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Arsenal rival Real Madrid for the title of “Biggest Underachievers”.

Posted on October 17, 2013 by Scraggs

Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis took the opportunity to make fun of Tottenham at the club’s annual general meeting on Thursday,

In answer to a shareholder’s question over the promotion of NBC’s Premier League coverage in the United States, Gazidis mocked Spurs for the £80million sale of Gareth Bale to Real Madrid.

“It is a tremendous development for the Premier League that NBC is involved as heavily as it is and promoting the Premier League in the way that it is,” said Gazidis, who was the former deputy commissioner of the Major Soccer League.

“It is also true that there are Gareth Bale posters plastered all over Times Square – unfortunately he doesn’t play for Tottenham Hotspur (any more), he now plays for one of our rivals.”

How hilarious and those same morons who were shouting and screaming, demanding his and Wenger’s resignation are now calling him a legend.gaz fear

The funny part of this story is that there is some truth, however minute, Arsenal really do have a rivalry with Real Madrid but only in that they are two of the greatest underachievers in the world of football, for 8 years and counting that fantastic coach Arsene Wenger has led Arsenal to a couple of Emirates Cup wins, Birmingham in the midst of a relegation season got the better of them in what they consider the “meaningless” cup AND that’s yer lot. How Wenger is still lauded as a great coach is ridiculous and obviously untrue, he is a decent coach and a relic of the past at best.

Real Madrid have fared a little better as they have after all actually won the Champions League, but not for eleven years despite spending billions on players in that time, they have also picked up a Copa del Rey and a title in the last five seasons, not a great deal though in what was traditionally a two team league.

Arsenal can make fun if that’s how they get their kicks but make the most of it because Tottenham are coming for you, if finishing fourth is the height of your ambition so be it, to beat Tottenham by a single point in the last couple of seasons has cost them almost double the wage bill and as a team operating on much more revenue can count themselves fortunate up until now.

It’s a close run thing but at least Madrid have some silverware to speak of recently, a losing Carling Cup final to Birmingham remains the highlight of that so called “big club” Arsenal’s past eight seasons. Unfortunately a word that Arsenal supporters love to use when talking about Tottenham ambition springs to mind when Arsenal F.C  players, supporters, directors and coaches speak of Arsenal being a big club that others fear, that word is DELUDED, deluded if you believe that after eight years of winning nothing, challenging for nothing and being content with fourth place in any way represents a big club, it doesn’t.

Bill Nicholson said, ‘It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory.’ To Dare is To Do. That’s what Tottenham still live by after all these years and when compared against the financial might of every team that finished ahead of them last season they are proving it by over achieving every season.

Give me Daniel Levy every time over the buffoons at Arsenal, even when the pressure was on and Madrid were playing their dirty tricks he kept his calm and said nothing, he simply made them pay in cold hard cash.

24 to “Arsenal rival Real Madrid for the title of “Biggest Underachievers”.”

  1. the spiral says:

    i take your point but they did finish within 4 points from winning the title and have reached 3 finals so they have challenged just not well enough

    • Tony says:

      nobody remembers losers and nearly is not good enough as arsenal supporters keep reminding us.the point is though that gazidis took a cheap shot and is so far off the mark and has absolutely nothing to brag about. how can they be rivals with madrid? for what? both win very little and arsenal never in europe, madrid not since 2002.

  2. mick says:

    him and wenger are such smug cretins can’t wait for it all to fall apart again.

  3. Eric says:

    A decade ago we were mid table n they were competing for titles n look where we both are now.He isn’t worth discussing

  4. macgooner says:

    Sorry we reached a champions league final which we were very unlucky to lose considering we played one of the greatest teams in the world for most of the game with ten men have challenged for the premier league a few times an lost league cup finals all this while going through or transition period now we’re out of it we can attract the sort of players ye could only dream of. Dont compare us to madrid because they have spent millions more than us which by the way so have ye but now things have changed the atmosphere around arsenal is positive so keep out the way and in or shadow as ye will also be

    • Tony says:

      It was your man gazidis who compared you to madrid not us that is the point of the article, gazidis has a bloody nerve and has nothing, and i mean nothing to brag about after years of lack of you are another taken in by the ozil panic signing to secure wengers new contract. we already have players you can only dream of ,don’t keep considering yourselves so superior there has only been a one point difference for two years, 5/6 years ago it was 45 points. you are doing better than expected but let’s see what happens when you play some of the other teams around you, then we can judge. keep out the way are you mad we are coming through sooner rather than later and when we do watch out because with the turnover you have Spurs will be dangerous and will have far greater ambition than you.

