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  1. Under Armour says:

    Hello there,
    I’m from PrettyGreen, the PR agency that represents UnderArmour. We would like to invite you to the unveiling of the new Tottenham Hotspur 2013/2014 kit launch on Monday the 8th of July.
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  2. jay hickman says:

    as a spurs fan im disgruntled at the bale saga but i would never turn on him, i think the majority of posts from supposed spurs fans on here are disgustin claimin hes not great anyway/greedy for money/a disgrace is initself disgraceful, how can some on here claim hes not goin for trophies because real madrid dont win trophies?! have you bitter idiots not seen real madrids trophy records for the past 15 years? they have won everythin over 3 times plus… we’ve only won 2 league cups ffs… ofcourse hes gone to win titles as real madrid win them plentiful, spurs cant compare bein as skinflint levy never hhbuys any players of real substance, when he does they usually get heckled by immature fans causin the player to flop and innevitably gettin sold a year or two after for the same buyin fee… bale has gone for trophies and to play alongside his idol ronaldo, the money is second, im my opinion he fuckin deserves this dream move whether it works out or not, he carried us last season for sure and without his sheer passion, goals and gulf in class we would’nt of even made the top 8… dont hate on him or void him of his spurs legend status as he is still the guy we had the pleasure of watchin him play for us for 5 years, beside how many fans chanted how rubbish he was when we got him from southampton, about 85 percent who are now slaggin him off again… jokers! as for levy buyin in quality- who? adeborinyawner, ekkotto, holtby, siggurdsson, dempsey, dembele, friedel ect ect yeah all title winners, the only real great signin is loris and thays it… walker is amazin aswell as naughton who spurs fans keep hecklin just like caulker, once you slag a player off levy pounces on the oppurtunity to sell them… i hate spurs fans personally, they are deluded… i distance myself from the season ticket holder crowd and mix with true spurs fans

    • Tony says:

      don’t think you will find any comment on here knocking his ability and everybody is grateful for what he has done but no transfer request equals he wants his cut NOT i love supporters. I understand the disappointment, spurs with new buys and Bale are capable of title challenge and his actions have jeopodised that.I do not get this without him would have finished 8th or so, rubbish he was top scorer, end of, every player contributed to team and to his season. before last year it was modric, VDV and even Adebayor who carried them, without Modric and VDV will struggle, heard it all and what happens Bale has best season and spurs get record points.You are another mislead by madrid pr, in 4 years with them Ronaldo has won 1 title and 1 cup, not great is it, as far as champions league goes nothing for 11yrs. no good looking last 15yr he won’t play for them that long and Barcelona still stronger.dream move for the money it’s not trophies ask Modric. legend status ,don’t make me laugh thats for people like Ledley, Ossie and Hoddle and others too early for Bale. leaving at 24yrs old is a cop out should have took his team on to something worthwhile and leaving at 27/28 like beckham, zidane and figo did, even ronaldo was 25 and had won it all with united.

  3. jay hickman says:

