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Adebayor’s team for Sunday.

Posted on February 08, 2014 by Guest Writer

As in the day of Harry Redknapp so Adebayor is similarly happy with current coach Tim Sherwood with the common denominator being that he is chosen for the team no matter what. Now there are times when his usefulness to the team is obvious and evident but with news of the details of the row he himself perpetrated with AVB, which he has now decided to reveal, comes concern.

It seems that Adebayor took issue with the tactics of AVB this season which presumably meant that he felt that the team should revert to a 4 4 2 system with him in the team or at the very least play a different type of striker, him. I am sure that such discussions often happen within clubs, AVB and others before him have often said the door to their office is always open for discussion but it is not often that details of a stand up row is reported, though not the first time for Adebayor.

AVB believed in his system and why shouldn’t he when it had brought success and trophies before, ┬áit was still early days especially in a season of “transition”, that is the word used by Moyes and others when both City and Chelsea changed coaches, yet none had seen such an upheaval as AVB with the amount of incomings and the loss of Bale. Tottenham had purchased a striker at great expense, record expense, he came to play and everybody at the club expected him to produce, had he done so there is little doubt AVB would probably still have been at the helm and Adebayor would be on the outside looking in unless his apology was tendered and accepted.

Adebayor had all last summer to find another club if he was not happy, the team played in the same fashion last season when he was chosen when fit and when not late back from the AFCN, this despite signing a contract with Tottenham having retired from International football only to change his mind when it was too late to purchase a needed replacement, he did not take issue with AVB when he was in the team. Had he been playing for Fergie at United there would have been only one ending to the dispute.

In general we have to be happy with the form and effort of Adebayor so far, but not so the combination of him and Soldado which has rarely actually worked and takes something away from other areas of the team, our midfield has rarely completely controlled a game and because it negates the use of a defensive midfield player the centre of defence is often exposed as it lacks pace without Kaboul alongside one of the other central defenders. Even City, the main exponents of 4 4 2, have been exposed when their pacy captain Vincent Kompany is absent and their performances have also been better with the more defensive Fernandinho alongside Toure.

On his day Adebayor can be a handful for any defence but throughout his career he has let himself down with his behaviour, his ego is so huge that he cannot accept just being part of a squad, he has to play or trouble invariably follows. Only time will tell whether Tottenham took the right option but already my mind is made up, what would you have done? supported the coach or player?

The team for Sunday remains to be seen, it will contain Adebayor if fit and that will of course be on merit at the moment, whether Sherwood includes another forward alongside him is the question, Everton are where they are on merit and they have reached that position by playing an extra man in midfield, considering the fact that they dominated Arsenal at the Emirates this would strike me as one of those games to dispense with an extra forward from the start.

Adebayor is happy with Tim Sherwood in charge of team matters but by contrast Lewis Holtby and Etienne Capoue are probably not quite so and it remains to be seen whether the same will be said for Sandro once he is fit, he too is not the Sherwood type and yet is a firm fans favourite, it will be interesting to see the reaction if he is also forced out.


2 to “Adebayor’s team for Sunday.”

  1. Boobaspur says:

    Absolutely right that AVB would still be there if Soldado had produced even a tiny bit more and so for me he plays a large part in the shameful dismissal of AVB.

    But Adebayor is far too big an ego and while I hope his form can suit our final day standing, I will be glad to see the back of him.

    • Tony says:

      Wasted talent and a wrong un. He might have played briefly for some big clubs but his assumption that he knows better than than AVB is not backed up with honours, he has won the Copa del Rey at madrid while on loan for short period while AVB coached Porto to 4 trophies in a year. Levy backed the wrong man in my opinion.

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