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Are Manchester United going through transitional period?

Posted on December 08, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

David Moyes has come out fighting arguing that his team are not yet out of the title challenge and once they get through their transitional period there will be light! transitional period really, we all know that Moyes replaced Fergie in the summer but to suggest that the team is going through a transitional period is ridiculous.

Moyes took over a squad that won the title last season at a canter, though there was doubt that Rooney would stay or even wanted to Uniteed resisted the temptation to sell and have been rewarded by a rejuvenated player who has reclaimed some form. even though Moyes wanted to add two or three new players to his squad only Fellaini joined, a player he knew well.

When it is suggested that clubs are going through a transitional period it normally relates to a huge number of new arrivals as the likes of Tottenham and Sunderland have had to cope with, or the loss of a number of top players to other teams as both Tottenham and Arsenal have had to deal with in recent years.

It does seem that Moyes is clutching at straws, it was his decision to dispose of his predecessors backroom staff and change things so drastically but he still has last seasons squad with the exception of Paul Scholes but presumably Fellaini was the £27m replacement for him.

Most of us do expect United to improve, they have the players but David Moyes will probably have to go back to the drawing board and probably consult Fergie, it seems that he might have changed too much too soon something that AVB was accused of when he joined up with Chelsea and we all know the end result on that occasion.

At the moment United are not even odds on in the betting to finish in the top four let alone the title race, they need to change their fortunes quickly if they are to salvage their season but with three away fixtures in the league coming up this month and with their air of invincibility gone it is no foregone conclusion.

6 to “Are Manchester United going through transitional period?”

  1. Alee says:

    “Are Man.U going through a transitional phase?” Er, yes.

    • Tony says:

      Not in twrms of players Moyes should have just been the figurehead keot it all the same especially backroom staff. This is no transition but more about mistakes made.

      • Alee says:

        Ok, that was disrespectful of me. It’s just that I read the title and felt it was a bit of a silly question, and to be fair, it is. Of course they are going through a transitional phase because although indeed the squad is largely the same, having a new figure head at the helm really does change alot.

        Players rely on having faith in knowing their manager knows what to do in order to play successfully; to steer the ship through the ups and downs of the whole season. If they don’t believe the tactics, etc are correct then they will not play with as much focus and intent, and they will subconsciously 2nd guess if what they are being told to do on the pitch – the runs, the passes, the the marking, etc – is what they should commit themselves to doing.

        • Tony says:

          I take your point but had Moyes simply taken over retained the backroom and carried on as they had been used to it would not be as bad as things appear now. Who in their right mind would make changes to a winning formula? If moyes is such a good coach he should have realised the problems sooner and perhaps realised everton have the better squad.

  2. eddiemonk says:

    No way.Fellani is the only new player,even if Moyes claims he wanted others.And I’m afraid he has yet to produce any form.
    United won last season with an ordinary side in a league which was mediocre at best.I think Fergie could see the writing on the wall and would not have waited to bed in the new players required to transform their squad.
    They are like us,in desperate need of the locksmith in midfield who is going to make all the difference.Also they have a number of older players who are past their best and some younger ones who have never stepped up to the plate.
    Moyes has a sizable task on his hands and will need time to achieve what is necessary.

    • Tony says:

      They need more than a locksmith in my opinion as they have nobody of the quality of Sandro, Dembele Capoue or Paulinho in the centre. anderson, Cleverley,Jones Fellaini and giggs really can’t live up to most midfields any more. We have been saying for some time that Fergie left a sinking ship of ageing stars and now it is starting to look that way.

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