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Are Madrid cooling Bale pursuit?

Posted on August 08, 2013 by Guest Writer

During an interview with ESPN Deporte Perez the Real Madrid President and one of the major instigators of the Gareth Bale pursuit had this to say:-

“Talking with ESPN Deportes TV, Perez appeared to send a message to Spurs that €100 million was too much for Bale, while simultaneously claiming never to speak about potential transfers out of respect to the other parties involved.


“We talk with lots of people and we will see what happens in all our negotiations, with this player [Bale] and with others,” Perez said. “We do not usually talk about other players out of respect to the player, the club and the president, with whom I made a good friendship last season during the signing of Luka Modric.


“If I do not talk about names, I do not talk about money. [But] €100 million seems a lot to me, a lot for everything. I do not talk about players nor money because I should not and cannot, out of respect.”

Some of the comments made are of course laughable particularly the part about not speaking about transfers and respect for other parties/clubs, maybe it is just a veiled threat that now that they have turned the players head and he clearly wishes to leave that he will not meet Tottenham’s financial demands.

For him to make such comment might possibly mean a shift in the momentum of this transfer pursuit, has Daniel Levy possibly got the message across that he is not impressed with any of the terms discussed too date, there is no evidence that Madrid have made any offer as yet, only that there was dialogue, AVB confirmed this but also remained adamant that the line at that point was still “no deal”.

My take on this is that it is about to get a little nastier, Bale wants out, that is clear from his actions over the last few weeks, and he now seems capable of being every bit as callous as Berbatov and Modric to get his way, Madrid might not seem so keen to break the transfer record as they have been suggesting as along with this comment there has also been the story that only 7% of Madrid supporters think he is worth more than 60m euros and nowhere near the value of Ronaldo. We are now at the point of more Madrid games in an attempt to drive down the players price.

Many of the reports coming out of Spain now seem to suggest that they hold all the cards, they seem to be intent on refusing to sanction a player exchange that suites Tottenham,e.g. Alvaro Morata, Now it is time for Levy to really lay down the law and tell Perez the score, give him a deadline, tell him the final terms in cash, which Tottenham will reduce with the inclusion of any players that would be willing to transfer in the opposite direction, but only players stipulated by themselves.

This must come to an end and fast, with only a little over a week until the season begins it looks like we shall once again be without our most influential player for the first few games, Berbatov, Modric twice and now Bale have all managed to sabotage seasons, in the case of Modric it should be noted that on the first occasion the season started with three defeats and last year just two points from nine available, on both occasions Tottenham finished just a single point behind Arsenal and so failed to qualify for the Champions League.

I for one would like the club to release an official statement outlining their final thoughts on the subject, be it a deadline to meet terms or to finally tell the player and Madrid that they will not contemplate a transfer this year.

5 to “Are Madrid cooling Bale pursuit?”

  1. lol says:

    Real is one way helping Arsenal. If they buy Bale, we do not have enough time to bring reinforcements, though I think we can do good with vast variety in our mid-field. If they miss, Bale is unsettled and it will take time for him to be back on top. For that matter, I agree with Perez, Bale at 115M is too much greed from Spurs board. Either say no to the deal or sell for 85M+any one of Contreo/Morata/Di Maria. And get this money upfront, at least half of it so we can invest now/January.

    • Tony says:

      its not about greed but supply and demand as well as devious methods which has hardened tottenham to demanding a ridiculous sum. they have always said he is not for sale this season but madrid have been constantly and illegally tapping up and speaking to his a player he is not worth the money demanded but to spurs he is, he gives a better chance of CL football and the extra £30/40m its worth, the extra sponsorship and marketing money he brings, imagine how much has been lost on merchandising of kit with his name while this been going on. Its all very well demanding a player but if they don’t want to join Spurs you can’t force them.

      • lol says:

        Then we could have put a 250M buy back clause! We did not, because Levy knew he will become a star and we are not so big yet we can afford to keep one of top 5 players in the world. Levy has always been greedy selling players, why not decide NOT to sell them and its over? But no, he will drag it to last million dollars he can!

        • Tony says:

          That’s why levy is the best at what he does, until bales contract runs out in 2016 spurs can do what they like as they control the situation. the last word from AVB was not for sale it’s madrid who continue the pursuit, leave it and it ends but they just keep talking about taking him to madrid. Bale was ok and trained played and spoke of his hopes for next season at spurs, since they left for hong kong he has feigned injury, has not trained or played, not even spoken to the media.levy does everything for the benefit of the club and whether you think it greed or not i am pleased that he takes clubs for inflated fees no matter what.the difference this time is that he is buying early irrespective of what happens with bale.

        • mick says:

          spurs are the 11th biggest club in the world why shouldn’t they have one of the best players. im with levy all the way.

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