    modric carried them?… with 3 goals lol u sure u support spurs or just go on paper stats, we are nowhere near title contenders, we just happened to take advantage of the scum, chelski n man u/man city hiccups… we are top 5th at best n havnt even got the players to mount a formidible title challenge, modric was truly overated n it showed that he was nothin at real madrid without vdv/bale etc movin the ball around him, im a realust spurs fan, i know who the rot is at the club n dont praise players like gallas, adebayor, ekkotto, huddlestone etc ect just cause they have one ok game, these types of lazy players will always make games come back to haunt us… look at the affection n praise gallas recieved throughout his attrocious spurs career, he single handedly destroyed spurs season at the start of last season by woeful games against chelsea, man city, the scum ect… for the first time spurs were strong in all them tough matches but cause the spurs faithful wanted gallas n friedel on we ended up losin after leadin in all them games through mistakes made by these has beens… bale does deserve legendary status, he is single handedly got spurs into the shoddy europa league, defoe helped with 14 goals n thats about it, vertonghen managed 4, dempsey got 8, spurs fans favourites dembele got 1 who is another hyped up player just like holtby n sigurdsson, face it pal without a passionate world class player like bale we wont get any trophies… fact! real madrid have won everythin regardless on not winnin the champions league for 11 years when they won it in scotland it doesnt really matter, they consistently get into the champions league so the chance to grab it is always there, u clearly dont know much about football as a whole cause mouriniho won real madrid the double in his second season which was within the last 3 years, infact real madrud won the double the year they trashed us in the champions league… bale wants to go for trophies end of, hes a winner, i understand ur dissapointed he wants out but its pathetic to turn on him n fyi he did get spurs 5 almost single handedly, like i put before if u take his goals away from our final table position it would be around 42 goals scored for, with his goals its 63… goals against was about 42 i think so if u do the math the goals re scored by bale alone made the difference between 5th place n 8th, im not makin it up- go take a look… i just dont get ur mentality about bale bein a cop out, u say zidane, beckham n ronaldo won it all n stayed at their clubs, do u not realise the clubs they played/play for are title winnin teams like man u, juventus, real madrid etc? they win trophies in abundace, somethin we cant do at spurs, we are unbalaced with a chairman who strings along fans like u with bogus signings like sandro, dembele, pauliniho, holtby etc… they are rubbish, he hasnt replaced any players hes sold on like carrick, berbatov n vdv but he continues to sell sell sell leavin us without defenders aswell as strikers, we might aswell field a team of midfielders cause thats all hes interested in buyin… levy along with fans like u are holdin spurs back from their potential, u settle for rubbish signings n dissapointment whilst keepin quiet then tryin to be positive rather than speakin out with a real opunion about how we are stuck in 5th doin nothin, we have mouthy players that continually say we have taken over arsenhole n we are goin to get 4th possibly 3rd, its all excuses n panic… look at the monaco friendly- we got utterly trashed but let me guess that ur opinion was that it was only a friendly n that we played all our reserves, ur wrong… we played the full first team bar rose, chadli n fryers… all the rest were spurs first team players n we got rolled over with ease by a team who u claimed were rubbish, monaco are former 8 time league champions n consistentlt do good despite gettin relagated, they still managed to storm the lower league n get some class players in… they totally showed us up with a gutless performance by the whole of our team, an excuse filled match that was with spurs fans takin it n lyin down like fools, im glad i dudnt go cause i predicted the scoreline on twitter… thats the spurs team without bale too so not alot to be excited about if bale does leave, i think he’ll stay if ronaldo goes to man u or he’ll ask for a move to man u to play alongside him but if he does go then its deserved cause he wont be winnin anythin with us for a long long time, our team isnt capable of it n our chairman isnt willin to break the bank for it either… we’ve got espanol next on saturday- it might be a friendly but friendlies are must wins to get the team workin together in preperation for the new season, its gonna be another sham loss of 4-1 but u’ll have ur excuses like most the bale haters on here i.e idiots… i’ll just quietly wait for the day a sheik buys us out then gets spurs to where they should be while u losers on here praise the tight fisted asshole levy all the way to his bank as he pockets all the money from sales of players n triple sponsorship deals leavin spurs with a team of washouts bar bale

    • Tony says:

      nowhere does it say modric carried them but he was acknowledged as the star by every football professional, are you trying to say Madrid were conned out of £30m on a crap player.You obviously have no idea what you are talking about if you think that was the full first team bar Rose Chadli and Fryers. Livermore, Parker, Sigurdsson, Defoe, definitely won’t be starters very often when Paulinho, Sandro, Soldado, Vertonghen, Kaboul and Dawson are available, in fact Chadli and Rose will probably be starters. Gallas was there for a year too long and every supporter knows it and didn’t scream for him, Kaboul got injured and it affected the are another moron taken in by stupid one man team comments, had he scored 8 or 9 like previous season and just the 4 assists would everybody be saying the same thing, it’s a team game so don’t talk crap. As said before do you think Ronaldo’s 2 trophies in 4years at Madrid is what he wanted or is he content with the massive money? answer =money. madrid constantly get into CL because there are only 2 strong teams in spain the same as bayern in germany, being in it doesn’t mean win it. legendary status is reserved for players who give their best years to the club not leave when best years still ahead of them, Bale could have been but without bringing success and leaving he gives that hope up. You are totally clueless when you talk about Levy, there have been mistakes thats normal but the club are far stronger than when he joined. he doesn’t want to sell it’s players like bale and clubs paying massive sums that make life impossible and you actually agree with bales action so what chance levy. by your reckoning if a players worth to a team is just goals soldado will eclipse bale anyway, your comment that Sandro, Dembele and Paulinho are rubbish shows your knowledge is poor, all the comments suggest that you are are in fact a gooner.

