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After all is said and done it has to be Laudrup.

Posted on December 20, 2013 by Tony

After some days of mourning the loss of what could have been a great period in the history of Tottenham Hotspur it is essential that we now concentrate on finding the new man for the hotseat. Something has obviously gone on behind the scenes as Daniel Levy is normally ready to name the replacement as soon as he swings the axe, my guess is that AVB probably demanded he choose between him and those responsible for diluting his position at the club and that would seem to include Sherwood and Adebayor amongst others.

The Southampton man Pochetino has confirmed that he has not been approached and in all honesty he has a wonderful job and complete control where he is and the squads are not a million miles apart in quality. when interviewed he had the following interesting points to make:

Pochettino said: “As a manager what’s really important is that the sporting aspect is under my control, in terms of signings.

“Without my agreement no signings go through, and those two basic things are very important for any manager.”

Yet again Tottenham have gone back to the director of football method and yet again it has gone terribly wrong, it is beyond comprehension that the person ultimately responsible for choosing the team and tactics does not have complete control over transfer dealings, is it so difficult to ask the coach for a list of players wanted for immediate impact and to attempt to get them, players for the future can be left to the DOF but the coach is judged in the now not the future.

So that’s one coach off the agenda, Sherwood must be another exclusion as his lack of experience and insistence on an outdated 4 4 2 system really does not fit the requirements of a modern coach. Capello is another in the frame because of his friendship with Franco Baldini but he is simply a mercenary these days only willing to work for the highest bidder, and perhaps we should remember some of the sterile England performances when he was in charge rather than consider that route.

Real possibilities are probably limited to Frank de Boer, Glenn Hoddle and Michael Laudrup.

Is Michael Laudrup the right man for Tottenham?

Is Michael Laudrup the right man for Tottenham?

The first name on the list has certainly done a good job with Ajax in the three years he has been in charge leading them to three titles, he has also worked extensively with Vertonghen and Eriksen, now at Tottenham, during that period. He was apparently approached by Liverpool before they contacted Brendan Rodgers and so he has been recognised as potential star before now. the downside is the quality of the Dutch League where he has one of the highest win ratios across Europe, that ratio is halved when it comes to European fixtures which is a more worrying sign although we believe he has a much better squad at his disposal at Tottenham.

Glenn Hoddle has not been in the job since 2006 when he left Wolves and whilst nobody would doubt his qualifications and ability to use modern tactics the truth is that he has been away from the top level for far too long, other than as a temporary solution until the summer, and as much as we would love to see one of our own and the best at that succeed it would in all honesty be an enormous gamble.

This brings us to the third possibility and one that his agent has already said won’t happen , Michael Laudrup. He has more than ten years experience as a coach and even though he is not with the most glamorous of clubs, Swansea are a team that play football the right way and have a reputation of finding exceptional coaches. It is probably fair to say that Tottenham have a group of players superior to those at Swansea and yet Laudrup and his team continue to pick up plaudits for the way they go about their business, possession is all important. It has been suggested that at some point Laudrup might be destined for Barcelona as his footballing principles and involvement with them in the past would seem to fit nicely into place. Probably the biggest asset is that he has had a couple of seasons experience in the Premiership and has never been found wanting.



Even though there was an apparent agenda against AVB from the media and maybe some behind the scenes at Tottenham it is now over, many believe it was the wrong move and that the coach with the best record for us in more than 100 years was hung out to dry and lacked backing, now the players and more importantly the fans need for Levy to make the correct appointment and one that still manages to save our season, Levy must know the real culprits behind all this, those that chipped away at AVB’s authority and they must go , if Baldini is to stay in his role then he and Levy must be clear that the coach dictates who and what he wants in the transfer market and nobody else.

This has turned into one sorry mess and if nothing else hopefully Levy and Lewis will realise that the Head Coach is the one that should be calling the tune, we shall never know now if this was an opportunity missed, that can only be a matter of conjecture, but we at JTN and any decent Tottenham supporter will recall the passion shown by AVB and wish him well in the future.



6 to “After all is said and done it has to be Laudrup.”

  1. eric says:

    I don’t see anyone coming to us since most of them have criticised us for our chairman’s interference in football matters,our record for sacking managers.Rodgers Pocchetino have already criticised us for sacking a manager with the best record in a century

    • Tony says:

      Anybody who takes the job will have to insist Sherwood and all Redknapp appts go and Baldini answers to him alone.The more I think about this the more concerned I amm, we are going to be lumbered with sherwood, already his team talk wednesday was a bit like redknapps “go on and run around” replaced by “go a bit gung ho” we are a laughing stock right now. Any respect I had for Levy is fast disappearing as i cannot believe that he has fallen for such an obvious ploy from people with an ulterior motive. I’m truly sick of redknapp and all his snide remarks,father and son,time to get shot of all those in anyway associated with him.

  2. Eric says:

    Now redknapp has said give Tim the job and its better to trust an Englishman.I said yesterday too that this seems like a conspiracy to get rid of Avb by harry and his men and levy fell into the trap.Now no manager would want to join us which would mean us being stuck with TIM or some temporary English bloke with harry’s backing

    • lou says:

      That scum Redknapp is still living off the fact that he got lucky and fell into a job with some world class players about to explode onto the scene and VDV and Ledley even with that talent he won nothing but still haunts us.the mans ego knows no bounds he even offered Brendan Rodgers the job as England assistant!!!!! he cost us CL and deserved his sacking. what sort of person brags about spending £3000 a month feeding the birds when most of us havn’t a pot to p in. His son is a moron and knows nothing but the sound of his own voice.

  3. tom says:

    Laudrup has ruled himself out mid season, honourable and to be respected and that simply points to more of this Sherwood rubbish. Mid table and no cup runs is all we can now expect. Can only see a Levy backlash building.

  4. eric says:

    Most of u will disagree with me but I don’t want an englishman coaching us after what Harry and his boys tim les did behind the scene and his son on Sky.I prefer an outsider who is answerable to only Baldini and Levy.

    The way this has unfolded its clear that no respectable manager will come to us leaving us with tim les to manage us who have been plotting this for sometime

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