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Arsenal turn to plans H J and K to try to hold off Tottenham.

Posted on August 19, 2013 by Guest Writer

If anyone has been reading the comments made by most Arsenal supporters up until recently you would have expected that they would have been welcoming three or four marquee signings  to the Emirates to make their debuts on Saturday, instead a young French striker sat on the bench fresh from the French second division and who arrived for the princely sum of zilch.

The furious reaction of the Arsenal supporters to Saturdays result and performance has set alarm bells ringing and they seem set to turn to Swansea and Newcastle to bail them out with reported offers for Williams and Michu of Swansea and Cabaye of Newcastle. Having left it so late in the window and with very little opportunity for the clubs involved to replace their vital players it will be necessary for Arsenal to pay well over the odds to have a chance of landing their targets, when they said that they had £70m to spend a month or so back nobody expected that almost all of it would need to spent on three players from those two clubs.

Various JTN articles have mentioned and ridiculed the Arsenal links to various transfer targets and it should not be necessary to list them again but I just cannot help myself, just to remind everybody, they seemed assured of bringing in Rooney, Higuain, Fellaini, Fabregas, Suarez, Gustavo, Bernard and Williams but so far have managed to ditch more than seventeen players, most for no return and many on loan having failed to make the grade, they have though managed to retain the services of Nicklaus Bendtner.

Those three players will cost Arsenal the best part of £65m if they can even persuade their clubs to let them go and they are a million miles away from the quality of player they were hoping to attract. Of course Arsenal have some decent players but if it wasn’t clear to every pundit with an Arsenal connection and their fans before Saturday it is clear now that they are further away from a title challenge than at any time in the last nine years.

Manchester United were ruthless on Saturday against what was a very poor defensive display from Swansea, that includes Williams who was lost against Van Persie, the result was conclusive but once the seasons rigours start to set in and some of the older players find themselves having to miss games to rest then I believe they too will suffer a little. United are still seeking reinforcements and today’s report of a bid for Baines and Fellaini is no surprise and has been expected for weeks. Everton have dismissed the bid as derisory and is believed to be £10m for Baines, a figure turned down weeks ago, and £18m for Fellaini which is a full £5m less than the amount in  his release clause which has now expired! Clearly it will take far more than that for Everton to even consider parting with their players and that sum will surely have to hit £40m or more.

Tottenham and Liverpool are probably more encouraged than ever by this summers lack of investment from United and Arsenal as they have both done well  themselves and look to have improved, Suarez now seems set to stay at Liverpool but by not leaving it  has also had a detrimental effect on Arsenal who had counted on buying him, the situation with Tottenham and Bale is still at the moment unresolved and could yet turn out to be good news for their ambition.

I fully expect the tabloids to link Bale with United once again but clearly that is never going to happen.



4 to “Arsenal turn to plans H J and K to try to hold off Tottenham.”

  1. JL says:

    Can’t believe this was the same situation we faces 3-4 seasons and how the arse fans ridicule us.. How the tide has change.. Hopefully we can finish above them this season and aid in their fall from grace.. Lol..

    • Tony says:

      Liverpool might well be a bigger challenge than Arsenal this season, cannot believe that they ahve only offered £10m for Cabaye as PSG were talking more than double that recently.

  2. tom says:

    let the panic buys begin.By the way have you heard from the arsenal fan Thierry yet? his predictions on arsenal buys look like prpr dreams as to said.

  3. craig says:

    the beginning of the end for wenger. No top player will go to them their level has dropped below the likes of Spurs and Liverpool

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