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Tottenham team selection to get season on track.

Posted on September 13, 2015 by Eddie S

Undefeated since the opening day of the season, three draws is not enough to satisfy the coach, team or fans of the club and a win is desperately needed to get things properly up and running. despite considerable amounts of doom and gloom from some quarters of the media and our fanbase the reality is that performances have in the main been good, arguably Spurs have been the better team in the most part in every game and 3 points is not a fair reflection of the season so far.

Poch must maintain and build on special bond.

Posted on July 23, 2015 by Guest Writer

Many Tottenham supporters realise that the club are going through yet another period of transition, there is plenty of optimism mainly as a result of recent announcements relating to the new stadium and NFL deal, but as always during the transfer window there remains much debate relating to players deemed surplus to requirements and the need to spend fortunes on marquee signings.

So far a few obvious departures have happened and set to follow Paulinho,Kaboul, Capoue and Stambouli out of the door will almost certainly be Adebayor, Aaron Lennon and Vlad Chiriches. Though the situation with Stambouli does seem a litle harsh and sad, after 9 years service, that Lennon is being ushered to the exit there are obviously reasons.

It has to be Berahino.

Posted on July 17, 2015 by Scraggs

There is little doubt that Tottenham need to add another attacker to the equation before the transfer window slams shut this summer, there have been links to players in the French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, German and  even the Belgian leagues but since a tentative link to Danny Ings, before he plumped for Liverpool and a passing, very unlikely, interest in Christian Benteke there has been no link to any forward currently plying their trade in the premiership.

Ade BYE, but who comes in?

Posted on July 14, 2015 by Eddie S

With there still no sign of Adebayor and pre-season well underway there seems little doubt that, one way or another, he will not be allowed to infiltrate the group of players selected by Pochettino for the coming season. It is now being reported that no squad number will be allocated him in either domestic or European competition.Just about everybody knows from past experience that when it comes to money and contracts he has no scruples and is almost certainly going to drag out matters in an attempt to have his contract paid up before moving on to the next mugs willing to accept him.

Toby purchase nearly over the line. Next up is…

Posted on July 06, 2015 by Guest Writer

Despite all the nonsense that has arisen over the potential purchase of Toby Alderwereld if it is the will of the player to join Tottenham, as it seems it now is, then no amount of bluff and bluster will change the course of events. Southampton will surely realise that they are in a no win situation, if they try force the player to choose them over his first choice it won’t happen of course, yet in trying to force anybody’s hand is both embarrassing  and pointless.

Window open-what do the top 6 need?

Posted on July 04, 2015 by Scraggs

We have been away for some time but have continued to be amused by all the transfer speculation surrounding the top clubs and today we begin the JTN comeback.

With the opening of the transfer window proper on the first of the current month we might at last see some real business done as clubs begin to put together their squad in time for this seasons early premiership schedule. While the usual culprits are linked with deals involving quite ridiculous sums some will be going about sensible squad building and value for money additions.

Tottenham transfer rumours laid bare.

Posted on May 19, 2015 by Random Spurs Supporter

With an important transfer window fast approaching clearly work has been going on for sometime by those charged with identifying and securing the services of players needed to put more points on the board in the coming season. Mauricio Pochettino has already given clues as to the clubs intentions, he said that they need to strike early in the market and to be creative, he also would prefer  to bring in players with premiership experience though not entirely true with it almost certain that Kevin Wimmer an Austrian international playing in Germany seems to be a signing as close to completion as is possible at this stage.

No sympathy for Bale.

Posted on May 16, 2015 by Guest Writer

Gareth Bale is currently having a hard time of it in Madrid with the biggest ego of them all, Christiano Ronaldo, providing none to very little support for his team-mate and the fans of the club having now turned on a player that they so desperately craved just 2 years ago and who they hero worshipped after he scored all important goals for them in the Copa del Rey against Barcelona and the European Cup final against their local neighbours Atletico.

Warming to the Tottenham project, believing our time will come.

Posted on May 01, 2015 by Scraggs

With just four games remaining players and fans of Tottenham know full well that the club is once again going to fall short of a Champions League spot, many will be suggesting that they prefer no involvement in Europe if it’s not the main event. Some pundits have openly stated that no games on a Thursday night will help them achieve top four status as it has undoubtedly for Manchester United who have crawled over the line on the back of much luck and more than just a few fortunate results.

Pochettino changes expected to today’s lineup.

Posted on April 05, 2015 by Scraggs

With just twenty-four more points to play for this season only a Tottenham win today will realistically ensure that Pochettino and his young team are left with a fighting chance of earning a top four position. with both Liverpool and Southampton yesterday falling by the wayside the challenge to those holding sway seems to rest solely with Tottenham.

Mauriccio Pochettino has this week spoken of the need to resolve some of the defensive issues that have plagued the team this season, recognising that the fault does not rest solely with the back four which perhaps suggests that a change in personnel ahead of them might be the order of the day.

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