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Arsenal players Spurs obsession or fear factor?

Posted on February 11, 2014 by Tony

Throughout the season Arsenal players have for some strange reason been trying to grab attention from the media and their own fanbase by talking about Tottenham or their players at regular intervals, we have spoken at length about the pathetic incitement of Walcott to the Tottenham fans during the FA Cup, that was bad enough but it had started much earlier than that.

Frimpong had for a couple of seasons been fond of winding up their North London neighbours but presumably now that he has found himself surplus to requirements and dropped down to the Championship by signing for Barnsley, perhaps now he has found his level he will refrain from posting sarcastic comments.

The Arsenal keeper Wojciech Szczesny is a serial offender having much to say for himself in relationship to Tottenham for years, this season he quickly took to the social network when City put six past Tottenham before suffering the same indignity himself as was the case with five goals from Liverpool to against both clubs. He followed up the Walcott windup with a picture also intended to ridicule Tottenham.

Santi Cazorla and ex-player Pires posted a picture aimed at Tottenham ridicule, the words used and the action itself eventually meant Arsenal themselves were embarrased enough to force them to issue an apology, a hollow action in all honesty and who really believes they didn’t know what was written on the sheet of paper they held up.

Yesterday the usual suspects printed stories suggesting that Giroud had asked Hugo Lloris to join Arsenal and incredibly reported that apparently Lloris was up for the move! Just why would Giroud even be volunteering stories about another clubs player? does he have so little faith in their existing keepers especially Szczesny, we know that Fabianski has had enough and intends to leave the club in the summer but to even suggest that Lloris might be an option or that Daniel Levy would ever consider such a move is simply ridiculous.

Why this obsession? my guess is that for the past couple of seasons Arsenal have struggled to pip Tottenham in the league and in all honesty have been the inferior team with no stars to compete with the likes of Bale, Modric, Ledley King and Van de Vaart, now with their own star purchased for £43m and a good season behind them, including a realistic challenge for the title, they seem to be using that unexpected advantage to rub our noses in it. With a couple of recent hidings and a run of games coming up that will test them to the limit they might yet regret speaking too much, most expect to see them exit from all competitions as they head for another season empty handed.

Judging from many of the comments being made on Arsenal websites recently some of their star  players might be better served training and trying to improve as individuals rather than look to interfere in all things Tottenham, Giroud, Ozil and even their one time boy wonder Wilshere are all taking stick from their own. Though the gap is probably too big to make up with just thirteen games to go, it is only eight points with Arsenal due a trip to the Lane next month so you never really know, Arsenal have pulled it back in each of the past two seasons so why not us!

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