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Andy Carroll chooses Hammers over Arsenal. Has Higuain turned them down as well?

Posted on June 20, 2013 by Scraggs

A couple of newspapers, if you can call them that, are today reporting that Arsenal tried to hijack Andy Carroll’s move from Liverpool to West Ham but were unsuccessful. In view of the fact that Arsenal have an enormous kitty to spend, reputed to be in excess of £70m, the fee of £15m required to seal the deal should not have represented a problem. Arsenal pay far higher wages than West Ham so that could not have been the issue,  so if this is true then it is difficult to understand just why an ambitious player like Carroll turned them down!

We know that Arsenal have not had much success with centre forwards, other than Robin Van Persie of course, Gervinho has come in for over £10m and looks like he will be leaving at a financial loss, Bendtner has not featured for an age and is struggling once more to find another club, his fee has dropped from £20m a couple of years back to less than £3m now. The jury is still out on Giroud, another big money purchase, and then there is Walcott who sees himself as a centre forward,he was promised opportunities to convince him to sign a new contract and then it seems he was returned to the wing.

Most worrying perhaps is why Arsenal might have tried to buy Carroll when the Higuain deal was supposedly all but completed, perhaps he has chosen Italy over Arsenal or to remain in Madrid, worse still perhaps he, like so many others recently, has chosen to join Tottenham rather than Arsenal.


11 to “Andy Carroll chooses Hammers over Arsenal. Has Higuain turned them down as well?”

  1. Didi Agbai says:

    hahahah spurs fans, what delusional neighbors we have. MInd that gap!!!!

  2. Sam says:

    Although I am Arsenal fan, but above all I am football fan. It hurts to say that at times, earlier in the season I enjoyed Spurs football, especially Bale. And I am delighted to say that I enjoyed your article . It’s well balanced and humorous. Well done.

    • Tony says:

      Nice to hear some honesty, similarly Tottenham have admired the football of Arsenal for a while though now we believe that Tottenham are superior once again, but it’s close.

  3. Iyke says:

    Wow Arsene went for andy pipe?(carrol) yu guys should get a life…cooking up articles and less fans to comment…yu kan neva be half an arsenal till estinction

    • Tony says:

      Embarrassed he turned you down? Tottenham do not want to be compared to anything Arsnal but rest assured the cycle is coming to an end and Spurs are in the ascendancy. Be complacent at your peril.

  4. Iyke says:

    Please you guys should concenterate in being a beta team,afta 8years of decline 4rm arsenal,yu could nat take advantage…..spurs fails

    • whlspur says:

      And still in decline, this time your toast. Don’t think Higuain will save you, if Madrid are letting him leave he cannot really be that special. Just proves that Arsenal are no longer in the big league whereas Madrid still want Tottenham stars in order to improve, but they won’t be getting them.

  5. amitosh says:

    Coming from an Arsenal fan, Spurs deserved 4th spot, but so does Arsenal and fate worked its way. That said, Caroll is neither Arsenal class nor Spurs. Higuain is good for both, and at 25 years and 25M he is a good deal, if not a bargain

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