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Are Manchester United a selling club Jamie?

Posted on August 01, 2013 by Eddie S

Yesterday Jamie Redknapp wrote an article for Sky in which he called Tottenham a selling club, he tried to salvage the tone of the piece by claiming no disrespect but unfortunately too late. He obviously uses this argument to encourage the departure of Gareth Bale citing that he will enjoy great success with Real Madrid and win lots of trophies, the main reason for his desire to leave Tottenham, that in itself is not guaranteed if Barcelona have anything to do with it, and events of the past five seasons bear this out.

We are all aware that Daniel Levy reluctantly sold Carrick and Berbatov in the past but both were running contracts down and were not prepared to accept new deals, sales had to occur from a business perspective and massive fees were extracted for their services. Two years ago were Tottenham a selling club when Chelsea came calling for Modric who had four years left on his contract? no and he only left for Madrid last year because Levy had agreed to sell if  there was no Champions League football, the proviso being, for the right price and another league, job done.

Tottenham are in the same position again with Gareth Bale and have again said no,  I have absolutely no doubt that if the player had given the slightest hint that he would be happy to remain then Levy would not sell. This has been going on for weeks now and Levy has not wavered, a selling club would have snatched the hand from Madrid for a much lesser offer than a world record fee.

Based upon Redknapps’s suggestion that Tottenham are a selling club because of Madrid’s pursuit and what seems likely to be the final outcome he must also consider Manchester United to be a selling club, they sold Ronaldo in almost identical circumstances, at the time he was the star of their team and the best player in the world, United did not want to sell but it happened. It might be prudent to point out that Ronaldo has been overtaken in the worlds best league by Lionel Messi since he signed for Madrid, Neymar will also likely pass him by this season and Gareth Bale is hot on his heals even though he plays for lowly Tottenham !

Jamie Redknapp is a typical ex-pro pundit, he favours Liverpool over Tottenham as is always the case and is prepared to base his argument upon that, he is further anti -Tottenham because of events of last summer and Harry’s sacking, odds on had his dad still been in charge he would be encouraging Bale to stay for another year at least.

Every person employed or involved in the Premier League should be concerned at the events of this summer, all the superstars have been snapped up by other leagues, French, German, Italian and Spanish, one of our own seems set to join the Spanish League already boasting Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar. A British superstar is being encouraged in almost every media outlet to head for Spain while the standard in the Premier League continues to drop. Competing with those three and Bale we have RVP, Suarez, Rooney and Mata, not very inspiring is it.

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