  4. jay hickman says:

    same old plastic spurs fans… call true fans a gooner when they know more about the club/players/football as a whole than u do, if im a gooner for knowin that sandro kaboul ekkotto paulinho huddlestone livermore dembele modric holtby friedel adebayor parker gallas hutton dean austin reul fox calderwood jose dominguez sinton scales armstrong nielson ian walker etc etc are rubbish then what does it make u along with the fake fans on here that are slaggin off bale? he outshines nearly every player we’ve had in over 25 years bar greats, for u to just bitterly turn on him for wantin to go elsewhere for money n trophies is disgraceful… why shoul any top player have to stay at a club for years to win nothin when they get the oppurtunity to play for the great real madrid?… bale should go to man u in my opinion but anyway as for the monaco friendly first team excuses u gave… again – it was our first team squad plus or minus 3 players, do u not understand that sandro vertonghen dawson n kaboul are all injured so any player that was in their place will likely be rotated to replace them, as for sandro n paulinho bein wirkd class- where have u ever watched them play? have u got brazillian tele or somethin cause true spurs fans know that these two brazil flops are always out injured, as for modric- hes nowhere near world class n levy got 42mil for him not 30mil so shows what u know, hes a truly awful player n not worth more than 8mil tops, he even got voted la liga worst player in the first 3 months of his real madrud career, thats how bad he is… he instantly overtook all votes on other hyped up players which fyi included saldado throughout spains la liga league to take the prestigious flop award, he was so bad that the real madrid team at one point all refused to welcome him into the club along with essien… im a true spurs fan which means u never turn up to boo ur team regardless if they dont perform, u dont boo players that want out, u dont boo players u dislike, u turn up to support them n watch them fail to get 4th place, u claim we have an amazin team- one of ur articles says ‘the best in the premier league’ on paper so what happens when we fail to do anythin again?… when u wake up to reality n realise that spurs arnt quite as great as u like to make out we can actually start goin forward instead of makin excuses… spurs are my club but im not too proud to admit that we’re actually a mediocre runners up team underneath all the 5th place hype, once bale is gone the dark times of the hewlett packard 90’s era is gonna decend… do me a favour, get a reality check

    • Tony says:

      You are not a Spurs fan, you complain about moaning about Bale and go on to slag off every other Spurs player, there is no way you are a Spurs supporter. If you are telling me that Livermore and Fryers will play lots of games in central defence because they are cover then you really have no idea.I doubt Livermore will even be in the squad.You obviously know nothing, spurs finished fifth a point behind arsenal and 2 behind chelsea.nobody is slagging off bales ability all supporters want him to stay it’s the change of attitude and the way he is doing it which is so disrespectful. he is going for money not trophies or why not just do the decent thing and hand in transfer request and say he would like another challenge abroad, that would be acceptable but no he just becomes unbearable and plays up so that he keeps his cut.As far as the great madrid are concerned they have hardly won anything last 10years unlike barca,and some of the EPL teams.the dark times of the 90’s was due to Scholar almost making the club bankrupt.11th richest club in football and rising.
      You are the fake fan talking up love of bale while slagging off every other player. Title chasing squad in progress, that’s Spurs.

