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Arsenal support turns on Ozil and Wenger.

Posted on February 08, 2014 by Eddie S

Mention Arsenal on this site and we are inundated with abuse and condemnation from the red side of North London yet when Tottenham suffer a humiliating defeat watch the ridicule that heads our way from the Arsenal supporters who just like us love to see our neighbours fail. When Arsenal players like Frimpong , now shown the door,  Szczesny who quickly jumped onto Twitter to ridicule our 6-0 defeat at City and one or two others attempt to wind us up then when the opportunity arises that the same thing happens to Arsenal then it is only reasonable for them to expect ridicule in return. Today Arsenal were battered by the same five goals by Liverpool, four of them in the first 19 minutes,  just like the six at the Etihad the same hiding was handed out to Arsenal.

Just as we have been reporting on JTN since very early in the season we believe that the signing of Ozil was always a panic buy rather than a considered and sensible purchase and here is a small sample of the comments now appearing on Arsenal sites and placed there by there own supporters:-

“People might say I am a OZIL basher, but guys,I can’t just sit backand admire him when he absolutely gives us nothing, his so called assists are nonexistent, he is a liability defensively, he goes missing in all matches and you can hardly notice him.”

“Ozil- physicality of a 12 year old, attitude poor, work rate poor, big game performances shocking. I used to love this guy as a player but he’s doing nothing to endear himself to us at present. Starting to see why Real let him go “

There are also many more comments in relation to Arsene Wenger as once again his ability as a coach is again brought into question, the same Arsenal fans who up until very recently seemed to believe all the hype surrounding a genuine title challenge simply because they spent an exhorbitant sum on a single player, a player who many are now doubting is actually worth anything like £43m. Of course it’s not over and the dream for Arsenal goes on but here at JTN we said as long ago as the 3rd September how it would go for both Arsenal and Manchester United, so far the expectations suggested then are proving to be fairly accurate.

“Wenger is a clown plain and simple.

I have said it during good times and Isay again now – Ozil is over rated panic buy”

“We had enough of USELESS WENGER CLASS STYLE OF PLAYING injected into the team.. and won nothing. Get the Hell out Wenger. This opinion is not based on today’s match.. I felt you should be kicked out right when you signed Ozil. What a  trick it was to shut our fan’s mouths.”

It’s not over until the fat lady sings as they say, but recent heavy defeats might just have concentrated the minds of many Arsenal fans to the fact that the club has once again sold them short in the transfer market and another season of failure awaits them.


7 to “Arsenal support turns on Ozil and Wenger.”

  1. Jide says:

    What goes around comes around. It’s typical Woolwich gooner attitude. At least their keeper with the big gob will keep it shut for a few days. Also we will have some peace here as well. The classless lot. No one is surprised. When a club as big as Madrid lets a player like Ozil leave, there has to be a reason, and the mugs that bought an expensive flop? The same team that bought a crock with a bad back! Woolwich gooners! Haha.

    • grant says:

      Couldn’t agree more, Ozil was released as he didn’t fit and failed to ignite the team to success. £43m was an absolute joke and the moans from within have been growing for weks. Poor passing and brushed off the ball led to at least 2 Liverpool goals.
      Great to see the big mouth keeper being made to look a complete numpty.

    • Tony says:

      Normally the gooners are on here in numbers whining and moaning as well as defending their team and coach. This time they are conspicuous by their absence. Finally the penny has dropped, Eriksen at a quarter of the price and 3 years younger was the best buy by a mile, Ozil was an overpriced panic purchase only bought to con support into accepting a new Wenger contract. Arsenal lack any ambition beyond qualifying for the CL.and by the end of the month that will be all they have left to play for. 9 years a loser.

  2. Wandering Yid says:

    What’s the saying “Karma is a Bitch”

    Ha Ha Ha Ha

  3. Boobaspur says:

    Ozil – last 8 matches

    0 goals
    2 assists
    4 subs

    I said not long ago that Ozil didn’t want to be an Arsenal player. It wasn’t gooner hating from me.

    Just stating what most of the goon lot must have seen today.

    I’m so glad I tuned in for that match early today and to be honest, Arse got off lightly, it could and should have been 8 or 9. Easily 6 by 19 minutes, which was “only” 4 by then.

    Stevie G must have been feeling sorry for that joke team to hand them a free shot at goal.

    Title contenders – that’s hilarious.

    They can’t do anything against the big teams contending for the title.
    If they manage 3rd they will have over accomplished.

    • Tony says:

      How many times have we said on this site that come the end of February all Arsenal have left to play for is top four? it’s going to happen again. £43m was always an absolute joke for a lightweight like Ozil, the intensity of the premier league over 38 games was never for him, he will have exceptional periods but he hasn’t the work rate of a modric for example.

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