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Angry and confused, not Bale but every Tottenham supporter.

Posted on August 26, 2013 by Tony

Just a week before the transfer window closes and the never ending Gareth Bale story seemed close to ending as we all believed  that we would soon be put out of our misery, not because he is leaving but because we are sick of reading and hearing about him. Every journalist, hack and pundit has made their living over the last three months solely based upon comment on the Bale story and frankly most of us are all Baled out.

Daniel Levy please just sell this pain in the arse prima donna but please make sure that the disgusting Real Madrid pay through the nose for him. The latest revelation that another club has made an offer for him is probably just to convince Madrid that these games must end and it is time to put up or shut up. It was Perez and Zidane who said that you pay whatever it takes to get a player like Bale, well Levy has told you what it takes , maybe even giving a number of options but still this tacky club are trying to shaft Tottenham and it seems based upon promises made to Bale to force his disrespect of Tottenham in the hope they might fold for an easy life.

I’m a Tottenham supporter, always have been and always will be, but I cannot find anything good to say about a player I once supported and defended against doing anything wrong, even the odd dive, now I just want to hear the final words that he has been sold for a world record fee and that Tottenham have replaced him with two or three top class replacements, players that we shall cheer to the rafters as they go about elevating Tottenham to the top tier of european football.

Daniel Levy please get this done and get this aggravating itch out of our club.

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  1. Andy-licious says:

    Friend, please, just hold on to the hope we can hold on to him. We already have all the team we need and with Bale, we have a SERIOUS shot at the title.

    It’s been stressful for all of us, but come next Monday, if we still have our number 11 on the team sheet all of this will be forgotten… until next year.

    • Tony says:

      Of course your right but if he does stay it will be the doing of Levy or the failure on Madrids part in not coming up with the money.If he plays for us again we will all get behind him because that is what supporters should do but unless he is prepared to extend his contract then next summers fee will reduce considerably.

  2. mick says:

    and now he has skipped training, fine him 2 weeks wages .time to get rid it seems it’s all gone to his head.

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