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Always look on the bright side as Bale looks set to leave.

Posted on August 01, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Say what you like but Gareth Bale’s transfer to Real Madrid is not about winning trophies, recent history tells us that they really don’t do much of that, it’s all about money and that is the real reason that he will not hand in a transfer request. I think most Tottenham supporters expected much more of Bale but he has shown himself to be no better than Modric or Berbatov. There is no doubt that he gave us some great moments but ultimately no trophies and no Champions League.
The size of the fee that Daniel Levy will screw from Madrid will be far far in excess of his true worth and much of that must be used to strengthen the squad and prepare for a winning season.
We shall miss his goals but “one swallow doesn’t make a summer “as they say and he might not have been as prolific again, he certainly brings nothing to the table when he is injured and there have been plenty of periods when that has been the case.
It would be a lie to say that most Tottenham supporters are gutted and angry in equal measure at the turn of events if this transfer does go ahead, whatever happens we must believe that Levy is making the best decision for Tottenham, he certainly lived up to his part of the bargain in buying the players needed to press on to better things, he told Bale and AVB that he would do so and has so far lived up to it.
Tottenham and their supporters and been here many times before, Klinsmann, Sherringham, Hoddle, Waddle, Gazza, Carrick, Berbatov, Modric and maybe now Bale, but we keep finding great players and will soon do so again, on this occasion the quality in the squad is far better than at any time previously and with a couple more new additions that £100m will comfortably fund, Tottenham will of course cope with his loss. AVB and the supporters will still believe that anything is possible this season, rather than having to cope and adapt to the ability of one man it will be a team in the real sense of the word.
In all honesty if Gareth Bale does leave, as seems highly likely at this moment, he will go with thanks for the enjoyment he provided but nothing more, as a Tottenham supporter I will feel betrayed and will forever believe that he has done wrong by us, he is in my mind leaving for the wrong reasons, had he remained I firmly believe that Tottenham would have won as much as Madrid, perhaps more. His argument that he has too much respect for Tottenham and their supporters to hand in a transfer request is embarrassing and a downright lie, it is to ensure he gets his cut of the fee.
Call it bitter and twisted or whatever you like but if he abandons this Tottenham project then thank you Gareth Bale for your well paid service too date, but as far as any merchandising carrying the “11 of hearts “ logo then no thanks.

The hypocrisy of a person who signs a contract to promote the League in which he plays and then abandons it for another league before the first ball is kicked is astounding, I hope all the companies with whom he has contractual obligations surrounding Tottenham and the Premier League ensure they are compensated by him or Real Madrid.
Come to think of it I am bitter about this entire sorry saga and fully expect Barcelona to once again put Madrid in their place, if Ronaldo doesn’t leave this summer then he surely will next and to cap it all off Tottenham will do even better than last season, win a trophy and a top four position.



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