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An apology from an ashamed AVB. Time to get to work and resolve problems.

Posted on November 24, 2013 by Tony

There is no disguising the fact that this was an abysmal display against a City side destined to challenge for the league title and a team likely to be too hot for most teams on their own turf. There is little doubt that the early goal massively affected the course of the game as any plans immediately went out of the window. The team did manage to force their way back into the game for the next half hour or so but another poor goal eventually did for them and after that it went even further downhill.

I am beginning to have fears that AVB is being swayed in his team choices by media pressure rather than having the courage of his convictions, I am happy that he is building a team with backbone which has been in evidence all season up until today, supporters, pundits and journalists seem intent on pushing the issue of insufficient goals rather than enjoy having a team difficult to beat while waiting foreverything to finally come together. Against West Ham all the calls were for Defoe to take the place of Soldado and AVB gave in but that failed miserably. Today was about getting the balance right and against a team of such attacking prowess on their own turf a compact team was needed with players prepared to tough it out and battle. Lennon, Lamela and  Holtby at the expense of Townsend, Dembele and Sigurdsson was too much when perhaps just the one could have been introduced.

We are all great coaches after the game but AVB is the one paid to make the decisions and he really has to be allowed to get on with it how he sees fit. Is any Tottenham supporter truly happy to see the team play fast and flowing just to end up trophyless and on the end of a 5-3 defeat, not me , the time has come to play a different way if we want to lift trophies. Since 1961 we have seen the Spurs way lift various cups but nowhere near enough and no titles. We are now in the era of the Champions League competition and the wealth it brings, two top four finishes this century is nowhere near enough and we have to start realising things must change.

We are all hurting and despondent at the moment but we have to congratulate our travelling supporters who could still be heard to the end. Now is the time to regroup and work even harder to resolve the problems that exist, rather than believe  underperformers like Joey Barton I prefer to believe that the experts at Tottenham are good judges of players and we shall soon see the benefit of their judgement. It should be remembered that very few players join clubs and are immediately successful, that has carried on through the years when Cantona, Henri, Van Persie and Modric, just to name a few, failed to fire for a season or in some cases longer, Giroud at Arsenal last season was poor and how long has Ramsey been with them and that can be said of so many new arrivals from abroad.

Some of our new players only joined after three games had been completed and almost all have since gone off on no less than three international breaks since. Tottenham and AVB, have some problems to overcome of course, today’s performance was clearly dire and the natural reaction of despair and no little anger is perhaps to be expected, once the bad feeling begins to disperse and supporters begin to take stock of what are just the early days in the creation of a new team. Time and performance will heal the despair but until results are regularly achieved there must remain a certain amount of realism from our support, the question is whether they are prepared to wait for what is a young squad to come together as a group for the good of Tottenham.


4 to “An apology from an ashamed AVB. Time to get to work and resolve problems.”

  1. BigH says:

    Firstly, respect to all those who traveled for hours, paid a lot of money and gave up thier time to watch a totally gutless display. Been there myself and I know how this feels. Now down to business. I have preached patience, tolerance and understanding of AVB and his tactics etc etc. I no longer feel he deserves my sympathy. He is lost tactically and how we have regretted not signing Benteke. Bar Sandro we lack any passion (verts come close at least he gives a shit) and grit. Mentally we look fragile and devoid of confidence. I personally now think AVB is starting to lose the players. He really needs to understand a few things. Kaboul is a great defender, but has been out for a year and this is his first start at prem level, do you really put him in at centre half against the two best strikers in the league when daws is so slow? Lamela on the left? Are you mad? How about a free role in midfield? How about Sandro and Capoue in the middle? Lets have a fight here with them. I could go on and on. This is the crux of it all he doesnt know his best team and we all have a view cos we like to think we know better, but there are some very simple basics that i have tried to point out that AVB simply does not consider. I’m not saying sack him on Monday, but lets be honest, the countdown has now really begun. I hope we stuff man u go on a good run and start to pull things together, but I keep defaulting to the cynical side and thinking what is Jurgen up to?

    • Tony says:

      Contructive criticism at last rather than the ramblings of some who would sell every player and start all over. Every player purchased was sought after by others and whilst Spurs might have paid over the odds for some it is only because they got vastly over the odds for Bale. It is hard to disagree with any of the points made but as you say we all have our own ideas. The media are always denigrating our lack of goals and some on here have made nasty comments in that direction, until such time as that side begins to right itself and it surely will,until then we have to be happy to grind out results and remain in contention. Yesterday AVB seemed to take his eye off the ball and went with a strange lineup and certainly not enough players prepared for a battle.
      To my mind it is now time to revert Vertonghen to his rightful position and until Rose is fit use Fryers or Naughton, supporters seem to have a beef about Dembele but in my opinion he should also play as well as Townsend.
      I have to ask why you think Klinsmann might be the answer or as good let alone a better option, his record at club level is 16 wins,6 draws and 7 losses before the sack, that in a relatively uncompetitive german league.
      I think the countdown for coaches starts as soon as they accept the job its just that it’s perhaps running a little faster for AVB after yesterday.

  2. Boobaspur says:

    Apology – where?

    If AVB has built a team with this great backbone (and I’m not saying he hasn’t, although there was little sign of it Sunday), then where is his own backbone, given that some think the media are causing him to deploy something other than his own best team choice or tactics.

    The decision to play Defoe against WH was entirely his own too, aside from JD sniping at him to get a start (it was JDs birthday).

    I don’t accept that any decisions AVB makes regarding team choice or tactics are anything other than his own. If he needs to grow a pair and make the decisions he might get grief for, then he needs to make them and be responsible for the good or the bad.

    I could have managed us to a 6-0 defeat today…

  3. Boobaspur says:

    Andre Villas-Boas Post Match Interview – Man City 6-0 Tottenham [24.11.2013]

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