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Are Arsenal really worried about Tottenham?

Posted on August 21, 2013 by Guest Writer

It is not really clear how Arsenal are thinking, for the past couple of seasons Tottenham have been in a position to finish well ahead of them but on each occasion a storming finish from Arsenal and slip ups by Tottenham have resulted in Arsenal retaining Champions League football by a single point and at Tottenham’s expense.

Just a few weeks ago Arsene Wenger and almost all Arsenal fans were talking up their chances of finally challenging for the title, with the top three teams considered to be a little destabilized by the change of coach. Old Arsenal players to a man talked up their chances with many actually tipping them to win it if Suarez was signed up. Arsenal were never likely to secure his signature when you really think about it and consequently have missed the boat with many other strikers, Liverpool have always been more successful than Arsenal and are desperate to regain their Champions League status, most consider that United, City and Chelsea are certainties for Champions League qualification because of the money they have and the quality of squad, that leaves Liverpool and Tottenham fighting for Arsenal’s spot, them being the most vulnerable.

For some reason even Wenger, who is a highly respected coach, seems to be taken in by the final dozen fixtures of each season which his team seem to excel in, everybody seems to forget the preceding 25 or so fixtures which has left them fighting to claw their way back. Arsenal supporters had expressed some concern at a lack of silverware for many years and were assured that the time had arrived to spend and pay the big bucks to land the quality needed. They seemed to settle for promises yet again, and yet again they turn out to be broken promises and the reason Fabregas, RVP, Nasri and others left and why top players are reluctant to join.

Before the first fixture there seemed no urgency to spend, Wenger refused to pay over the odds and stated that he would only buy better quality than he already has, after that disastrous home fixture and defeat to Villa the mindset has changed, an offer has gone in for Newcastle’s Cabaye albeit an insulting offer, is he actually any better than what he has or what is needed, Arteta, Wilshire, Cazorla, Rosicky, Ramsey all seem similar to me.

Just a month ago Arsenal supporters were convinced that they were about to spend big on recognised top quality players, at the same time they were happy to taunt Tottenham supporters that Gareth Bale would be leaving and their challenge would disappear, some suggesting that even a top ten finish might be the best they could muster. Following last weekends fixtures and the news that Tottenham are continuing to buy and break their own transfer record time and again there does seem to be a different attitude, comments/ridicule from Arsenal supporters on Tottenham sites have almost disappeared, anger is being directed at the club and Wenger and even Wenger himself is showing signs of cracking under the pressure. Arsenal are now faced with a difficult qualifying fixture for the Champions League proper, it is a fixture that they would once have comfortably overcome, now the pressure is building and they know that failure would really upset the faithful and would result in a huge financial loss, it would also make buying new players even more difficult. Their experience should see them through but they will need to totally concentrate their efforts and will be unable to rotate or rest any players to do so, right now Arsenal really do not have a good enough squad or one with any depth to it at all.

If Arsenal are not yet worried about Tottenham then they should be, clearly their supporters are beginning to believe that Tottenham have improved and are likely to increase their points total this coming season whereas at the moment Arsenal have not improved and might conceivably have deteriorated as a squad.

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