  5. Spurs fan for life says:

    Lol at the comment’s from pathetic spurs fan’s on here since when is sandro worldclass hes crap he cant even pass the ball and spend’s all his time at spurs lodge. As for bale why be bitter and nasty just because he want’s out i dont blame him at all he kept avb in his job all season. What out bales goal’s avb would have been sacked the fan’s need to get off his back

    • Tony says:

      All some people seem concerned about is goals scored, how is a team game always was and always will be.If spurs were going backwards could understand players wanting to leave like some of those at arsenal. not the case at spurs where a fantastic squad is being built.rather than kept avb in job avb and his teammates helped bale step up to another level.If you don’t rate sandro and think he is crap then you really have no idea,please don’t say 1 goal and 2 assists because that is not what he is there for.
      Let’s get one thing straight every true Spurs supporter wants Gareth bale to stay and appreciates what he has done but the club and supporters have been good for him as well, people are turning on him because they believed he was staying,that is the impression he gave. When Madrid and the media started all this weeks ago we all dismissed it but as time has gone on he has changed and is completely disrespecting Tottenham and all their supporters, what he and his agent are doing is no different to Berbatov and Modric, all effectively went on strike and that is what Bale is doing now. sorry if it seems to offend you but whilst every spurs supporter hopes he stays they are entitled to feel agrieved at the way in which he is seeking to leave.

  6. Spurs fan for life says:

    A team effort ? what players stood up to the job other than bale then. We went 1 nil down to man city bale to the rescue then 1 nil down at home to sunderland bale to the rescue yet again. Without his goal’s in those game’s spurs would of finished 6th face it that rubbish squad are doomed without bale and it show’s when he isnt in the squad. Avb is lucky to still be in a job so get your facts write pal

    • Tony says:

      and supposing the defence or keeper had conceded another goal one bale goal would have made little difference, against city dempsey needed to get on the end of a bale cross, holtby pass to defoe to score 2nd and huddlestone split defence to put bale in.AVB is going to be one of the very best.four trophies in one year isn’t luck and record points total for spurs. spurs have addressed the goals situation with every player purchased able to add their share.There are the facts mate puts your into perspective don’t they.

  7. Spurs fan for life says:

    Sandro is rubbish he is dreadful i’ve never seen such poor performances from a so called worldclass player. All he does is get injured or spend’s his time bringing player’s down on the edge of the box yet fan’s rate him so highley i just dont get it. The same thing was said about modric spurs made him look good now hes at madrid hes done nothing another flop hyped up by our own fan’s. Where on earth do you other fan’s get your player valuation’s from are some of you secret agent’s or something it’s pathetic. That’s why spurs wont ever be succesful with fan’s thinking we have worldclass player’s when we havent. We sign player’s that nobody ever heard of then they are suddenley amazing it’s pathetic

    • Tony says:

      so everyone is wrong and you are right, just what are your qualifications for making such a judgement. In the case of Modric again everybody in the game rates him as world class when he played at Spurs, as you say spurs made him look good and that is probably the case with bale to an extent, do you think he will take all the free kicks with ronaldo in the team or will the players give him the ball at every opportunity when they have been used to picking out ronaldo, of course not. at Spurs he is the star at Madrid he will have huge problems as one of many egos. spurs can’t afford to buy world class players we all know that but they do have a habit of creating them, Berbatov, King, Modric and Bale and now they have more potential than ever to do so again. Had you heard of modric before he signed or even bale at 17, vertonghen class and there are plenty of others with massive potential to become so. Tom Carroll could go on to be one of the best. Just how many world class players do you think Arsenal or United have, I’ll tell you none and one RVP respectively, United have some that were a few years back but are now far to old. Spurs have Bale and many others perhaps superior to those 2 teams and that is why they will be real competition this season.

    • mick says:

      Idiot, your trying to tell us Sandro and modric are crap you obviously have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, but then you’re right and everybody else is wrong eh.

