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Anyone for Jurgen the German?

Posted on December 16, 2013 by Guest Writer

And we don’t mean Klinsmann, the Borussia Dortmund coach must be looking at his chances of success in the German League disappearing over the horizon with every star that leaves and joins the powerhouse that is Bayern Munich. Not so long ago he was close to competing with the German and European Champions but even before they met them in last years final they had lost Mario Goetze for more than £30m and it looks very much like Lewandowski will be next.

Just sixteen games into the season Dortmund have lost ground in the league and sit third and are already twelve points behind Bayern Munich but Klopp has a fantastic track record, he took over Dortmund in 2008 when they were alsorans and had finished thirteenth in the league but he eventually led them to consecutive league titles and broke records along the way and dominated the great Bayern Munich until last season.klopp

At just 46 yrs of age and with plenty of experience and a winning mentality might he be a viable option to replace AVB and salvage the season for Tottenham, as far as I am aware Steffan Freund has not been relieved of his duties as yet and so Klopp and Freund might be considered to be the dream team for the future.


22 to “Anyone for Jurgen the German?”

  1. eric says:

    Stop dreaming,even if we do get him no talented manager will ever be successful at Spurs as long as Levy runs the show

  2. steve says:

    It seems odd to me that as soon as we bring in a director of football it all goes pear shaped again. Baldini and Capello anyone.

  3. tom says:

    I don’t understand how a team so defensively sound up until the west ham game just got worse at the back and conceded so many, I believe AVb was forced to change things to appease the supporters and possibly some of the players and we just began shipping goals.It’s all very strange.

  4. eric says:

    We don’t have the patience for a young and upcoming manager and most experienced managers won’t play the so called spurs attacking style,since they care more about results unlike our fans who prefer entertainment without caring about the results.I say we had a wonderful chance with AVB to build a legacy and we blew it,the season is over for me

    • Tony says:

      I’m with you and believe there has been too much interference, watertight defence and points to a leaky ship when all the talk turned to tottenham style. you have heard me say it before, losing in style has got to stop, start winning things ugly if need be and then the style will follow as the players joining get better and better.
      Only after all this crap about not playing the spurs way started did the big defeats occur as it appeared AVB was forced to change things. Saddened and a little concerned.

  5. Caleb says:

    Why on earth would Klopp join spurs

    • Tony says:

      Dortmund are going backwards and cannot hope to compete with Bayern in the next 5/6 years at least, whatever you might think Spurs have a decent squad, money to spend and can still do well this season.

      • Caleb says:

        Dortmund are not going backwards. They are perhaps the best run club in football. When they lose their best players they replace them. Kagawa with reus, gotze with mkhtaryan. They have an incredible stadium along with an incredible set of fans. They may seem as though they are going backwards because of how good bayern are but to leave dortmund for spurs at this stage would just be ridiculous.

        • Tony says:

          I am not knocking dortmund but they won title 2011 and 2012 and are now miles behind bayern who cherry pick their best players.they are nowhere and with little hope of closing gap in years. That must be hard to accept.

          • Caleb says:

            Yes but it’s the same at spurs if not worse at the moment. And dortmund have added bonuses. There style of play, the players they have, world class ones like reus, gundogan and hummels. They have great fans, stadiums and are very well run. I just couldn’t see Klopp going to spurs. There would be so many other offers better than spurs.

          • Tony says:

            You are probably right but they will lose all those players you mention over the summer lewandowski is off as well, they sit third already 5 behind second place and for a coach that has become used to success he must feel deflated. You might think otherwise but spurs actually have a great squad but too many new players and they are still in the running for everything just. I think it will be hoddle at least until the summer as a Sherwood appointment could be a disaster , he has never done the job.

          • Caleb says:

            Yes I know but I get the feeling those players will be replaced. They have aubameyang as a replacement for lewandowski. Spurs do have a great squad, but the first 11 is way off the top 4, the squad is quality though. I think it would be good if Sherwood took over, strikes me as a guy who has a formation and team then sticks to it, whereas AVB changed the team around especially up top which may be the reason for the lack of goals.

          • Tony says:

            who knows what sherwood is all about he has never done the job. AVb had to change the team the club bought too many players to keep just want us to go back to the dark ages with 4 4 2 haha

          • Tony says:

            the players will be replaced but they can’t do enough to catch bayern and so it’s the end of the trophy era for a good while for them in Germany.

