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Adebayor is here to stay and he means business.

Posted on September 08, 2013 by Scraggs

During an interview on Saturday while away on international duty Emmanuel Adebayor confirmed that at no stage was he leaving Tottenham this season either now or during the January window. It does seem that even though he realises the quality of Roberto Soldado , Erik Lamela and Jermain Defoe he counts himself as a fourth forward battling to earn his fair share of playing time.

As we know he did go on the tour of Hong Kong which suggests that all was well with himself, the club and AVB but while he was there he learned of the death of his brother and that is the reason for his absence having been given compassionate leave by the club.

Upon his return during discussions with AVB it was felt that he was not in the right frame of mind to train with the squad and it was agreed that he would train away from the main group to regain his fitness, focus and to recover from the loss he had suffered. It now seems that he feels that he is ready to return to the fold following this international break and prepare to battle for the right to play for the team once again.

It is encouraging that Ade admits to a poor last season although also refers to the season before when he stole the show with most goals and most assists. His reference to Gareth Bale and how much Tottenham will miss him was probably summed up truthfully by him stating that last year was his standout season while his others were not so much so.

From his comments it now seems that he is ready to give this season his all, he does seem to love a challenge and generally succeeds in winning over supporters with good performances, it is often to win over new supporters but he might see this as the type of challenge that he needs and enjoys with Soldado and Lamela in his sights.

“I have never thought of leaving the Spurs. I am here, my family feels great here and I do not see myself in another city.We are now 4 in the attack, I do not know who ranks first, second or third but I know at the end I will be the first and it is the most important.”

If Ade returns with the right attitude he will be needed at times over the course of the season as he is another option for the manager, probably the best of the four at holding up play and bringing others into the game, also comfortable on his own or in a front two. AVB has designs on giving it his best shot on four fronts and if he is to be successful then he will need every player this season.

Too many people are too quick to decry the ability and attitude of Adebayor and although his decision to eventually go to the African Cup of Nations was a huge disappointment at the time there is little doubt that when wears the shirt he gives his all, he is totally unselfish in his workrate and was extremely instrumental in making space for Bale to exploit.

I don’t see Adebayor as anything other than a very good forward who is excellent at what he is good at but not a pure striker, he works hard to makes things and space happen for his teammates and whatever we might all think he is now a member of the squad, he is our number 10 and when he steps out in a Tottenham shirt he should get the support of every single Tottenham supporter.

Tottenham have four current international strikers, how long since we have been able to say that.

6 to “Adebayor is here to stay and he means business.”

  1. BigH says:

    He’s simply a lazy git. His attitude and effort last season were a disgrace. Of course he is entitled to have a poor season. but the fact he put in no effort bar the last few games showed he simply did not give a toss. He is a talented player, no doubt, but that is not enough. Now he’s gonna fight for his place!!!! More like ‘no one wanted me so I have least got to show something cos I’ll never get to move’ When he puts on that Spurs shirt I will support him. but he has a long way to go before he wins my real respect and support

    • Tony says:

      Respect is a totally different thing to support when wearing the shirt and in that respect he has much to do. To change his mind and join up with Togo was disgraceful when at the start of the season he was first injured or unfit and AVB was limited to just him and Defoe up top.I still remember though his first season when he was a bigger influence than Bale and Modric, that is what we all hope for and feel he owes us.
      I don’t actually agree that he is lazy because he is constantly on the move and making runs, you never see him standing around like Berba for instance, annoying yes lazy no.

  2. 6YardsOut says:

    It’s funny how he was a top player when he was on loan and fighting for his career but when he got the permanent move he turned into the laziest striker in the world.

    • Tony says:

      he was never fighting for his career as he had about 3 yrs left on his contract at £170k pww, that’s all a fallacy and he is never lazy you only have to see the running he does for the team.

  3. Jide says:

    We still need to give Ade the love. He is an annoying player. Lazy, I do not believe so. He an still do a job for us. He also has the PL experience that Soldado currently lacks. This maybe very valuable in the new year when it gets a little tougher.

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