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Are Tottenham really missing Modric and Bale?

Posted on November 12, 2013 by Scraggs

A silly question as of course Tottenham are missing two great players as would any team in the same position, Modric was the heartbeat of the team, dictated the tempo and made everything happen while Gareth Bale was always explosive on the flanks but become much more than that and plundered twenty-six goals and created many others. Tell me any team that would not suffer in such circumstances.

Imagine Manchester City without Yaya Toure and Aguero, or Arsenal without Ozil and Ramsey, no Rooney and Robin Van Persie for United and Liverpool’s ¬†Gerrard and Suarez playing for another team. I am not talking missing from the team to rest or because of injury but gone for ever. Real Madrid without Ronaldo’s goals, why they are already missing Ozil it seems, even Barcelona without Xavi and Messi would not have been anywhere as successful in recent years.

When AVB joined Tottenham a little over a year ago he immediately lost Luka Modric and had to devise a means to cope without him, he managed that by helping to make Gareth Bale a more complete player and of more benefit to the team, he even managed to lead the team to a record points haul and what about that away victory at Old Trafford.

This summer saw the loss of twenty-six goals and the double player of the year and again Tottenham and his staff had to buy and integrate several players into the squad to try to accomadate the loss, again Tottenham are performing better in terms of points and any other statistic you care to mention other than goals for but then that defence is now pretty tough to break down with thirteen clean sheets already. At this time last season, after eleven league fixtures, Tottenham had suffered four defeats and been held to a couple of home draws, with three less points and just the one clean sheet, in the Europa League it was three draws, a win and just one clean sheet, a defeat away to Norwich before October was out in the Capital One Cup meant the end in that tournament. By this time Gareth Bale had just four goals to his name while Jermaine Defoe was top goalscorer.

So here we are a year later and Tottenham have a strong defence, better than almost all their competitors, in every game they have dominated the opposition and have the most offensive team in the country but the least prolific so far, they remain in every cup competition having won every game along the way and yet some supporters are complaining about AVB and the teams style of play. Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say and nor is a winning football team especially one shorn of their two star players and trying to bed in several new players. At this stage last season did any of us expect Gareth Bale to become the star he did and score that number of goals, I doubt anybody had him in the running for player of the year just yet.

I read articles about this so called disastrous Tottenham season and then I look at the league table and see that a single solitary win can take them to joint second and ahead of  the likes of Chelsea and United, while even now the title favourites Manchester City are a point behind us. Some Tottenham supporters seem hellbent on rocking the boat, somehow believing it seems that by now Tottenham should perhaps have lifted a trophy or two and qualified for the Champions League. Of course the expectancy at Tottenham is enormous as they are one of the most successful teams of this century having lifted the League Cup in 2008.

I find the media and a number of Tottenham supporters are making a mockery of the situation, calls for the reinstatement of Defoe and a 442 system, even the sacking of AVB, for who exactly I’m not at all sure, Juande Ramos or Christian Gross perhaps. The vitriol following the defeat to Newcastle is truly amazing and yet we can all remember days like this at the Lane, days when the keeper was outstanding and on Sunday Krul proved himself to be the most outstanding keeper since statistics began with fourteen saves from twenty-one shots on target, Christian Eriksen who I felt had a poor game based upon his poor delivery of deadballs actually created eight chances the best by far of any player this season. the supporters of Newcastle were obviously delighted with the win but for some their take on the game was that it could so easily have been a complete hiding.

Tottenham are still improving and will continue to do so, the goals will eventually come as the players bed in and grow accustomed to the Premier League. Tottenham supporters have got to start realising that the team are not deteriorating or falling from a period of domination but emerging from a long period of underachievement, they are up against teams that have dominated all the big tournaments for years and know how to win, clubs that have untold finances to attract the top players and vastly bigger turnover with which to operate. To doubt the ability of AVB is ridiculous when you consider that Pellegrini and Moyes have won far less, nothing in fact, while Mourinho is fresh from failing at the richest club in the world with the most expensive squad ever assembled.

True longstanding Tottenham supporters, those that have endured too many years looking in from the outside while the Sky Four and now City have cleaned up almost everything, will understand that Tottenham are now emerging from the shadows, support the team, AVB and his staff and a bright future is surely just around the corner, ignore all the talk of it’s now or never for top four from the media, their intention is to unsettle as they too a man will all plump for the usual culprits with Liverpool as their outside bet.

Think how every club and coach would fare without their two best players and remember that AVB actually made Tottenham better.


12 to “Are Tottenham really missing Modric and Bale?”

  1. steve says:

    Good points and just wished supporters would realise what we have.