          • Caleb says:

            I’d say the bundesliga or champions league they can’t win but it wouldn’t surprise me if they won some national cups

  6. BigH says:

    Nice thought but very unlikely to happen. Also a different level of pressure in PL with lots of tough and physical games. Personally Capello or Hiddink with their wealth of experience and club success would be nice. Also got a real soft spot for Glenn, spurs to the core and has matured his footballing brain and it a thinker, which means a flexibility in approach to games. I certainly think levy must also take a hard look at himself, although I do not blame him sacking AVB. He must learn that success will come from investment and stability, but also less interference and more letting the manager have a big say in who he buys.

    • Tony says:

      at only 67 they are coaches for the future as well, only joking but it’s not going to be people like that who will create a legacy which i hoped AVb or someone like him would and that’s why Klopp might be a good shout.

  7. Sam Sanelli Sam Sanelli says:

    Lets get this into some kind of perspective. AVB was a person who believed that a squad of players could be put onto a pitch with each having a specific job to do and on paper, if they stick to the duty assigned to them wether defensive midfield or attack then it can’t go wrong, stick to a highline defence and build an attack to feed a lone striker through an opposing defence easy right!! Unfortunately even the worse teams in the prem can punish you with a couple of counterattacking moves if they can get behind a highline defence–west ham, newcastle, city, now liverpool.Players have to have the freedom to express themselves as well as maintain a duty relevent to their position. Good players choked by theoretical formulae and no room for free flowing thought. Maybe the next manager will unleash some of the natural players ability as arsenal, and liverpool sides have allowed.

    • Tony says:

      can’t argue with any of that really and Dawson and capoue were never going to be the answer to a highline defence. I would like to know exactly who was responsible for leaving us without leftback cover meaning our best central defender had to cover for Rose. If you play Dawson he needs either pace alongside and or a defensive minded brain like Vertonghen or chiriches. Naughton was a major problem that liverpool exploited, in fact they exploited every weakness at the back and rendered our midfield redundant. Still believe 4 4 2 is redundant tactical set up and 3 5 2 or 4 5 1 is the way forward.

  8. Matt says:

    We kept clean sheets against palace, Norwich, hull, Cardiff and villa… Why does everyone think we were so good defensively. Those teams have about as much firepower as adebeyor on an off day ! We have not been playing well for the majority of the season. Inverted wingers starved soldado of any service. We have paid over the odds for players who have subsequently been left on the bench. I personally had hoped that Avb would work out as did many spurs fans but the defeat to Liverpool was woeful, and to come out and blame it on the sending off showed everyone that Avb had lost it. We never turned up against Liverpool and the players he put out were so defensive that the best he could have hoped for was 0-0. Whether he signs them or not, he had no idea who his first team was and the players didn’t either. Utter confusion from a tactical perspective and no particular playing style has been implemented. Talk of the ‘spurs’ way is nonsense … Start copying the barca blueprint .. Attack and press the game, set out to win from the front. All the top teams in the league are doing this with the exception of us and man utd … And the league table shows you who is winning.
    After Avb ? Klopp is hugely unlikely for reasons mentioned before me here. Hoddle ? Would be nice from a romantic point of view, but who ever it is needs to know modern football and where it’s going. Avb could have been that man – bet he wishes he had accepted that psg job now.

    • Tony says:

      Well it was a few more than that in cups and everton etc.and arsenal only scored only started to go wrong to thecextent it did when the pressure came on him to change.

    • Tony says:

      Of last seasons regular starters we lost only Bale.dempsey.caulker livermore and huddlestone were never considered good enough or made any huge contribution so why go out and buy 7 big signings and add townsend rose and kaboul to available group then sit them on bench or stands and pick virtually the same team every week till the same tiredness creeps in and we end up withnothing like always. This i not an Avb issue alone its interference and others not having the conviction to set him a task and see it through. At the outset we were all told it was a 3 year project and were not halfwqy.say what you like but most points most win percentage andleast loss percentage of any before him. Im sick of style and losing weve tried that for 50 years but nobody has clicked on that it is not working. Opportunity lost in my view still and I fear for us. I believe in levy as a businessman but something is beginning to worry me on the football decision making side of things. He was clear that modric was not going to chelsea and said so but nothing like that on bale so intended to sell rather than bqck avn who always said he was staying. Didnt back his man when he should have and if its true that he wanted him to switch to 442 and play ade then thats a joke. I actually want all the whiners and p takers out of my club and that includes ade benni and defoe some of those that have chipped away at avb authority for their own means.they are paid well to do exactly what their boss tekls them to the best of their ability and nothing more. I dont care that defoe wants to go to brazil to sit on the brnch i want spurs to be as succesful as possible nothing more and nothing less.

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