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Arsenal club shop troll Walcott!

Posted on January 19, 2014 by Guest Writer

The Arsenal club shop have started to sell t-shirts poking fun at Theo Walcott although it is not precisely clear just what point they are making, is it the fact that he has appeared in two cup finals during the course of his career with Arsenal and won neither of them, with defeats against Chelsea and worse still the soon to be relegated Birmingham, or perhaps it is because he is now about to miss two World Cup finals and appeared in no games in his career so far, despite being chosen to go to the 2006 World Cup final in Germany.

2 cup finals-0 wins. 2 World Cups 0 appearances

2 cup finals-0 wins. 2 World Cups 0 appearances

Not surprisingly this article was published by the Metro and the story is attributed to the idiot known as Jamie Sanderson, while he and the Arsenal club shop obviously felt it was hilarious to aim another dig at Tottenham supporters it is quite easily turned against their own player and whilst in any other circumstances there would be sympathy for the player it is only arsenal prolonging the agony for him with this continuing saga.

Clearly it now seems that the Metro and their sidekicks the Mirror, Sun and Mail are taking great satisfaction in aiming digs and attempted ridicule¬†Tottenham’s way but it is beginning to wear a little thin, bear in mind that the last team in North London to win a trophy was Tottenham and even though many expect that to change this season the reality is that both City and Chelsea will almost certainly finish ahead of them in the league while Bayern will put paid to their Champions League ambition, it will all very much depend on a favourable FA Cup draw if Arsenal are to stop the 9 year rot.

11 to “Arsenal club shop troll Walcott!”

  1. Eric says:

    Not sure why we should be taking such stuff so seriously

  2. Stantheman says:

    Because it’s happening all too often and needs to stop or perhaps we need a rag that actually favours Spurs other than the Jewish Chronicle.
    Childish behaviour from all at arsenal of late which is a bit silly when you think that they will probably end up empty handed AGAIN.

  3. Boobaspur says:

    Yawn – it shows Arsenals complete lack of ambition and belief they would rather try engage and provoke squabbling with us instead of set their sights a little higher and engage with real current title contenders.

    Oh no, Man City and Chelsea are too scary for Arsenal to try to contend with and so they stay well clear of those lot.

    Arsenal really are a joke, happy to be a mediocre club pretending to be one of the big boys.

    Why don’t they direct their energy and focus where they ought to – although saying that, if Spurs are doing enough to make the Goon lot take their eye off the prize, then we are already winning.

  4. top gunner says:

    spurs its funny after spending 110M you want tobe were the gunner at

  5. top gunner says:

    i googled the last time spurs finished a head of wenger as a coach and google just blocked me for asking oblivious questions

  6. Luke McGregor says:

    Stop moaning about Arsenal and start concentrating on Tottenham. Arsenal are definitely winning if Articles are being written about them on Just Tottenham!
    Arsenal spend next to nothing year on year. Tottenham spend incredible amounts yet fall behind Arsenal every year.
    As a Tottenham fan, you shouldn’t be bragging about getting into the Champions League once, then only reaching the quarter final.

    • dan says:

      Oh dear it seems that the gooners like to give it but can’t take it in return. Arsenal spend next to nothing! don’t make me laugh Spurs have spent ¬£16m net. less than you in last 5 years incl.that ¬£100m last summer.
      one attempt one quarter final how many efforts have you lot had and only got further just the twice. In fact in the last three years you haven’t even got that far and don’t look like doing so again this year. So thinking about it in the last 4 years Spurs have been further than any other North London club with just the one attempt. Puts your worthlessness in the competition into perspective doesn’t it.

      • Tony says:

        Well said. Cannot believe the gooners even have the nerve to bring up a competition they enter and fail in every year and are actually getting worse at. Spurs actually got to semi final in their othwr participation. Thats a decent record . Goonets arw never lkwly to win it now better they move over and let a team who knows how to win in Europe take over. Haha.

      • Tony says:

        Can that be true? oops yes it is and they have the cheek to try and ridicule the most successful team in North London of the past 9 years.

  7. Luke McGregor says:

    I’m sure Arsenal will move over, if Tottenham EVER earn more points than Arsenal. Tottenham have 15 points from diving and winning penalties and Tottenham are still wayyyyy behind the league leaders. Tottenham may one day overcome the gulf between the two sides, but with the current state they’re in it’s going to take a lot to fix such a shambles.

    • Tony says:

      What you mean the one point gulf of the last 2 seasons. Dont kid yourselves into thinking this season will be any different to the last 8 another empty handed season coming up. Our current state has us level in 4th so its probably as well for you we have had such a bad season because otherwise you would be looking up at us.

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