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300,000 reasons per week why Bale is deserting Tottenham

Posted on August 07, 2013 by Scraggs

There has been some concern recently as to why Gareth Bale might be leaving Tottenham after two good and one exceptional seasons in more than six years at the club, it has been indicated that Real Madrid have promised him a six year contract and £150,000 per week, those discussions without permission from Tottenham and seemingly between the players agent and Madrid which is against regulations, that sum has always seemed a figure that could and would be matched by Tottenham in any new contract. For the past year Tottenham as a club, AVB and the squad have accommodated the strengths of Bale resulting in what seems betrayal by the player just as everything seemed to be falling into place.

An article today throws more light on the situation with news that the figure to be paid of £150,000 is in fact the sum after tax and so with a tax rate of 52% the six year contract amounts to something like £94m and that is without his own contracts and endorsements for all sorts of other crap that might bear his logo. still it’s only a short career and he must earn what he can now to exist once he retires!!!! Nobody can convince me that he is going for success and trophies as Tottenham have as much chance right now as Madrid, Barcelona are the dominant force in Spain and will be ahead along with Bayern in Europe, while Tottenham have spent well and are about to make their move domestically having closed the gap to the top clubs.

On a day when Suarez withdraws from Liverpool’s last pre-season friendly and whines to the press about broken Liverpool promises associated with Champions League football, doesn’t it all sound very familiar, in an attempt to force a move. It would seem as though it were Madrid leading the chase for his signature if it were not for all offers and recent reports suggesting it is Arsenal.

The pattern is now becoming very familiar and even the media seem determined to promote and encourage these pampered incredibly rich individuals to run roughshod over football supporters when all is said and done, Bale leaving Tottenham for Madrid will harm the clubs progression, affecting their supporters while depriving the Premier League of a great talent, enhancing the Spanish League and it’s clubs prospects in the Champions League. Suarez, if he does get his way and leaves for Arsenal will almost certainly put another nail in Liverpool’s hopes of attaining a top four position this coming season, he is a fantastic player and one that the Premier League needs, it would certainly be a disaster if he was lost abroad as again Real Madrid is his only other logical destination.

At the moment it is difficult to envisage how it is all likely to play out, Liverpool and United have different problems to Tottenham in that they would be strengthening direct opposition, a little ironic that the boot is now on the other foot. Just as soon as Real Madrid actually agree a fee to the liking of Daniel Levy, rather than just imply figures when in front of a microphone, Bale will be off and quite frankly I will now be glad to see the back of him, he has been nobbled, he has been complicit, he has changed his mind, his attitude and his behaviour and I am now finding his silence pathetic and totally insulting to every Tottenham supporter.

Given the choice of Daniel Levy remaining as Chairman of Tottenham or Gareth Bale staying to see out his contract I would choose Levy without a moments hesitation, he is a Tottenham man through and through and will always do what he considers to be best for the club, that must take into account finances, coaching, playing staff, facilities and the new stadium, Bale, well he just has to kick a ball, pick up his money and dedicate himself to his club and their supporters, with three years left on a contract he signed only 12 months ago he cannot even do that.

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  1. Andy says:

    I will jump on board with the same train of thought, but until he leaves. Or says (legitimately) that he wants to leave, I am firmly in the belief that he will stay at the Lane for another year because of the significant investment we have made in new players.

    Please don’t attack him just yet…

    • Tony says:

      His silence says he wants out and his actions lack class. Fake injuries and no interest since they set off for Hong Kong. If he stays it will be because Levy says so and/or Madrid can’t afford him and he will not be happy. Unless he signs a new contract then if he doesn’t go now he will next summer for a much lesser fee, hopefully we will be in CL by then and will have won something but he will be gone. Never did want him to go but now he is showing his true colours just want him out and the £100m in to spend.

      • Andy says:

        I disagree, I think silence is more positive than coming out and having his every word dissected. I mean, just look at Keith Mills’ comments almost completely fabricated to meet the churnalists pre-interview requirements.

        When you have the world’s media looking in, it just takes one newspaper to run with a misquoted comment then it’s a weeks worth of stories about an angry and bitter player.

        I am being blindly optimistic and hopeful, but I still think we shouldn’t start character assassinating until he comes out and directly says he wants to leave.

        His agent on the other hand.. an obvious c-nut!

        • Tony says:

          haha I can’t disagree with any of your comments and I love your optimism, how I would love it if Tottenham announced that he had agreed a new 4 year contract as he has done for the past couple of summers, the egg on peoples faces, including my own, would be amazing to see. We won’t have to wait long to find out.

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