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Are Manchester United in trouble as Tottenham and Bale stand firm?

Posted on July 18, 2013 by Guest Writer

It certainly seems to me that Alex Ferguson has got out of United at the right time, the playing staff are ageing and many are on their last legs, there is trouble in the camp and even Wayne Rooney wants out, no doubt sensing problems ahead. David Moyes has moved in to take over control and whilst no fool following a great job done at Everton, many are already beginning to wonder whether the job is just too big for him. He has been about in the premiership for a long time now but has never yet won a trophy of any description and his one claim to fame is a fourth place finish and a failed attempt to win through to the Champions League proper.

Fergie began a process a few years back to bring in younger players to progress and take United on to greater triumphs, their youth system has floundered as they no longer have the pick of the bunch and that is the same in the transfer market. These days Manchester City and Chelsea in the EPL nearly always trump them with the exception of Van Persie, and we are now seeing Bayern Munich, PSG and Monaco join with Barcelona and Real Madrid in signing any of their targets. Just this week Thiago of Barcelona, their main target, decided to join Bayern rather than United, and now Rooney wants out.

Van Persie apart just who in recent seasons have United signed? no big players of any consequence, Modric went to Madrid, Thiago to Bayern while United signed the likes of Jones, Buttner and Smalling, good players but never in the mould of the United players of old.In the meantime Ferdinand, Vidic, Carrick, Giggs and Evra are all the wrong side of thirty, Young, Fletcher, Anderson, Valencia and Nani are either injured or lack any lasting form, Scholes has gone and United don’t seem to know where their next big player is coming from.

Baines and Fellaini seem realistic propositions but Gareth Bale is not, United are in transition and things do not look good at this present time, and then they would have Daniel Levy to contend with, he has not and will never forgive the Berbatov fiasco and how it ruined Tottenham’s progression at the time, it probably put them back by a couple of years and they are still seeking that centre forward with a fraction of the ability and influence that Berbatov had in that moment.

Unless something drastic happens before this transfer window closes there is nothing that changes the opinion of everybody associated with JTN that the top three places will be contested by Chelsea, City and Tottenham.




16 to “Are Manchester United in trouble as Tottenham and Bale stand firm?”

  1. Thierry says:

    Top 3 places wont just be contested by man city, chelsea and spurs whatsoever. So many people writing arsenal off, carry on, at your peril.

    • Tony says:

      Unless you sign 2 or 3 of the players you keep mentioning then everybody is right to write arsenal off, don’t you agree it is getting a little embarrassing now. apparently United would rather sell to arsenal as they don’t consider them rivals. I happen to think United also have problems and far worse than yours.

  2. Thierry says:

    I agree tony, man united seem like they will fall a little this season, the way their handling rooney is disgraceful. I dont think its embarassing mate at all, were looking at signing some top players which takes time, sick of the so called fans that are slating wenger for not spending money and its only middle of july FFS its fickle to me. We will sign some top players, mark my words, maybe not all of them but cesc will be an arsenal player, him alone will make us very strong, along with suarez or rooney or both(unlikely IMO but im told its more than possible) then we will be ready.

    • Tony says:

      most of the top players have gone, even jovetic and negredo seem to be going to city. it seems that you,napoli, chelsea, madrid and united will be scrambling over suarez,rooney, fabregas,higuain and fellaini and only higuain has been told he can leave the rest are still wanted by their club.Arsenal seem to want them all but madrid and liverpool want suarez, chelsea and united want rooney,everton and moyes want fellaini napoli and chelsea want higuian and united and barca want fabregas. good luck sorting that little lot.

  3. Thierry says:

    And yes, without any decenmt signings we wont challenge, current squad not good enough to compete on all fronts.

  4. Thierry says:

    I agree tony, but i am very confident we will get suarez or rooney, maybe both. Fabregas is already an arsenal player so im not worried about him.

  5. JL says:

    Although I hate to say this, but I think Arsenal will still be involved in the chase for top 3 cos no matter how, they have a really special manager in Wenger.

    As for united, if really depends on how Moyes fit in.. Thus the first few weeks would prove crucial for him.. Get it right and he will be moving towards the title challenge, get it wrong and he could really see himself challenging only for top 4 finishes..

    Same goes for spurs, we really need that big forward signing and prob a left back to challenge for big things.. Hopefully that will happen soon..

    • mick says:

      Spurs must get that forward of course and they surely will get Benteke now not sure about lb still seems to have faith in Benni and will give Rose a chance while they wait for Fryers to learn.

    • Tony says:

      Don’t disagree but it is now a genuine top 5 once spurs get that special forward and any of them can secure one of the spots city are a worry now as they just keep spending.

  6. tom says:

    I think that unless united get their act together you might be right.will they turn into another everton .good and strong but not quite having enough.

  7. craig says:

    I probably agree that united will not win the title this season and at the moment they might be in trouble. with 6 weeks left in the transfer market and not many of their targets willing to take the plunge everton might be getting a little worried that Jagielka, Fellaini and Baines might be their only options. I can’t see Fabregas taking a chance on them at the moment and they have no chance with Bale. I sense a club in trouble.

    • steve says:

      Only 3 of the top 5 have improved this transfer window, City, Chelsea and Tottenham and the strongest challenge will probably be from them. As for Arsenal and United it all depends on the result of this window but if Rooney leaves then given my choice for a top 4 slot it would have to be Arsenal. United might have serious problems and be heavily reliant on RVP not picking up any injury.

  8. Thierry says:

    Benteke is out the question lads. Maybe bid for suarez, oh wait that would never happen.

  9. Thierry says:

    @Steve, your saying because you have bought paulinho, you will challenge for top spots? Little bit premature mate.

    • steve says:

      I’m not saying that at all, what I said was United haven’t strengthened at all and nor Arsenal as yet, Spurs have with Paulinho as have City and Chavs. Spurs still need that striker and they are running out.

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