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A little reminder to all you who want your Tottenham back.

Posted on November 29, 2013 by Guest Writer

As we approach December and with less than a third of the season gone Tottenham are apparently a club in trouble and the man in the firing line and responsible for their demise is Andre Villas-Boas, the media are already putting forward names to replace him while the odds are on him being the next to be sacked. The longer Daniel Levy delays the decision to sack this failure the less the chances Tottenham have of escaping relegation and they might still hope to have a run in the last cup remaining the FA Cup which stars for them in January.

Of course the current situation is far different as AVB has easily seen the squad, and I do mean squad through to the knockout stages of the Europa League and they have a home game against West Ham in the quarter final of the Capital One cup next month, they are not only still in the hunt for a top four position but even the title itself is as likely to head to Tottenham as it is to Chelsea, City or even United. So why all the angst and the pressure? The media have been on the case of AVB from the time he joined Chelsea and having replaced the darling of the media at Tottenham it has become even worse.

To be honest the media alone would be unable to bring down AVB, results would have to be disastrous and the clubs supporters would also need to voice their displeasure, surprisingly even though Tottenham have increased their points total from last years record number posted, are in the running for every competition entered and dominating most every game some supporters are beginning to have misgivings. Despite having to integrate several amazingly talented newcomers and four of our own from loan and injury some supporters are openly critical of AVB, they are accusing him of introducing boring football and of not having the nous to overcome defensive teams. Boring Tottenham apparently no longer have the type of player to break down defenses, players like Bale, Modric and VDV have gone and with them the ability to play open exciting football every week.

Take a look on Twitter and some of the comments on Tottenham/AVB articles and you will see so many wanting him out and their Tottenham back, calls for the return of Redknapp and the cavalier team he created. The problem is that Redknapp won nothing nor came close to doing so in his four years in charge, he gave up the cups at the first opportunity simply to finish in the top four, well we are not Arsenal and we want more, most Tottenham supporters want some glory and silverware and AVB is trying to supply that.

All you supporters who want your Tottenham back and those glorious performances with the like of Bale, Lennon, VDV and Modric in their pomp take a look at some extracts from reports from games involving those players, take a look at the goals against column and the empty trophy cabinet. There were great games, exciting moments and qualification for and involvement in the Champions League was amazing, but Redknapp achieved that with four great players when you add Ledley King to the three that AVB has lost.

Nobody is certain that AVB is the one but he has had to rebuild and replace some incredible talent, irreplaceable talent and yet still the team is moving forward. Below are  just a few extracts from some of the poor performances which occurred during our best years and with no less than four world class players (Modric, Bale, VDV and Ledley) . Perhaps some might like to reconsider their criticism of AVB and his team when they remember some of these performances, at the very least AVB deserves the total support of the fans for the rest of this season come what may.

However, for all their possession, they struggled to break down an organised Stoke defence, Potters goalkeeper Asmir Begovic rarely being forced into action.21/3/2012 v Stoke

Rodgers’s men also restricted an in-form Spurs side to half chances and long-range efforts 31/12/2011 v Swansea

 Bond praises Spurs defence 

Redknapp did not miss much in a dull first half – the most noteworthy moment being the appearance of a cat that held up play for a couple of minutes before it was rescued by a steward. 6/2/2012 v Liverpool

The first half contained plenty of quality in possession but little end product. 4/3/2012 V Man Utd

Spurs enjoyed plenty of possession but failed to exert concerted pressure as a decline that coincided with Redknapp. 21/4/12 v QPR


But in truth Spurs were well below par and Wigan thoroughly deserved their win for a tenacious display in which they showed commendable character. 8/2010 v Wigan


By contrast, it was not until the 45th minute that Tottenham forced Steve Harper into any meaningful action, the Magpies keeper reacting well to beat Defoe’s shot away after a delightful flick from Van der Vaart had set the Spurs striker free inside the box. 22/11/2011 v Newcastle


Tottenham’s hopes of finishing in the top four suffered a setback as they were held at home by West Ham despite hitting the woodwork three times but failing to score. v West Ham 3/2011

But Wigan rarely looked in trouble, with Tom Cleverly and James McCarthy impressing in midfield and the always dangerous N’Zogbia and Rodallega ready to pounce if Spurs gave them a sniff. v Wigan 3/2011

Tottenham, who have only won once in nine Premier League matches, were once again profligate in front of goal with Rafael Van der Vaart, Bale and Luka Modric all spurning excellent chances, especially in the early stages of the second half. V Blackpool 5/2011.

5 to “A little reminder to all you who want your Tottenham back.”

  1. yidarmy says:

    Rose coloured specs doesn’t hide the fact that Redknapp won nothing, no matter what Wenger says there is no trophy for 4th.Some good points and hopefully those knocking AVB and many of the players should take a good look at themselves and reconsider their actions and their motives.

