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Adebayor reality check needed.

Posted on December 22, 2013 by Scraggs

Before we all go way overboard we might like to take stock of the Adebayor situation, yes he has put in a couple of good performances with today’s well worth the man of the match award that he earned but lets not judge the situation based upon a couple of performances when he clearly had a point to prove. the situation is not unlike all those other occasions when he wanted to earn a contract, he is renowned for raising his game to make a point but rarely maintains such form for any length of time.

Let’s get one thing straight Tottenham Hotspur FC pays his wages and it is irrelevant whether he gets on with the coach or whether or not he is first choice striker, in this day and age it is about a group of strikers trying to stake their claim to the position by scoring goals. Even today he has referred to Tottenham disrespect toward him, how about any disrespect shown by him to Tottenham and their fans, that twitter picture earlier in the week, the smile and couldn’t give a toss attitude when he missed the penalty that eliminated us from Europe last season  and don’t think that he wasn’t given a fair crack last year as he probably played more than Defoe provided he was fit and available, how much respect did he show when he signed a contract but was unfit to play for weeks because he hadn’t trained, the reason being that he was haggling over money with City who no longer wanted him.

Who is to say whether his about turn on playing in the African Cup of Nations did not cost Tottenham that elusive fourth spot, AVB was left with only Defoe for most of December and January and let’s not forget he was late returning. There is a saying that respect must be earned and Adebayor might care to remember that as well as his buddy Assou-Ekotto who is in danger of spoiling what has always been a special relationship with the fans.

If you care to read back on this forum JTN has always been ready to give Adebayor a decent write up and have recognised his work rate even when he failed so miserably last season in front of goal, but he plays for us and if he is not first choice for the coach then that is just tough and he must be ready to do his best when asked to do so. Today he even managed to bring Harry Redknapp’s name into the after match interview and linked him with Sherwood and that is a worrying sign for me as it seems to be a snake pit behind the scenes there.

We have a duty as Tottenham fans to support the players and the people asked to do the job, invariably when results are not going as expected we revolt and seek change, as has always been the case, and that is why this whole situation really stinks to high heaven because we are just 6 points behind the league leaders with a better points total than the same time last year and the best away record in the country(our weakness in the past). A three year project with the players purchased to the tune of £100m recently brought in to see it through has been abandoned and a Redknapp clone is not just asking for the job on a fulltime basis but demanding it, he has already declared that he is not prepared to learn from a number one but wants to make all the calls himself despite having no previous experience.

Maybe Sherwood is the exception to the rule and is our “special one” but I cannot think of a single example of such a situation having worked before, some have cited the Pep Guardiola situation but even he had a full season leading the “B” team with Vilanova alongside him, can Levy afford to take the gamble? We know a couple of clubs have tried to entice Sherwood away to take over their coaching role but Blackburn was one of them to take over from Steve Kean who was promoted from within and took them to the Championship. If Sherwood was really so highly rated why has he never been approached to coach any Premiership club let alone one in the top six.

When push comes to shove every supporter will accept the decision made but Levy has to make sure he gets this absolutely right or he will be the one slaughtered next time, he has made some disastrous appointments as we know but to sack the one with the best record of them all so soon into the project renders this appointment his most important of all, and my other concern is that he might just have found himself played in this instance.

So next week we might find that Sherwood is given the job and if so I will give my support both to him and Adebayor and hope that Ade gets the twenty goals or more to achieve the aims of the club this season and perhaps even win a trophy, I will do that because Tottenham are my club and I want some lasting success that is far too long overdue BUT if it all goes pear shaped Levy will have to be prepared for what hits the fan.




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  1. BigH says:

    I think as much as we enjoyed today and (yes we actually had players in their penalty box!)I am not getting carried away, but I’m pleased Ade and the rest put in a shift. I still have my reservations about him and his attitude overall, but credit where its due, but I am not sold on the sherwood thing. Big problem now is who in the hell is interested? Hoddle, yes I’d give it a go but Sherwood’s comment about Rednapp sent my alarm bells ringing. Levy does have a lot to answer for, but he needs to find someone soon.