  8. Spurs fan for life says:

    As for bale hes done his time at spurs they havent got champions league football they cant win trophy’s and the poor lad single handedley carryed the team last season dispite what you say. Hes had his head turned by real madrid and i dont blame him they can offer him champions league football year in year out. Some times it’s a case of one player doesnt make the team but in spurs case that isnt true because bale does make the team without him that squad wont do anything. And we havent got a great squad ether if we did we would be winning silverware and challenging for the title and we dont do ether. Get your head out of the clouds and start having your own opinion stop listening to other fan’s because they know nothing

  9. jay hickman says:

    dude he doesnt understand, hes bitter over bale n usin excuse after excuse… he doesnt understand that goals win u games… when u have only one player i.e bale scorin n hardly anyone else addin to the tally u its the difference between wins losses/4th 5th… look at man u when they lost the title to city, they were equal on everythin apart from goals scored for, coz they were 20 goals down they lost the title… so for this plastic spurs fan to say that its not all about goals is a complete bandwagon spurs/football fan, goals get u wins n the lack of goals mixed with bad defendin is always held spurs back, all levy n enic have acheived at spurs is a jump up from an average of 12place finishes to 5th with 2 league cups, thats it… we’re not goin forward or backward, we’re bein equipped to stay inbetween glory n dissapoinent while our chairman gets his pockets lined, we’re finacially the 12th richest club in the world n in the last 8years what have we got to show for it? one barrassin champions league run where we crawled to the last 8 n two league cups, not exactly the stuff of a reported 785mil club is it… we’re nowhere near contenders

    • Tony says:

      embarrassing CL run! are you a complete fool broke scoring records and the most exciting team, beating both milan clubs and the current holders Inter along the way. 21 goals for bale but 66 for the team so not quite the one man team you suggest. RVP and Suarez got a bigger percentage of their teams goals so are utd a 1 man team as well. Look at the figures 5 years ago Spurs finished the season with 46 points so to suggest not going forward sums up your complete lack of knowledge. See ya gooner boy.

  10. Spurs fan for life says:

    No wonder other fan’s arent allowed to put up their own opinion’s it’s clearly all about hating on bale on this forum how the worm turn’s. Deal with it he wants to leave and the spurs fan’s should except it

    • Tony says:

      your opinion has been allowed it’s just that others have their opinion and it’s different to yours. Have already said no longer care one way or another, preference is he stays but whatever happens I do not accept how he has gone about it, it stinks and is disrespectful of the club that helped make him and the fans that have idolised and supported him and you should accept that is a fair reaction. As far as madrid are concerned they have money but are far away from being successful. Ronaldo won far more at united only 1 title and 1 cup in 4 years is pathetic for the 2nd best player who cost £80m.

    • mick says:

      I’m a spurs fan but clearly you are not just on here to wind them up, those word “and the Spurs fans ” gives you away.

  11. Spurs fan for life says:

    Listen to your message your saying utd havent got worldclass players but they won the title last year and arsenal finished fourth with a squad that was worse than ours. You dont seem to understand

    • tom says:

      how did those world class players do in the Champions you understand the point made at all.Tell me what world class players United and arsenal have between them other than RVP, while rooney was his form no longer warrants it with united or England.

    • Tony says:

      RVP is currently the only world class player at either club unless your trying to tell me Walcott is world class.many of utd players were world class but age has overtaken them. who is going to buy ferdinand or giggs now, rooney at a pinch but still maintain he is no longer the force he was.

  12. jay hickman says:

    as for bein a fake fan, i support the team but only the ones that are capable of playin football… 7 players to my count, the rest are complete jokes that u lot on here foolishly praise, the real stars are the players that leave apart (from modric) leavin us with a sham of a team full of either washed up players or stop gap players… every brilliant player we get in gets slagged off leadin to their sell off, all the players u rate spend years festerin at spurs goin under the radar… did u not know livermore n huddlestone are approachin 30, they have spent over a decade doin nithin at spurs yet walker comes it at 18, plays his socks off only to be slaggef off the next season along with naughton n caulker… we aint ever gonna build a title winnin team with fans like u hatin our true stars whilst sparin the blushes of our useless players, ur obviously a gooner n the things that give it away on here are 1) the red layouts of this site, we are dark royal blue not red team 2) ur articles slag off our star players 3) ur poor spurs knowledge based on cartoon wikpedia articles n 4) u dont understand how football works i.e u score a goal then keep one out, not knowin this golden rule points to u bein a scum gooner fan as they dont know how football works either…

    • Tony says:

