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Arsenal supporters finally lose the plot and hope Tottenham win!

Posted on January 26, 2014 by Guest Writer

I cannot ever recall Arsenal supporters actually hoping that Tottenham win any sort of fixture ever but it seems that they have finally reached that point of desperation, been overcome by the lofty position they currently find themselves in and after eight years of faling to win any sort of silverware are driven to looking from a helping hand from Tottenham, if you don’t believe it just take a look at this recent story appearing on one of their own sites and relish some of the comments some have made.

As things currently stand Arsenal are probably in as good a position to win the league as they have been in many years and are clutching at as many straws as they possibly can, but hoping for a Tottenham win over City must be about as desperate a situation as they have ever been in. Unfortunately if Arsenal fail to beat Southampton on  Tuesday that wish might just have to be reconsidered very quickly as a Tottenham win might well see the gap between the two North London clubs close to just five points with a visit to the Lane for them to worry about not too far off, that should concentrate their minds a little more and perhaps begin to chip away at their arrogant belief that they are so superior.

Andros Townsend and his Dad did us proud today when making the draw for the next round of the FA Cup, pitching City against Chelsea and the gooners against Liverpool right in the middle of February when they all have important league fixtures and three of them Champions League knockout stages to play.

We Tottenham supporters are not so arrogant as to believe that we have an all conquering team that has a right to expect to challenge for the big competitions, but we do believe that we have a very good team and a bigger, better squad than for many a year, one that is capable of springing big surprises and beating the very best teams on their day. We are perhaps once again starting to believe that the gap between Tottenham and Arsenal is still going to be closer than many might have been expecting.

The fight for fourth place, or perhaps even a little higher, goes on as we hope that the results this week go our way, then the reaction from all gooners will change dramatically, irrespective of what happens there will still remain other opportunities to cause upsets before this season is over.



10 to “Arsenal supporters finally lose the plot and hope Tottenham win!”

  1. Bob says:

    you have got to laugh and some of their smug arrogant comments are hilarious. Love the 4 1 2 1 2 formation suggested by one of their fans and the fact that they leave Wilshire out of their team.

    • tom says:

      Some hilarious comments and saw the new formation, might just be a little narrow for some games but let’s hope they play that way fro the rest of the season. Just about sums up some of these gooner supporters, never played the game and just started to support the club when they began winning things. wonder how much longer they will wait for success before they jump ship? suspect as soon as they fall out of CL it will start to disintegrate.

  2. Jide says:

    The wailing of nutters! They would do or say anything when their smug arrogant backsides are on the line. Even sell their mothers if it will win them silverware. They are that desperate. Gooners! I’m i surprised? No. We owe that lot nothing. We win for ourselves. Nothing more.

    Good work by Andros and his dad this afternoon, I did not follow the draw, but I was just hoping it worked out as it did. Pitch the lot of them against the other. Fantastic work Andros.

    I sincerely hope that we win on Wednesday even if it ends up being to the advantage of that arrogant lot. I will not sell my soul for seven pieces of silver like the Woolwich gooners!

  3. tom says:

    Invincibles49 January 26, 2014 at 12:08 pm
    If you are given two choices, what would you go for :

    1. Spurs finishing top 4.
    2. Liverpool finishing top 4.
    How about both to finish in top four at expense of Arsenal and Chelsea, lovely jubbly.
    Just seen the 4 1 2 1 2 formation. If given 2 choices what would you go for
    1 has no idea about football, or
    2 has no idea about football.

  4. Eric says:

    Some of the comments cracked me up like anything

    • Tony says:

      They keep saying that we are obsessed with them but the feeling is obviously mutual. Lets hope we start to turn the screw on them a bit more.

    • Tony says:

      It sounds like many of them have turned against Jack the lad these days just like they will against Wenger if they win nothing again this season. The pressure is on now they have spent big money on a superstar. They say that we always crack leading up to the final hurdle so let’s see how they handle the pressure when it comes to winning something, they handle finishing in top 4 but actually winning is something the last 8 years has proved they can’t deal with.

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