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All those that wanted AVB out and their Tottenham back, happy now?

Posted on March 14, 2014 by Scraggs

When most were erring on the side of caution and when most blogs and comments were largely in favour of giving AVB time to work with all the changes thrown his way some were continuing to air their discontent rather than see the season for what it was at the time, with only sixteen games gone Tottenham were still in the running for just about all that they hoped to achieve, with the expectancy that as all the new squad members settled into their new surroundings and a new league that improvement would eventually be seen.

The media continued to chip away at AVB just as they had done when he joined Chelsea and for the first couple of months of his reign as Tottenham’s head coach, presumably others were also involved in backstabbing him to Levy as it all beagan to deteriorate before our eyes. Just Tottenham News voiced their unhappiness at all the talk of AVB being shown the door and their contempt at the decision to lose his services, before his departure on the 29/11 we wrote of the dangers of dismissing him at a crucial stage of the season and again on the 19/12 comments that have come very close to happening.

All those who expressed their contempt for the work that AVB was doing are now strangely quiet and the belief in Sherwood has rapidly disappeared as the season has run away from us in little over a month. Sherwood took over a decent team, added Adebayor who is now once again underperforming and without a league goal or shot on target since Newcastle away. No matter what a place is always found in the team for Sherwoods young protege Bentaleb and for Adebayor who Sherwood is credited with saving from expulsion by AVB.

It’s only the middle of March and even Arsenal still have more to play for than Tottenham, since that fateful day in December when a coach with a plan, method and calmness to create a team was either sacked or most probably walked away when others tried to interfere we find ourselves OUT of three cups, top four a distant dream as we are further away than we were then from competing with those ahead of us, the team in disarray, the players confidence shot to pieces and no semblance of any tactical or team play, in short a shambles.

You were warned but there were many happy to see the back of the young upstart that Levy chose to replace Redknapp, many lauded the appointment of Sherwood but you are all silent now as performances have deteriorated to the lowest level since Ramos was in charge. Are you all happy now?

How true is the saying “you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone”

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  1. Bigh says:

    For the record although I admit I had mixed feelings about AVB and when sacked, not surprisingly, I wrote that if he probably deserved it after the Liverpool game. On realising the madness of not having a replacement, I touted Hoddle even for an interim period. On learning of Sherwoods appointment, I stated he had no experience and sounded like a Redknapp clone. I tried to be positive, but realised quickly that it was going nowhere. I predicted the season would be over by March way back. Sadly I have been right. We can all blame Sherwood, but the real culprit is Levy. Now I fear unless we seal a quality manager, we are in danger of losing our quality players. Yes, I am totally and utterly pissed off

    • Tony says:

      I didn’t really have doubts about AVB as it was clear that he was being forced to work in difficult circumstances. He lost Bale and had to cope with 7 new players with no premier league experience and had to integrate them, Townsend and Rose who had returned from loans as well as Kaboul and Sandro from long injuries an entire new team. He used the entire squad and got us through in both cups with no defeats. The team had also been the better team in defeats against Arsenal and Newcastle and the hammers game was strange, even against City take away the errors and they gave them a good game and were in it for the entire first half. you don’t sack a manager when doing better than in any previous season in terms of points and cups, this was about backstabbing and involved adebayor and others, I still can’t work out Freunds position he is still there but I believe his silence has been bought, he has gone from no.2 to what?

  2. Eric says:

    Should have given him the season,still feel the decision was mutual so may be he was frustrated with something behind the scenes. Unfortunately we fans will never know

    • Tony says:

      Convinced your right as the team went from dominant and defensively sound to something quite different in the space of 4/5 games, very odd. My guess is that Levy insisted sherwood take a more active role with the first team and some input and insisted on adebayors return. AVB told him to poke it and rightly so.Already it is clear that AVB should have been backed for the season at least. Sherwood has a history of causing trouble with Hodgson and Hoddle amongst others. Arry has said that Tim won’t make excuses for defeats!as I see it that is all he has done.

  3. davidkk2 says:

    the lack of debate in this site is is is always the same 3or4 pple agreing to the same thing.on anothr note its unbelievable how you undermine avb’s shortcomings,why do u take arors out in city’s trashing earlier for avb while at the same you dont consider unfair dismisals for tim.plse be fair in ur points,coz i believe thats why this site lack followers.

    • Tony says:

      I think you will find that I pointed out Vertonghen slipped, Kaboul and Rose errors by officials which were both during tims watch. Presumably you were anti AVB and pro Tim so don’t you think there are some valid points. AVB did have shortcomings of course but so does Tim, the main point is that there was no need to get rid of AVB when they did it should have been at the end of the season when good coaches are available after World cup. The performances of the team have deteriorated so much so that we almost expect to lose the important games now. I’m sorry but all Spurs supporters want nothing more than to see us beat both Arsenal and Liverpool it’s just that performances of late really don’t fill any with confidence.
      Feel free to disagree of course but as the weeks of sherwoods time continues can you actually find any spurs fans in favour of him? Some might like some of the things he has said but unless it gets the right reaction it is useless and Benfica was the answer they gave.
      Let’s hope it improves in the league.
      We would obviously like to see a few more comments but being relatively new until we can promote ourselves on sites that specialise in doing so we carry on as we are but please feel free to adding to your handful of comments as your views and debate would be most welcome.

  4. davidkk2 says:

    yes i a gree to some, but both avb &tim r surfering from lack og total cntrl over the team.the only mngr that had a litle stbillity wss ary and we hsve seen some progres is levy that is the problem.

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