  2. Boobaspur says:

    I think it’s trite to make too much mention of Bale and moody Modric. They’re gone. It’s not like as if they are some girlfriend, “the one”, who slipped through our collective fingers, and who we might just get back – they’re footballers.

    I always remember a back page ad I once saw advertising the Premier League which read something along the lines – “only supporters remain faithful”.

    Of course we miss the talent of two players that had fantastic skill. Two players that had lots of time to settle and become the difference between a fair or poor result and a great result. Bale was utterly brilliant last season – does that mean he would have achieved the same or better for us this season. My guess is it’s unlikely.

    I do think this article was well presented and I’m not criticising the topic.

    I was too disgusted with Sundays result to comment much on JTN and had I done so – it would have just been a maddened bark.

    Tottenham have the players – in part thanks to Bale. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen for the best of players and teams, like Sunday. But look at all the positives that are outlined in this article.

    Yes we are desperately lacking goals, but they will come. We have a very solid group that has an amazing record for not conceding. If we can maintain this backbone and start to get to grips with more clinical finishing – we will be well and truly up there come the end of the season.

    We have a couple of tough games coming up. It’s not the ideal time for wanna-be managers to start talking of drastic changes. Keep the faith and it will surely come good for us and our team.

    Were Bale and Modric still with us they would simply be unsettling the team looking for pastures greener.

    Missed ex’s usually look good once they’re gone.

    • Tony says:

      Haha so true but the point was not to be saddened by their loss but to put a fair reflection on AVB achievements. No team would not miss two of their very best players but Tottenham hav coped and got even morw points and bettet results.

      • Boobaspur says:

        That’s my point Tony and I think it was well made in this article.

        They are missed of course., but they are gone and we are moving on and up.

  3. eric says:

    On reading the heading I said to myself ”Not another negative gloom doom article” but m glad u proved me wrong.Most of us,specially the media overlooks how AVB for 2 consecutive seasons had to lose his best players and change the team accordingly,still feel he’s the right man for us and his criticisms have been very unfair

  4. tom says:

    Time Spurs supporters wised up and embraced what os goong on and gave their total commitment. As somebody mentioned earlier players come and go but supporters are forever. Now is the time to show that support and stand up and face all the Tottenham detractors.

  5. tom says:

    Where is Jide he will come up with something profound to say on this article?

  6. eddie says:

    Whilst agreeing Bale is a big loss and his protracted departure did nobody any favours,to mourn the loss of Modric is pointless.Whilst it was quite clever of Levy to wait till the last minute I felt Bale could have been more open about the situation.
    Regarding Modric he’s been gone long enough to have bedded in a suitable replacement.Eriksen I fear may be too lightweight for the rigours of the Premiership.Initially I was pleased that we got him for the price,but from what I’d seen of him,albeit in Internations,he never really impressed.I hope to be proved wrong,but feel we need someone more influential in that playmaker role.

  7. Jide says:

    I have the same view as everyone else who has commented on this article. We as fans need to move on just as these two players had.

    AVB will get it right. Of that I have no doubt now. Thanks to the likes of Tony & Eric who convinced me with their views. We just need some patience and faith in our team. COYS!

    • Eric says:

      ”Thanks to the likes of Tony & Eric who convinced me with their views.” that calls for a group hug bro.On a serious note so many infux n outflow of players since AVB took over along with losing the likes of Modric n Bale each season I feel we should given this season end and then evaluate him

    • Tony says:

      Those views are also backed up by a fair amount of fact and understanding that it takes time to build a great team to win silverware. It took Fergie 5 years to before his empire started to win things.Hoddle and Claudio Ranieri had started things already at Chelsea and City took a few years even with all their money and still only 1 fa cup and 1 title which isn’t much to show for 5 years of massive investment.I really do despair sometimes of unrealistic expectations of Spurs supporters, the 1st rule in building a top team is become hard to beat,DONE, deep squad,DONE, have flair players but remain solid,DONE and now it is just a question of bedding in a young group of talented players. Have no fear the goals will flow soon, it might take a while still and a couple of indifferent results might still follow before the team goes on a run but have confidence that it will happen. All these international breaks (this is the 3rd since the season started) allied to European travelling has prevented AVB and his coaches working with the squad for a consistent length of time. Now the european job is done and internationals will be over for while he will have more time to work with them all. there is far too much ability in this squad for this goal drought to continue much longer. At Arsenal, Everton and at home to the hammers and Norwich Tottenham had in total 75 shots at goal, the opposition in total had just 40 shots and scored 5 goals, this is not a case of a leaky Spurs defence as we well know, you can point the finger at the strikers but cannot take into account great defensive performances under constant pressure like sunday. Luck plays a part and a little piece of it will open the floadgates.

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