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Adebayor ruins it again.

Posted on September 12, 2013 by Tony

Yet again, just a matter of a few days after declaring his intention to make everybody eat their words and fight his way to the top again, Emmanuel Adebayor has failed to return from international duty and is again banished to the development squad to train. AVB has clearly been unimpressed once again by his actions and there will be yet another period when he has to earn a way back to train and prepare with the main squad.
Most Tottenham supporters would like to remember the Emmanuel Adebayor who joined on loan and lead the team to 4th place but since then, and after signing his contract,he has produced the occasional decent performance intermingled with frustrating displays of petulance.
We hoped following his interview over the weekend that we were about to see the Adebayor of old, determined and ready for the fight, instead it seems that he has upset AVB once again and he remains an outcast.
The situation with this player is now becoming both farcical and sad in that a player of such ability really does seem intent on ruining his career and reputation, we do know that he has done much good for charity and his country which is to be applauded but at the expense of his reputation.
Soldado is the main man this coming season but there was a great opportunity for Adebayor to rebuild his career and reputation,as a Tottenham supporter I still remain hopeful that he does manage to do both and soon.

1 to “Adebayor ruins it again.”

  1. 6YardsOut says:

    I wouldn’t go back if i was made to play in the reserves. He is in the same situation as he was at Man City now.

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