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At last, Dembele says what we want to hear, it will be a title challenge next season.

Posted on May 22, 2013 by Tony

Why skirt around the issue when you can say it like it really is, Moussa Dembele has confirmed that once the squad settled and became used to the requirements and tactics of AVB the team were every bit as good as the teams that finished ahead of them, even taking four points from the champions, United.

Moussa admits that there is the need to add a bit more quality to the squad and expects it to happen, he is also quite blunt and truthful in declaring that the team may have taken some of the fixtures against so called lesser opposition a little to much for granted, clearly it will not happen again and the squad has grown to appreciate what is required each and every time they step on the pitch.

These players no longer have any fear of playing against the top four and are now regular victors against them, they have begun to believe at last they they are at least the equals of any Premiership team and aim to prove it next season.

Somebody recently said that Tottenham have already as good as spent the equivalent of £50m on 2 new players for next season in the form of the returning Kaboul and Sandro, both of whom will be first choice in their respective positions and will add much to the team. Almost certainly another £50m will go on other players and with the return of Rose and Townsend, both huge successes, the squad will be transformed.

Perhaps there has been a slight lack of belief in the past but more and more of this squad are now beginning to believe and voicing their view that Tottenham might just be ready and able to mount a real challenge on the summit.

Thanks Moussa lets hear more of it from the rest of the squad.

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