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Another sad Chelsea gazzump Tottenham story.

Posted on August 28, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

With Chelsea’s surprise punt on Willian after Tottenham seemed close to securing a deal last week the stories keep coming of their pinching more Tottenham targets, the latest is Atsu from Porto who is likely to join them for a cut price £3.5m. It is being reported that AVB who gave him his debut three years ago and was very keen on securing him for Tottenham. To add more meat to the story the reports are that he was also another target of Liverpool and that they had a bid of 35m turned down for the player!

So there we have it Tottenham who have been very aggressive in the transfer market have been trumped once more by Chelsea as the transfer window comes to its conclusion, not only have they supposedly beaten them to the punch but have offered thirty percent less than Liverpool and Porto have snatched their hand off, now that’s good business and so unlike Porto.

Of course it is all pointless and unproven, probably a story created by the player and his agent, Chelsea might well buy him  we shall have to see but he will unlikely be a member of the squad this season at least and is only likely to be picked up for future potential.

Mourinho when appointed stated that there would be little transfer activity but four purchases have since followed, he said that Rooney was his only target but couldn’t resist Willian at £32m, now there are rumours of Atsu and Eto as well as another proposed move for Rooney. Take a look at the amount of squad members still on the books and explain how he can accomodate them all and the new buys when he seems limited to only 23 players at most because he does not have enough British players. Mata must be on his way as well as a forward or two and perhaps another non British midfielder, what will be interesting is whether he will allow any to move to any of their competitors.

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  1. craig says:

    eto’o as well today, £7m and £300k pw for a 32yr old. the exact Daniel Levy profile I don’t think. what crap.

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