  5. johnjoe says:

    Tony go away and write another article about racking up the goals and you say ye are not deluded. If ozil is a panic buy than what a fucking panic buy he is still adjusting to premier league wait till he hits top form and with flamini ramsey carzola walcott all supporting him we are probably boasting the best midfield in league at moment

    • Tony says:

      3 points ahead dont get so carried away you havnt played any big teams yet and faced us at early stage of development.playing well no doubt but lets see what happens whrn you face a potent strike force and midfield.

    • Tony says:

      Yeah we were the best last year and won nothing and finished 5th.dont be so confident just yet wait till march at least.

    • tom says:

      So there you have it arsenal are playing the best football.spurs are struggling and stiil gelling as a team and yet arw just three points behind.which team should be most concerned do you think?

  6. Jide says:

    I have given up worrying about the Woolwich gooners. As I have said before, they are the biggest turncoats football has even been unfortunate to see. A week before Ozil was bought, they wanted Wenger and their board out, suddenly, he is the best manager in the world! As for that smug Gaziidis, if he feels that the extent of their ambition is to rival Madrid, it says all you need to know about the gooners, Classless.

    • Tony says:

      You would think that a few of their supporters would see it but no. The gooners have actually spent less than they have done in the last 3transfer windows when they were accused of having no ambition. Ozil is a class above their usual but not enough to change the outcome of the season but could ensure fourth.still dont see any silverware for them.

  7. Pudoh says:

    Jide and tony to say the truth u worry too much…if arsenal is classless then no team is near classs at all..well dats ur own shit top eat..i hav read u guys call ozil a panic buy lol i dont mind to hav such panic buys come every transfer window..even after 50yrs from now u can neva match the arsenal calss not even eith the help of a sugar daddy…lol erickson compared with ozil were is he now? Yu guys got loads of below and average players u tink re stars..dembele is just average..mention ur full team average..keep the race because united will surely come bak…one panic buy vs 7 early buys…who is behind who…wait until we meet u with ozil

    • Tony says:

      You really have no idea. we dont need a sugar daddy or champions league money.wr pay seventy million less in wages and finished ONE point behind you for last two seasons. That is class and quality and true abilit. You will be in real trouble once we finish in top gour this season and win a trophy while arsenal finish aiming for fourthand no silvetware just like always.sad unambitious underachievers and that is a fact.

      • Caleb says:

        Don’t really get the reason you put the wages in there. I have to say for the wages you pay it is weird how it is so close when on paper we should be points ahead. But in comparison our revenue is much larger then tottenhams

    • Jide says:

      Here we go again. Pudoh, you have just confirmed everything I have said about you Woolwich gooners! You cannot stay out of Spurs business. Ozil is a brilliant player, any Spurs fan will agree with that. But like the typical classless gooner fan, you are, you just cannot help yourself but be nasty about our players. I will accept the usual banter about our respective teams, but players is a no no for me.

      As I keep saying, we will see how ‘good’ a team you lot are after the next two months. We will be ahead of you this season. I have no doubt about that. COYS!

      • Tony says:

        You are so right. All their players are worldirs and ours are avetage.its pathetic they still cant see jusy one point has separated the teams previous two seasond. Not looking so good in CL after tonight with away trips to germany anf italy.see you on thursday nigjts in europa i will laugh.

      • Caleb says:

        This is purely a reflection of some delusional arsenal fans. Spurs have some quality players like paulinho, dembele, Sandro, eriksen. I have been massively impressed by all of these. I’m sure soldado will come good but from what I’ve seen I can’t put him in the same bracket as the other four. Vertonghen was great last year and is still a cracking player but he has been at fault for most of the goals spurs have conceded. Still class though.

        • Tony says:

          only conceded five incl. 3 against the hammers when the first 2 were rebounds. Vertonghen is our best defender and Walker is close behind despite all the negativity he gets.

          • Caleb says:

            I agree that vertonghen has been your bst defender but he has been at fault for the few goals you have conceded. Walker is one of the best right backs, great going forward and with his pace he is good enough at defending

          • Tony says:

            Walker has been very underestimated especially by Spurs supporters which I find odd, his stats and defensive qualities have been excellent and tell me a player that doesn’t make the odd mistake.

    • tom says:

      Oh dear what happened tonight. That result probably means that you will be playing on thursday in the same european competition as us.Thats class haha

  8. Jide says:

    I must be Nostradamus!

    Do need to say anymore?! Well…well. It’s just the start for the Woolwich gooners.

    Rivals to Madrid! Ha ha!

  9. Jide says:

    Thank Goodness. We will hear less of the likes of macgooner, johnjoe, Pudoh et al for the next few days! Typical turncoats! Ha ha!

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