      Livermore and Huddlestone approaching 30, that just proves you know nothing about Spurs try 23 and 26 respectively. Caulker and Bale have never been slagged off, ever, and bale has only taken stick at the way he is going about trying to leave. As far as my knowing nothing about football is concerned I’ve played it, coached it and watched Spurs for more years than I care to mention, I know a good player when I see one and I am forever optimistic that every year will be Spurs year unlike you. Was Campbell, Berbatov, Keane, modric or Bale slagged off before they left us in the lurch or without a second thought, of course not they were all hero worshipped and they all left in the most devious of ways, all other than Campbell going on strike to get their way and campbell promising to sign a contract only to leave for nothing and the worst sin ever going to the scum.
      Nobody associated with JTN has ever slagged off Walker, who didn’t play for spurs until he was 21 by the way, as we all believe him to be the best rightback in the league, heart, pace and a will to win, just what we are looking for.

    • mick says:

      so you don’t support the team because it consists of 11 players.If you really are a spurs fan your not the type wanted it seems.Don’t you feel let down by Bale after just one exceptional season as he becomes another player happy to sign a new deal 12 months ago for lots more money that then wants to leave. Perhaps if he had said no to more money and new contract because he wanted to leave soon it would be more acceptable but he didn’t.Berbatov and modric left and ended up with nothing in first season so success doesn’t always follow.

  13. jay hickman says:

    oh yeah i forgot to add that ur support of adebayor n gallas along with ur big praise for them both is the last clue that ur infact a gooner, no spurs fan worth his salt will ever say a rubbish ex arsenal scummer is brilliant- ever! they are scummers end of so for u to support them both on here is a big tell tale sign on its own that ur an arsenhole scumbag hatin on the players u failed to sign i.e bale who fyi has been amazin since his southampton academy days, everyone in football heard of him as young as 11 years old, not a single football fan ever heard of sandro, paulinho, modric until they were linked to spurs… along with rubbish like rebrov, pavlychenko n palascios… all hyped up woeful players that have been sold on

    • Tony says:

      they had heard of them in Brazil and Croatia but Bale didn’t apparently get a mention there until he destroyed Maicon. didn’t hear too many moaning about Ade during his first year he was considered more important than Bale as was Modric, VDV and King and rightly so. Bale was very good but until his goals last year he wasn’t the must have player he has become.I won’t disagree with the Rebrov comment or possibly Pav but Palacious was a key player until his brother was killed and his mindset changed. Teams have to build and while spurs were they have to get the best they can aspire to, it is part of the process, now they are close to being title contenders and CL entrants they can aspire to better players and that is what they are doing now.Gallas did a job for spurs , not great but good enough until his age caught up with him, he did ok for nothing but wages.

  14. jay hickman says:

    this is gonna be interestin with the espanol friendly, i wonder what team the idiot on here will be sayin we put out now that the exact same team is on bar paulinho dawson n saldado… are u gonna say its the reserves again tony? lol u’ll be sayin its the full team if we win but what if they lose, the reserves right? ur definition of the difference between reserves n full team is 3 players lol joker…

    • Tony says:

      what a moron thats three players to strengthen the spine of the team with livermore, parker and kane nowhere to be seen and still vertonghen, kaboul, sandro Capoue if he joins and a decent bench to call on.don’t make more of a fool of yourself than you already have.

  15. jay hickman says:

    sam matterface just said rose us first team so theres ur faux info on first team players bliwn out the water tony…

    • Tony says:

      WTF does that mean exactly, rose has played in every game so far but i still think they are looking for another fullback.,

    • Tony says:

      did you notice the reception the entire ground gave to Kaboul and Sandro, they all realise just how good they are and know a player when they see one.

  16. jay hickman says:

    full first team was played n it was woeful… saldado n paulinho added nothin to the game

  17. Spurs fan for life says:

    Tony you need to stop being deluded pal our squad is usless only a moron would support the cast offs levy get’s into the club at cheap prices. Real spurs fans know our squad is rubbish and we keep selling our top players ie berbatov carrick etc etc but not modric because hes rubbish anyway. As for the pathetic comment from mick about not being a real spurs fan i’ve got 8 seasons worth of spurs kits rangeing from their holsten to hp kits. I’ve got a spurs tattoo of the crest on my left arm so dont say i’m not a supporter you idiot

    • Tony says:

      Only a moron would support cast offs. Your words and yet you have 8kits and a tattoo .don’t knock them support them.2 4the and 2 5th place finishes do not suggest poor team.

