Sky Sport for much longer than thirty minutes at a time as you can bet that Brendan Rodgers will appear and whine and moan about something or other, if it isn’t Raheem Sterling and his pathetic excuse for following the Liverpool line of  being”too tired to play” for his country, then it is the injury problems of Daniel Sturridge which were ultimately the fault of England! how strange that he looks like missing another month because of injury training with his own club.

Prediction time game 8

Posted on October 18, 2014 by Eddie S

After yet another set of Internationals the Premiership is back and we return to action with a number of important games, though I have not been particular accurate with my predictions so far this season somehow even the often ridiculed Lawrenson in his weekly predictions for the BBC managed nine correct results last time out. Often after a two week break there are a couple of shocks in store,  let’s try to find them:-

City v Tottenham preview and probable team.

Posted on October 18, 2014 by Scraggs

The current title holders and one of the two favourites to battle it out for the trophy again in this campaign await Tottenham in today’s early kick-off, a daunting prospect at any time and not dissimilar to the situation we faced when facing Liverpool in December last year, on that occasion we had the opportunity to gatecrash the top four and go ahead of our opponent of the day, we all know how that turned out though we don’t expect anything like a repetition of how things panned out then.

Is this Soldado’s time?

Posted on October 17, 2014 by Tony

With Emanuel Adebayor currently en route to London after captaining Togo  in their qualifying fixtures for the African Cup of Nations and with Tottenham facing a trip to Manchester City in an early kick off, perhaps now might be the time to re-introduce Roberto Soldado to the first team. While many of our players have been away on International duty Soldado has had the opportunity to work with the remainder of the squad and to work on his fitness. No doubt he will have had the time to get in plenty of shooting practice and brush up on his link up play while Adebayor and Harry Kane have both been travelling thousands of miles, training and playing.

A Tottenham Legend who crossed the North London divide with honour.

Posted on October 17, 2014 by Guest Writer

There have been few who have managed to play for both North London clubs with much success, we know that earlier this century our captain and centre back made the switch for money in the main though he did also go on to win a few trophies, but to this day he remains despised by every true Tottenham supporter and we know there will never be forgiveness. Even now very few can even utter his name but we all know him and we all know how he mislead the club and more importantly the fans.

As I understand it at this moment in time only 15 players have represented both clubs and fewer, just 8, have played in a derby involving the two. Most seem to have been defensive players but there has been the odd exception,  Adebayor is currently plying his trade in N17, he and William Gallas, the last 2 to have made the move were not direct transfers but came via other Premier League clubs.

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