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Another terrible transfer window beckons for Tottenham.

Posted on July 14, 2014 by Guest Writer

If you take any news about Tottenham seriously then other than the new contract signed by Hugo Lloris keeping at the club until the next transfer window is just about as good as it gets. Pick up any newspaper or read any Tottenham associated article and there always seems to be a problem, even the governmental decision that should allow the club to proceed with the new stadium com with a “but”, but the decision made is still subject to appeal. Everyday the situation relating to Tottenham seems to be manipulated

and seems to encourage a little gloom and discontent from our supporters.

Several clubs seem to be set on securing the services of Jan Vertonghen with Barcelona seemingly at the head of the queue if they can’t secure their first or second choices!  Vertonghen has been with the club for two seasons, his first incredibly successful when he endeared himself to the club, fans and the Premiership as voted into the team of the season, last season was for him and the club poor and even his attitude was called into question. Vertonghen IS our best central defender and there must be no more of this switching to left back if he stays. In all honesty the majority hope he remains, many would hand him the captaincy but by the same token if he was allowed to leave there would be no outpouring of disappointment from supporters, Modric and Bale he is not.

By all accounts the paupers of Tottenham have had their plans thrown into disarray because it is being said that until they sell Dawson and Sigurdsson they will be unable to press on with purchasing the players needed to improve the squad! Dawson seems to be available for £4m and Siggi for about £8m, with Livermore having fetched £6.5m can it possibly be true that the three vital purchases to upgrade the team must come to a total of about£18m while the teams around us spend double that on a single player?

Palace and Juventus seem intent on securing two of our “stars” Sigurdsson and Paulinho, two players that until now have been derided in the media as flops, now when it might come to selling them they have miraculously become indispensible! Don’t you just love the press.

Adebayor has contracted a mild dose of malaria but will leave hospital today and will be available again within another 7 days and though he will miss the trip to the States it is not going to have such a massive effect on his pre-season preparation.

It did seem that Ben Davies was the chosen left back as Tottenham made an early enquiry for his services, that according to the press led to Liverpool targeting the player and as we all know Liverpool have miraculously become title contenders even without Suarez, now that Ayres has been reported to be about to tie up a deal for Moreno it seems that Davies is now a target for United! didn’t they just spend £33m on a young fullback? The Swansea chairman was honest last week when he said that there was an enquiry from Tottenham but little or nothing since which might mean that they are biding their time or looking at all options, probably the latter.

Tottenham apparently wanted Lukaku, Bony and Origi but it seems that they are all going to Liverpool, ensuring that they have 5 centre forwards when you include Sturridge and Lambert, to fight for just one position in the starting lineup. Origi has stated that he wants Champions League football but the terms of the deal seem to include a loan back to his current club for a season before heading to a Liverpool team that is very unlikely to make the top four again no matter who they buy.

I am sure that there is work going on behind the scenes to acquire the players that Pochettino thinks he needs and I like that the club are remaining tight lipped about the players they want, gone are the days of Redknapp and Sherwood both happy to speak out of turn to the press, with their sackings part of the displeasure of those in the press who now have to resort to made up stories about us more than ever.

No doubt the club are anxious to avoid situations like that with Willian last year and will try to keep any dealings under wraps though will have to rely upon the integrity of the player and his agent, no easy task as we know from Bale’s agent last year and from what we are seeing from the representatives of Vertonghen and Sandro.


7 to “Another terrible transfer window beckons for Tottenham.”

  1. craig says:

    just to prove the point an extract from the express “MANCHESTER UNITED are closing in on Arturo Vidal. Arsenal are set to beat Chelsea to the signing of Sami Khedira, Liverpool want Arda Turan and Tottenham’s transfer plans have taken a blow ”
    all positive news until it comes to Spurs (don’t count Chavs cos they will spend £100m anyway).

  2. Gunner says:

    I really think spurs need a new striker soldado just doesn’t look convincing for me and as we both know ade is capable of being absolutely world class or complete and utter shite

    • Tony says:

      Agreed on ade but to disregard soldado after his consistent goal record of more than 20 in four successive seasons should not be taken lightly.

  3. Eric says:

    Too soon to panic

    • Tony says:

      No panic here as I think much of our good transfer business was done a year ago with 4/5 set to produce what they are really capable of, a central defender and left back would probably do but another forward to be on the safe side would not go amiss.

  4. Gunner says:

    Could be too late to change it

    • Tony says:

      Transfer window only been open 2 weeks with another 6 weeks to go and as we only need a few players there should be no concern, keeping our powder dry and will then swoop in for what we need. Be honest is Sanchez really the type of player that you needed as a priority or strength in midfield and backup defensively? £35m plus spent on much of a muchness really and will his arrival mean unsettling of one or two others like Cazorla, wilshire, Ramsay etc. even Ozil wont be safe unless he bucks his ideas up and toughens up. He started off well but after a few months started to fade.

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