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£170m to spend and nobody to spend it on. United and Arsenal struggles.

Posted on July 27, 2013 by Guest Writer

There have been numerous reports of the enormous transfer funds available to two of the giants of English and European football, Manchester United have stated that a spend of £100m or more is easily handled and is permitted if the new coach David Moyes so wishes. Early on in the transfer window it was reported that a derisory offer was made for the England left back Leighton Baines, this was immediately refused and there was allegedly a backlash internally from Patrice Evra, most upset as would be expected, since then everything has been very quiet, no increased bids or talk of a possible deal.

Thiago, then of Barcelona was another being targeted by United, it seemed almost certain that he was headed to Old Trafford to galvanise the midfield and it was a little surprising when he seemed to plump for Bayern Munich at the last minute. Since then Cesc Fabregas has become the focus of their attention with two offers turned down and Barcelona sticking to the line that he is not for sale.

Obviously United remain an impressive outfit as can be gauged from their title win last season, many would argue that last seasons results and points total was better than performances suggested but nevertheless they won the league at a canter. This season with a new coach, a good coach in David Moyes, but a coach yet to actually win any sort of trophy, they go into the season with Rooney problems and the possibility that he might leave the club. Paul Scholes has left and it might be worth a mention that a couple of years back he retired and United really struggled until he was pressed back into action.

Their neighbours and closest competitors in each of the past two seasons,Manchester City, have also replaced their coach but have gone out and strengthened the squad to the tune of £100m or more as have Chelsea and even Tottenham.

It seems that Moyes has deemed extra defensive and midfield players as the most important areas to strengthen but where will they come from? It cannot be bargaining over the price of a player, that has not been United’s style, if they see a player they really need they generally go out and get him no matter the price.

Over in the red part of North London we continuously hear that Arsene Wenger has been liberated from the financial shackles of building the new stadium, they have £70m to spend and the wage structure is there to be blown apart. We are told that on their shopping list is Rooney, Suarez, Higuain and Fabregas, one of them has already left for more money than Arsenal were prepared to offer, two are apparently not for sale and the other would prefer Chelsea who have actually been the only club to make offers.

So what exactly is the problem facing these huge clubs who both participate in the all important Champions League, as far as United are concerned one theory is that now that Fergie has left the aura surrounding the club has disappeared, David Moyes has replaced him and perhaps players are waiting to see just how it all pans out. Who will join other than perhaps the players of Everton and used to the work of Moyes.

Arsenal have a problem in that for the past four or five years players have left citing lack of ambition as the reason, they were once regular title challengers, in fact often the team to beat, but those days have disappeared and the announcement of big purchases this summer might have come a little late, it seems that nobody is prepared to become the first name to sign up fearing that other promises might be broken as has been the case for the past several years. I have to say that I cannot recall Arsenal ever saying that lack of funds was a problem in the past, they have spent lots of money but not many buys have actually worked out, and they pay far better wages than the teams below them.

The transfer window is ticking away and for once it is not Tottenham in desperate need of lots of new players but two teams who have finished ahead of them in every Premier League season, Tottenham have closed the gap to United and Arsenal and the pressure is on to secure the players needed to secure a top four position and the title itself as this promises to be a very close run thing this season.

6 to “£170m to spend and nobody to spend it on. United and Arsenal struggles.”

  1. Thierry says:

    Another atricle based on pure speculation. Give it up. Its embarrassing.

    • Tony says:

      I think you will find it is very true so far as both clubs struggle to attract star quality. the battle for Fellaini is all that is left and Moyes will win that.

  2. Thierry says:

    “very true” So the comments about higuain turning us down is from a reliable source yes? or pure media BS? Yes pure media BS. He wanted us, we wanted him, RM mugged us off FACT! Wait until next week, announcements will be made, and people can finally stop spouting rubbish that arsenal cant attract top players.

    • Tony says:

      but if you are so wealthy and able to compete with the big boys why didn’t you just pay up? he chose Napoli so yes he did turn you down.

      • lol says:

        who did select us again? Pau? He is a gr8 player, but what has he won? ho all fought for him? We won a player no one competed for, everywhere else we lost the transfer duel. so we should not keep posting big things…

        • Tony says:

          Every major honour in Brazil and the recent Confederations Cup. he is from a different continent so he can only win what he enters, done. Arsenal tried to get him a year ago and failed and we were constantly told in June that Madrid and chelsea were considering him. We shall keep posting big things because confidence breeds success and it is time we acknowledged the fact that spurs are ready to challenge as they have a great squad. This negativity has to stop it’s part of the reason for falling short. time to start believing my friend.

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