    • Tony says:

      sherwood might know the players but let’s face he is paid a six figure salary to do just that, but tactically I am not even remotely convinced. Hammers created loads 2nd half on wednesday and no idea how to change things and yesterday the players earned that as much as his “tactics”. we now have 6 midfielders for 2 midfield positions,7 if you now include Bentaleb, Dembele, Holtby,Paulinho,Capoue and Eriksen have been bought to play in a 451 or433 system and then theres Lamela who actually seems better and more dangerous centrally. Can you imagine what chelsea and Arsenal will do to our midfield when we play them, overload and overpower. We are still in a position to do something but Levy needs to do something soon.

  2. Terrence Carter says:

    I have always believed Adebayor would come good. Now he has, it is no help when the unhelpful “reality checks” start. Shut up, be grateful, and give the man a decent chance to get on with his football and his life.

    • Tony says:

      We too have beleived he was needed but now more than ever it is clear he does it when it suits him.spurs pay his wages and he should be pakying like that on a regular basis and not because he likes the coach. We are all entitled to our opinion and Spurs supporters are not alone in their feelings about him.If he does it all well and good but never count on him. If hoddle gets the job he could just as easily turn on him and be a pain.Be grateful for him doing what he is paid a fortune to do and rarely does is just not going to happen is it.

    • mick says:

      don’t think anyone is saying don’t give him chance just don’t count on him. As Sherwood said “one swallow doesn’t make a summer”

  3. Eric says:

    We can’t be held to ransom by ade.Yesterday he was in a good mood and played well but what about when he’s not in a good mood? the only reason we brought him back was cause levy didn’t want him rotting on the bench.If he’s not playing well then bench him.We will be slaughtered against arsenal chelsea if we play like yesterday.

    • Tony says:

      hughes bought him he played well, mancini came in and he was a pain, HR played him and he did his job, AVB came in and he didnt, now shrwood picks him and he decides he will try again. When he puts the effort in he is an asset but all this moody disrespect crap is a joke. Spurs pay him £100k pw to put everything in to every performance and to do what he is told.As for the two performances so far both have shown that more city and liverpool scorelines are possible but possibly against far worse teams than them. Sherwood so far has just shown a gung ho approach yesterday was crying out for Capoue and even though Benteleb was amazing he wasnt what was needed.

  4. mick says:

    Team-mate Danny Rose said: “Ade apologised to the lads which shows he wants to play for the club. He’s not short of money, so he could have just sat around and not done anything.

    If he did nothing wrong what did he have to apologies for? and why was AVB so disrespectful, it stinks more and more.

  5. steve says:

    It isnt often i agree with carragher but you have to admit he has a point. Ade performs when he feels like it rather than everytime he pulls on the shirt of the club who pays him. Hope he carries on but cant help feeling he is a piece of mick says what has he apilogised for to the players?
    Cant help feeling there is plenty more to this story.

  6. jay hickman says:

    hes a loose cannon… always has been and thats why i didnt want him in to start with, throughout his career he has caused trouble in the dressin rooms, arguments in matches, caused conflict with managers by speakin out about them in the media- anyone remember when he said redknapp was the best manager hes ever played for? then went to the frenchvmedia and said redknapp is a football chancer… he did the same to avb claimin avb was great then went to the media durin our pre season tour and said avb is immature etc… adebayour is a great talented player but he does it when he wants… in a way he himself has ruined his own career

    • Tony says:

      Jay I cant believe Im saying this but can only agree with you. If he stuck to football and gave his all a wonderful player but heplays for him and only when he wants. Take it while its going well and discard when it goes pear shaped as it probably will.

    • lou says:

      when he can be bothered he is a good player but it shouldn’t be when he wants to. Self inflicted as you say but its still made him very rich. As soon as Sherwood leaves him out the team he will turn again, that’s a given.

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