  18. Spurs fan for life says:

    sandro and kaboul are rubbish tony they dont add anything to the squad they get injured all the time since when do injury prone players get a worldclass reputation. Watched the whole game it was boring same old pathetic mistakes creeping in from a defence that cant defend rose is well out of his depth at lb

  19. Spurs fan for life says:

    Doesnt matter what thick spurs fans say about sandro they think every player is worldclass if we got heskey in would you say hes worldclass. ? The majority of fans said the same thing about saha saying redknapp pulled off a great move signing a topclass striker on a free your a joke mate. you dont know anything about football every player we sign is wordclass none of them are overated or hyped up. Levy must be sat there loving the fans valuations of these so called stars then when they are sold on you make up rubbish saying they werent the same after they comeback from injurys. It’s a joke supporting the club with fans like you

    • Tony says:

      what are you on about,Saha was a disaster and the fans know does a team of rubbish players manage to finish 4th then. no way are you a spurs supporter.
      I am a true fan and always try to see the positives, unlike you, you really have no idea I suppose you think Wilshere is world class though and he has been injured far longer than Sandro and Kaboul.If there is the slightest chance you favour spurs then you should look elsewhere for another team, how about real madrid.

  20. Spurs fan for life says:

    Salado hasnt even got a first touch on the ball yet again spurs sign a middle class striker and didnt do their homework on him. He hasnt even played in the first team for spain with only 11 caps hes the same type of player as adebayor. Wait till the fans start getting on his back when he struggles to score goals

    • Tony says:

      If he hasn’t played in the 1st team how has he managed 11 caps? when spurs can afford to spend £50/60m on a top striker they will but until then they will have to make do with one of the top 10 in europe and that is Soldado. Just as amatter of interest who in the spurs squad is worthy of you?

  21. Spurs fan for life says:

    The only player of any worth in the spurs team is bale he shows the true class that the rest of the squad lack and thats quality. Now he wants to leave the idiot fans want to get on his back all the fans ever do anyway is winge and moan and boo the players and managers when things do go their way its pathetic. They over hype players and when they dont perform they end up looking like a total embarasment its a joke. Spurs will be lucky to finish 6th this season without bale the squad is back where it was in the first place no star players. You go on making excuses for a patched up team being run by a manager making spurs play defensive zonal marking its a disaster. And the fans wonder why the goals have dried up. If avb doesnt get any points at the start of the season as sam matterface pointed out during the boring 1-1 draw against espanyol hes going to get the sack. And if bale is sold to real madrid for 85million where do you think to money will go straight back into levys pocket avb wont see a penny of it

    • Tony says:

      Think you might find a year ago everybody was saying the same about modric being the only decent player and with the appointment of AVB disaster loomed, wrong then and wrong now irrespective of what happens with Bale spurs have quality in numbers in every position and only city and chelsea have a better can knock levy all you want but spurs are in a far healthier position now and constantly improving with better players.2008/9 46 points last season 72 points can that be any clearer.

  22. Spurs fan for life says:

    Where have we finished 4th ever again then tony your tripping up again with your comments. Do i have to point it out again the reason spurs finished 4th under redknapp one time is because man city and liverpool had failed to gain any advantage over the rest of the top four. So redknapp took total advantage of the the situation and got 4th place. The season after spurs finished 5th because levy failed to splash the cash yet again. Then the following season spurs mess it all up because redknapp wanted the england job. They went from 3rd place to 4th place and chelsea won the champions league hence spurs being dumped into the europa league equals redknapps sacking. For redknapps three years in charge we could of won the title. Because we have a squad of usless players it was never going to happen and thats why we lose our top players like campbell berbatov carrick etc etc to top clubs. Levy has no ambition he would rather profit the money back to himself rather than bank roll the club

    • Tony says:

      two out of three 4th place finishes suggests a fantastic team and actually in spite of redknapp. You really are talking crap, one minute you say could have won league then that players are poor.make your mind up gooner and get your argument straight.

