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Tottenham and Bale discuss new contract.

Posted on July 26, 2013 by Tony

Does this look like a player unhappy with his coach, team or club? of course not so together with the news from AVB that discussions over a new contract are taking place hopefully this whole sorry episode will soon be behind us. It will certainly be very satisfying for all concerned to give Madrid the finger, a disgusting club totally lacking in morals and deserving of their lack of success in Europe over the past ten years and of becoming the poor relations of Spanish football behind Barcelona. Bale and AVB mutual respect Pretty much every week an opportunity arises that tends to suggest that the player is totally geared towards his commitments to Tottenham, none more so than the new kit launch by Under Armour, he was one of four players wheeled out to the media and this was followed by Under Armour, Tottenham and Bale himself being launched in Times Square, New York. Quite apart from the fact that BT have signed Bale to a contract to promote their new launch of live Premiership football, a multi million pound enterprise that would leave nothing to chance. It would have been an obvious question when negotiating the deal, “is there any likelihood of your leaving for Madrid this year” it’s a no brainer really. Bale- Times Square If Gareth Bale somehow felt that he could no longer carry on and had a huge fallout with just about everyone associated with Tottenham Hotspur he and his agent would at all times protect their own individual advertising contracts, with the launch of FIFA 14 a great honour and a huge financial contract, Gareth Bale features on the cover with the great Lionel Messi, he wears a Tottenham shirt and that really does say it all. fifa14cover It is almost certain that the two parties will strike a new deal probably tying the player to the club for a further year and increasing his wage substantially, this is a process that has been a regular feature of Tottenham and Bale over the past three years as he is rewarded for his service and increasing stature within the game. It is almost certain that there might be a couple of other conditions being discussed on this occasion and that is likely to be what happens if Tottenham again fail to make it into the Champions League or win silverware. Whilst everybody hopes and expects that it will be a moot point it must nevertheless be spoken of and agreement reached in principal. In the meantime the club carries on negotiating to bring new players in and creating a squad to compete with the very best, Gareth Bale is essential on the playing side as well as promoting brand Tottenham and “11 of Hearts”, with players of his quality in their ranks the best players will seriously consider joining and that will enable expectation to increase.

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  1. Thierry says:

    Rubbish. Your stating that bale will stay because hes on the cover of fifa(which isnt out for a couple months). Also, the picture of bale and AVB was taken ages ago and is in no way shape or form any indication that he will stay. AVB said contract talks are ongoing ” talks are ongoing, but that doesnt mean he will sign” Use your heads boys, Bale is off.

    • Tony says:

      Iv’e got news for you he signed last summer for 4 years so until 2016 he belongs to Tottenham unless they decide otherwise. Bale is a brand and earns from his own contracts, one is BT as stated and another is Fifa 14 being advertised, use your brains he’s going nowhere and thats what worries all gooners, and by the way Fabregas isn’t joining Arsenal, nor Rooney, nor Higuain and neither is suarez, do you have a plan F, G and H. the picture of him and AVB was only taken in February so things havn’t gone pear shaped since then.

  2. Thierry says:

    February? Do me a favour mate. Its nothing to do with a falling out between them is it, Bale wants to play at the highest level that he can, seeing as though you mob arent in the CL. Ok Tony, so explain to me how you know that fabregas wont join us? How Suarez wont join us? Do not kid yourself mate, gooners are far from worried about spurs, we KNOW who we will sign and alot of people will be very suprised. Then it will be spurs trying to keep up bigtime.

    • Tony says:

      Wenger has already said today that even if you make no signings you are good enough to challenge for the title, and he will wait for suarez. thats gooner speak for we will remain cheapskates and there will be no big signings. so how do you KNOW who will sign? 3 weeks ago it was Higuain, gone.already many of your supporters are expecting the worst a couple of last minute £10m chances. Mark my words.

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