  2. Richo says:

    we have our best squad ever, as good as any top team. I question the signing forward in the same mold and size as Defoe/ For too long we have been short of a top striker that can head goals in like Bale did last season. Need to be better at free kicks also.
    Soldado or Defoe need a player to re and create chances.
    Expected some time to gel the new signings.
    A win against ManU and we are feeling much better.
    The City result was most embarrassing and would have shocked the management. AVB will be expected to get us a top 4 finish with the investment of new players.

    • Tony says:

      this squad is as good as any and must soon hit form, Bale apart there can be no doubt there has been massive improvement in personel, Paulinho for Parker, Eriksen for Huddlestone, Capoue for Livermore, Chiriches for Caulker, Soldado for Dempsey, add Chadli as well and then Lamela as the future replacement for Bale and the squad has improved massively. Bale at the top of his powers has been a massive loss because of his goals and also because it has meant changing the teams focal point, that takes time and whist it might not happen tomorrow it will soon enough.

  3. BigH says:

    A good article but naive. Firstly we have got some great players, but blending them into the prem was always going to be a challenge and high risk. I dont know why some fans are so over the top and impatient with the new guys. On that basis we would have sold bale years ago as Redknapp wanted to. They will come good. The issue at hand is AVB has got it tactically wrong on a few occasions this year and his football strategy has to be questioned. Firstly he has often played the wrong players out of position and the inverted wingers is not working. We have the lowest conversion rate of chances in the prem at 5.36%. It does not take a rocket scientist to see some basic problems with the team and his arrogance must now stop. Yes make us hard to beat and put sandro and capoue in the middle and let the others go forward and take the game to the opposition. Constantly passing sideways is not going to do it. I feel for Soldado, no one passes to him and we simply do not get enough players in the opposition box with our laboured build up. People are getting frustrated as £110m has been spent and are we really any further forward? Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to stuff the mancs and then go on a good long run, yes and it dont bother me if we win a few games 1-0 as long as I can see progression and the team blending with the right players being picked for the right situation. However. unlike AVB Spurs as a club must have a plan B ready. I have not called for the managers head and not pressed the panic button, but with every game my finger gets closer. COYS

    • Tony says:

      The lowest conversion rate but the most efforts and chances created, take-ons and possession rates. Why is it that when it comes to retaining possession and starting again to work openings it is considered slow and laboured but when all the other top clubs do so it is considered the sign of a top team. what has yet to come is the fluency around the box and that can only come with a team used to the sum of it’s parts, those things are also suffering from the lack of spontaneity and fear of making a mistake that the players are experiencing from some of our own supporters, before the poor City game it was noticeable that the team had begun to perform better away from home which is a disgraceful turn of events. Do Bayern not play with inverted wingers and Barca at times , they have done ok as did AVB and Spurs with Bale in their ranks. People frustrated at the expenditure and being no further forward really are being naive, three of the players joined only 9 games ago and have been away for weeks for internationals since. Your finger should be nowhere near the panic button until the season is over, until then AVB AND every player needs 100% support.
      AVB lost Modric and King last year and still took the team to a record points total, Bale was important but he did more for AVB than he ever did for redknapp, not dissimilar to what he did for Hulk when he took over at Porto. This year he lost the best we have had in more than 20yrs and he is still doing better.
      If we had actually deteriorated or there was an obvious successor it might be understandable but we haven’t. Arsenal haven’t sacked Wenger and they have seriously deteriorated over 8 years from massive success.
      £100m wasn’t invested to improve the team as how do you replace Bale? it was an opportunity to invest money without having to delve into the kitty and that investment was in the squad now and the team in future years with many purchased for their future potential.
      Do we actually need a plan B when plan A dominates most teams including Arsenal and even City away for long periods, what AVB has are different personel to change things. One day very soon Lamela will be the player to make the difference as the kid is quality. Time and patience needed because otherwise this will be an opportunity lost.
      Moyes, Mourinho and even pelligrini are not under anything like the pressure of AVB and yet United are little better than average, Chelsea are massively underperforming and Mourinho is handling the Mata situation and one or 2 others appallingly, letting lukaku go on loan seems another big mistake, even City whilst irrestible at home are paper thin away. After all that they are just a couple of points ahead.
      I can’t agree with your suggestion that the article is naive as they are all factual moments in a period that many consider to be the best in recent history, there are plenty of other games like those over the few seasons with Harry. We want our Tottenham back is the call from some and that would be a cavalier attacking outfit always likely to concede goals against the good and the average and NEVER coming close to winning a trophy. No thanks not for me, I want to experience the days of regular silverware and regular appearances in the CL not just the one top four finish every 20odd years and a couple of league cups when the top clubs can’t really be bothered to make the effort.

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