  23. Spurs fan for life says:

    72 point’s tony you make it sound like spurs broke a record 72 points could get you into the champions league but yet again levy fails to get a striker in and we end up finishing 5th again. Bale infact carried avb and the clubs 72 points tony so get you facts write. I didnt see any other player chipping in with goals more than bale without him being in the squad last season spurs would of finished 7th or 8th and you know it. Avb would have been sacked

    • Tony says:

      it was apremiership record for spurs that’s the point.he was top scorer as there generally is at every club, RVP for the last 2 years with gooners and united.suarez michu etc.have you ever actually played for a football team or is it all computerised knowledge you have. Without bale last season you give the impression spurs played with 10 men but when he was missing through injury spurs still scored goals. without AVB playing to bales strengths he would have been pretty much as before with 8 or 9 goals so give AVB some credit he helped make bale.

  24. Spurs fan for life says:

    Bale got spurs 5th last season and a lot of pundits on sky sports agreed that bale got spurs 5th all on his own. He even got spurs to the qf of the europa league only for gallas to mess it all up with his dire defending. So tony you need to realise that without bale spurs are a midtable team and it showed in the friendleys against monaco and espanyol that spurs lack the qualitys of a top team they are all average

  25. jay hickman says:

    does tony still think paulinho and soldado are unbelievable world class players? cause i got slammed on this forum and slated as a arsenal fan after i predicted in pre season these 2 players are completeley useless and would struggle to score 20 goals between them lettalone 20 goals each not to mention that all these signin would not add anythin to spurs in creativity… im a big spurs fan but im not a narrow minded spurs fan like the vast majority who go on media hype and player reputations, im a football fan first and follow world football so have a good knowledge of players aswell as who would be suited to spurs… none of the 7 new signings were in my list of players to get, tony has been on this forum arguin that we are gonna be big title contenders this season with all the goals comin in from these players and soldado will score 30 alone?! tony you should follow another team lad… you really are an embarassment with your articles and predictions, when other ppl give realistic opinions via this forum you shoot them down and slag them off… check out your clueless articles and check out our actual table position- they dont quite match as by your estimates throughout the season we will be in contention for winnin the league… i told you before the pre season game against monaco that paulnogoalinho, selelema, soldonado, sandro, kaboul, dembele, cabigpooae and chadli are rubbish players… sandro and kaboul should have been sold seasons ago as they are injury prone wastes with a big spurs fan follwin for some obsurd reason… all they do is lose the ball, foul and get injured ffs… then overated dembele who should’ve been sold on asoon as he was gotten in… now spurs are stuck with not only these husk players but essentially 7 new flops, the few i would give a chance is erriksson and lelema at a push, the rest are so uncreative its woeful… even rubbish dempsey could score when the games needed it… mark my words- we will struggle to win convincingly unless soldado starts divin as a penalty is all the burke can tap in… 1 goal in open play this season, 58 goals in 3 seasons consistin of 28 penalties, 17 as a reciever from set pieces but not free kicks, 1 outside the box and 4 tap ins from open play… awful record yet on this forum he is tipped as the best signin this season along with paulinho and lelema… yeah right tony

    • Tony says:

      Yes tony does and so do all the ex-pros. Look at the stats they are both in the top ten in the country. Only one team has more points than Tottenham so yes they are genuine contenders, Steve Bruce acknowledged it and so did Martinez. Just 2 defeats all season in 17 games with 13 clean sheets, only Evertona nd Southampton can compete with that and have played five less games. Arsenal lost 3 in league and cups as have liverpool without europe as a distraction, Chelsea and United lost 3 and City four. Tottenham have been in charge of every game and controlled midfield even against Arsenal away they had the better of it overall. You are a gooner as no Spurs supporter would slate the players like you have. A TEAM is made up of a variety of different players but not all can be the complete creative type, next you will be telling me they should have kept Taarabt. Currently Spurs are the second best team in the country and are still in every cup competition, bearing in mind things can only improve you will soon be eating your words.

  26. jay hickman says:


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