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As confidence returns so too Tottenham ambition.

Posted on December 19, 2014 by Scraggs

Following an average performance at home to Crystal Palace followed by defeat at Besiktas that left the likelihood of a disastrous draw in the knockout stages of the Europa League, there was a  feeling of doom and gloom from the media(no surprise there), but also from some of the supporters of Tottenham. Despite Pochettino only having been in the job for a matter of weeks, the season began on the 16th August, that’s 4 months or 17 weeks or 120 days, whichever way you look at it no time at all, there were some actually already calling for his head and actually wishing we had stuck with Tim Sherwood!

Nobody yet knows whether the appointment of Mauricio Pochettino was an inspired decision that eventually brings the success that we all crave, or whether he will go the same way of others in our recent past and falls short, but we, every one of us, from Owner,  Board, Directors, coaches, players and supporters simply have to give him some time and by that I mean a couple of years minimum.

Fortunately a hard-fought victory at Swansea, not lucky as some might have us believe, but a real team effort that finally turned the tide in the final 15 minutes that resulted in a late goal and three points won, and on Wednesday victory in the last eight of the Capital One Cup that might ultimately lead  to a visit to Wembley later in the season. Two very different games, two very different displays, but both equally important and resulting in very important wins.

On the road the players have already shown many times that they are capable of battling it out and are capable of getting the result needed, at White Hart Lane it has been a different story as other than the performance against QPR most other games have been rather more tepid with the team finding it difficult to find momentum and pace to their game, against Everton there were some signs of improvement, against Newcastle on Wednesday there were lots more signs that the team were finally getting to grips with the way Pochettino wants the team to play, the way the fans want with fluency and flowing,exciting pacy attacking verve, we don’t even mind a few defensive headaches as that is the Tottenham way, just a few less would be appreciated.

At the end of all that we have been rewarded with a couple of very acceptable draws in both cup competitions with Fiorentina in europe and Sheffield United in the Capital One, neither are “gimmes” but are both winnable and far, far better than what might have been.

With victory and cup progression comes confidence and that is borne out from player comments, all are what we want to hear without going overboard, Vertonghen has talked up the ability of Christian Eriksen, still only 22 yrs of age and a player surely destined for great things, he has added work rate and strength to his repertoire, against Swansea he ran for 13.2 km, even further than Harry Kane. Super Jan is also talking up his partnership with Fazio and only sees it improving.

Roberto Soldado still believes that he will find the form needed, meaning goals, to turn his time at Tottenham around and rightly talks of the fantastic support still afforded him by Tottenham fans, more importantly he has not given up on challenging for a top four place this season.

One of the most improved players this season and one of the most level-headed has been Nabil Bentaleb, he did do well last season but was probably over exposed and  suffered a little from the “Sherwood” factor, this season he has if anything improved and looks a massive presence in central midfield, he has spoken with the media following his first senior goal for the club and has also stated that the entire squad still believe that top four remains a realistic target, I like the words that he chose and the fact that he owes Tim Sherwood a debt of gratitude,

“Most of the credit I have is for him. I will be forever grateful to him. I have found my position at Tottenham but you are never safe. This is football and you always have to fight.”

“I think the top four is realistic this season,” Bentaleb said. “We are in December and we are still in the game. We are not far from it. It will all be played out in the second part of the season. We don’t really fear anyone. We know that if we play at our best we can cause a very big problem to any team in the Premier League – to Chelsea or Manchester City. If we focus on ourselves, we will go far. The good thing about this team is that we don’t know what is our limit. We know we can be better but we don’t know the limit.”

“We know we can be better but don’t know the limit” are the words which excite, just how far can this group go? add a new signing or two, players that can make a difference and the future might be very bright and that is what I intend to take from what I am beginning to see and hear.

If it all comes to nothing more than a decent challenge in all competitions I can handle that for a while if we get to see more football like the other night at the Lane. I have supported Tottenham long enough to know it might all come to nothing but just like you never change your allegiance you must always believe that better is around the corner, I still have that belief and though the amount fluctuates from time to time the strength, hunger and ability of the youngsters now emerging at Tottenham should give us hope even if it takes a while for them to find the experience and ruthlessness to win when it really matters.

The future is bright, the future is Lillywhite.

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  1. tom says:

    I love the fact that Bentaleb knows Spurs are a good team and are improving, it’s a case of how good they can become over time.

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