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As Real Madrid falter pressure on Bale increases.

Posted on September 30, 2013 by Scraggs

Gareth Bale was clearly pleased to complete his transfer to Real Madrid, but just four weeks into the move Madrid already find themselves five points behind their fiercest rivals Barcelona and their neighbours Atletico Madrid. Things might have been far worse had they not been awarded a dubious last minute penalty against Elche last week  and when I say dubious I actually mean a disastrous refereeing decision, without that they would have been looking at a seven point deficit after just seven fixtures. Villarreal slipped up unexpectedly over the weekend and would have pushed Madrid down to fourth place had they won.

1 Barcelona 7 21
2 Atletico Madrid 7 21
3 Real Madrid 7 16
4 Villarreal 7 14
5 Athletic Bilbao 6 12
6 Valencia 7 12


For Gareth Bale and Madrid it is still early days of course, there is a certain amount of work to be done to find a team to deliver results, but this is one of the biggest most established teams in Spain and they are already underperforming.Last season Real Madrid then coached by Mourinho made a big fuss about buying Tottenham’s star player at the time Luka Modric, they managed to but late into the transfer window and for something like £33m, Modric by mid season was voted the worst buy of the season and Madrid went on to win absolutely nothing.

Modric has managed to win over most of his detractors and is now putting in some good performances though is still not a regular in the team, Gareth Bale faces far bigger problems, he comes with a price tag of £86m, the biggest transfer fee ever paid and with that comes incredible responsibility to the team and his new club. Ronaldo is still producing the goods and the goals while Bale has hardly been on the pitch and is clearly unfit, his own fault for feigning injury at Tottenham.

We already know that the Madrid public were upset with the departure of Ozil caused by the purchase of Bale and will be demanding immediate results and success, the Copa Del Rey will no longer suffice as with two players in their ranks costing £80m or more they would be entitled to expect the league title and the Champions League trophy. It is essential that Bale gets games and soon and he will have to perform immediately, poor performances and results will not be tolerated for long nor will the Madrid public expect the team to be languishing in third place and rightly so.

Real Madrid travel to Barcelona for the first of their confrontations this season on the 27th October and that might be the point when the season unfolds for them one way or another, victory with Bale in the side will boost moral, defeat and the knives will be out for Bale and Perez as the perceived perpetrators of all that is wrong at the club.

It is still hard to understand just why Bale was a must have for Madrid at this time and how they were taken for £86m, Gareth Bale is good but that is a ridiculous sum of money for one player no matter how good.

Ancelotti is in the coaching hotseat and has the task of finding a way to integrate two players that most would consider similar, it’s not simply a question of alternating or picking the better of the two based upon performance, Ronaldo is the acknowledged star player while Gareth Bale has come with a world record price tag, already Bale is having to play second fiddle concedeing every free kick within range to his senior and that diminishes his worth to the team. with so many expensive stars in their ranks if results continue to go against them then pressure will build.


12 to “As Real Madrid falter pressure on Bale increases.”

  1. Eric says:

    Bale isn’t our player just like gallas caulker dempsey etc so the purpose of this article defies any logic.He was great for us but the obsession has to stop.We are doing something great here n will have things to worry ourselves so let’s keep the past in the past.(Dont intend to criticise Scraggs cause I loved ur other articles so far but let this one be a by gone)

    • Admin says:

      Point taken but Real Madrid, like it or more likely loathe it, have been instrumental in Levy, AVB and Tottenham being able to create this squad,having helped build what we hope is a successful club what might be more enjoyable than seeing them fail yet again ( nothing personal against Bale but he did work his exit) It won’t become a regular thing but most Tottenham supporters would like to see RM the club embarrass themselves yet again and we shall endeavour to highlight those moments. Scraggs informs me this wasn’t just about Bale but more the unhealthy environment he has bought into.

  2. eric says:

    Considering we ended with a net profit despite getting some wonderful players I do agree that Madrid have helped us no matter what the media says about we being bullied n all.Its as if we won some lottery

    • Tony says:

      If Madrid had offered only £40/£50m I believe Levy would have made them wait but the sum eventually agreed was a no brainer for any club save for the mega rich. Levy has secured Tottenham’s future as a major force for years to come and made a profit. You can bet your bottom dollar that Levy will even get the majority of the stadium paid for by others, if they get into the CL and win something they will be falling over themselves to put their names forward for the stadium naming rights. Seven excellent players, most young and with the best years ahead of them, in return for one player who is alwaus likely to miss some games through injury( he has every season so far) and cannot always be guaranteed to produce. Is there anyone who doesn’t believe we are stronger for his exit? three transfer windows £165m of talent brought in and almost £8m up, still sitting on the transfer funds ready for January and the summer.

  3. lou says:

    madrid deserve everything that comes their way and at the moment it looks like it will much as it was last seaon only this time 3rd place.a bit like chelsea just who will take over a poisoned chalice if Ancelloti is sacked.suppose there is always someone who thinks they will be the one and you can bet AVB will be at the top or close to if he does as well this season as we expect him to. hope though that he will look to complete a real job by turning Spurs into CL challengers next.

  4. whlspur says:

    good timing it started today in the Spanish press including marca of all papers. Unless teams cater for Bales ability it probably won’t work. AVB set it all up for bale unlike harry and reaped the benefit in full, unless Madrid do the same, and that won’t happen with Ronaldo there, cannot see it working. bale was worth that money to spurs but not to a club like Madrid.

  5. Eric says:

    He gave us 7 parting gifts so I just can’t despise him for leaving,hope he gets on well

  6. Jide says:

    We must hold on to AVB at all costs. Spurs is not a feeder club to Madrid. They can’t keep coming back to say jump! and we keep saying how high?

    Moving forward is not just about players and how much government backed clubs like Madrid can afford to pay, we need a decent manager as well.

    • tom says:

      hundred percent agree but money talks. If things go to plan this season AVB will still have the 3rd year of his 3 yr deal to have stab at champions league. After a couple of concecutive season in it levy will have Spurs punching as one of the big clubs.

  7. Boobaspur says:

    Oh I do shudder to think what that stadium naming rights might leave us with, probably named after a pair of runners or a fizzy drink – lets hope not.

    As for the subject of Bale – I personally am interested to hear the take on his footballing fortunes here, for another little while at least. Modric can go suck an egg.

    It’s hard for me to wish Bale huge success initially, having said that, I don’t want him to fail either. But I can’t help but feel that the club that he was best suited to is the club he just left and not the one he just signed for.

    I guess there is just too much stupid monopoly-like money floating around the sport I love so much.

    • Tony says:

      you just know that Levy is in the process of securing the best deal possible and if he feels it best to wait and hope for CL football next season he will. The Virgin Stadium what do you think,haha

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