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Posted on May 08, 2013 by Tony

Dangerously the Arsenal keeper Szczesny has opened his big mouth and helped AVB prepare his teamtalk for the vital fixture against Chelsea this evening. I am sure that players would accept a little banter and comments aimed at competitors gaining an edge by imposing additional pressure on the them, but yet again this rather average keeper has been a little personal in his condemnation of the quality of player that Tottenham possess.

Every Tottenham player will have read or heard his comments , AVB certainly has and no doubt he will remind them when encouraging a perfomance this evening. For far too long Tottenham have failed to finish above Arsenal in the league which is especially hard to take as for the past two seasons they have been inferior to Tottenham, last year only Robin Van Persie saved them with a ridiculous amount of goals and especially late winning goals, this year is a little more surprising as I cannot think of a single Arsenal player that could take their place in the Tottenham team save for Wilshere who has been injured for the majority of the season.

Tottenham supporters and now Tottenham players would presumably like nothing more than for Szczesny to suffer the indignity of failure and for the final Champions League position to elude him, it will not be finally decided tonight whatever the result but a positive result, and by that I mean a win, would leave destiny firmly in the hands of the Tottenham squad going into the final two fixtures of the season.


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