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Are Tottenham trying to pinch Draxler from under the noses of Arsenal?

Posted on January 24, 2014 by Random Spurs Supporter

We are by now well aware that Schalke are keen to secure the services of Lewis Holtby for the remainder of the season or perhaps on a permanent basis if they can match the fee required. Most Tottenham supporters would be reluctant to see the likeable, workmanlike and skilful Holtby leave other than for a short loan spell as they still believe that he could turn out to be a vital player for the club, however, it certainly does seem that Julian Draxler might himself  be a very special talent hence the rumours  that Arsenal seem very willing to part with as much as £35m for his services.

Now it strikes me that if Draxler is likely to be such a special player and so sought after, then he should be on the Tottenham wishlist too, he is within the financial reach of Tottenham and so should also be considered a potential target either in this window or as is more likely to be the case come the summer. Perhaps the loan of Lewis Holtby back to Schalke for the remainder of the season might enable Tottenham to gain the edge over Arsenal in any pursuit of the player, Holtby is clearly happy in general at Tottenham and has a great affinity with the fans, all of which he can relay to Draxler.

Will Draxler plump for Tottenham in the summer?

Will Draxler plump for Tottenham in the summer?

If Draxler were to leave Schalke during this transfer window you would have to think Arsenal might just about have the edge over Tottenham but come the summer things could look much different, by then Tottenham could very easily have secured a place in next seasons Champions League, Arsenal might have again finished the season empty handed and the pendulum swung back in Tottenham;s favour.

While Arsenal are being linked to some big names it is simply because they currently lead the table and because they spent big on Ozil in the last window, but in both instances this season is the exception rather than the rule, they have been also rans in every tournament for 8 years and most of the football world knows that Ozil was a panic buy because of their own supporters reaction to a non-existant summer transfer window, the defeat to Villa and the reaction to the contract negotiations with Arsene Wenger being very badly received.

It remains to be seen whether Arsenal dip their toe in the water again but the chances are that it will not be a huge investment if they do, much will probably depend upon how they fare tonight in the FA Cup and Tuesday’s league fixture at Southampton, favourable results and players escaping injury will probably convince them to stick but any problems and expect a reaction and having to pay just about whatever the selling club demands.



5 to “Are Tottenham trying to pinch Draxler from under the noses of Arsenal?”

  1. gunnersarus says:

    ooooo to be a gooner! Tottenham finishing bellow Arsenal and Arsenal not winning something is your definition of the pendulum swinging back in your favor…Hahahahaha


  2. Tony says:

    What a load of wishfull nonsense lol .well done .

    • grant says:

      bearing in mind arsenal also wanted Holtby, Paulinho and Vertonghen and they are now all Spurs players it is possible. Spurs can afford to compete at that level and let’s face it arsenal can’t promise their players trophies these days.
      don’t count spurs out of the race if they decide they want him.

  3. whlspur says:

    you goons don’t like it when you realise we are as an attractive proposition for a player as you. When we get CL football regular, and we will soon, you will have to get used to being the 2nd team in North London once again. You lot are far too arrogant and for a team that wins nothing it is not a good trait.

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