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AVB and Tottenham get set to challenge the best.

Posted on June 25, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Assuming that the Paulinho and David Villa deals do finally go ahead as seems likely, the final makeup of the Tottenham squad then begins to take shape and it is looking quite something. It would seem likely that perhaps Tom Huddlestone and Scott Parker will follow a different path, a shame but that is football and they leave wealthier than when they arrived. Another casualty might well be Jake Livermore, who hardly featured as the season progressed.

The Tottenham squad is already being assembled for next season and as they are already blessed with players of incredible pace, like Lennon, Bale, Walker and Defoe, to add to the mix will come Townsend, Rose and Kaboul who will all return from loans/injury. Sandro is on the way back and will be joined in midfield by the new man Paulinho and Moussa Dembele, each of them being extremely quick and powerful.

Michael Dawson, Steven Caulker and the very impressive Jan Vertonghen will complete the central defensive quartet with Younes Kaboul, if it is at all possible, with a year in the Premiership under his belt, Vertonghen could become an even greater presence as he really does have it in him to become one of the greats for Tottenham.

Other members of the squad who will all play an important role this coming season will include Lewis Holtby, already a great fans favourite who has so much potential, ability and heart that he will surely succeed, Gylfi Sigurdsson, after a slow start his performances picked up, he scored some vital goals and adapted himself to every position he was asked to play by AVB, completely unselfish and a true team player. Clint Dempsey, not everyone’s cup of tea but he has a great knack of scoring goals, works tirelessly for the team and is certainly the type you would rather have with you than against.

The main strikers for the coming season would seem likely to include Villa, as we have already intimated, and my guess would be Adebayor, whatever you might think of his performances last season he always worked and chased he was also AVB’s first choice when both strikers were fit in the final run in, he offers something different and will probably revert to a role more akin to his strengths in a 4 3 3 formation. Unless Tottenham have their sights on another striker then JD must stay as to rely on just two specialist strikers would be madness.

Some of the younger players will probably play a role at some point and it is likely that Tom Carroll will get much more game time, Alex Pritchard and Zeki Fryers will be introduced and maybe one or two others including Harry Kane. Just who will be back up to Kyle Walker, other than Younes, will be between kyle Naughton and Adam Smith, an interesting dilemma for AVB perhaps. With the players expected to be at his disposal AVB will have the option to switch seamlessly between any formation needed to get the job done, he has already experienced the adaptability of just about every member of his squad and new players will be handpicked to bring even more possibilities.

This Tottenham squad continues to evolve, it is growing stronger, more experienced, there is an enormous hunger within to bring success and the quality and depth within it is ever more impressive. I find it a little disrespectful that most pundits still refer to the Tottenham potential being at best a top four position, provided the players expected do finally join then they will be a match for all of last seasons top four, with perhaps only Chelsea having the edge in terms of numbers of exceptional players.

We have not even got to the transfer window proper yet but already the excitement is building, Tottenham supporters quickly got over the disappointment of last season and in fact are now beginning to suspect that something special for their club is about to happen. Watch this space.


24 to “AVB and Tottenham get set to challenge the best.”

  1. James says:

    David Villa is not going to come off! Better offers else where

    • Tony says:

      He would not be first choice anyway, Soldado, Negredo, Benteke either would do but somehow believe that Villa will choose Spurs.

  2. grant says:

    Have to agree that Spurs and Chelsea might have the best squads, Chelsea have actually turned it round from ageing squad to youthful very quickly, not quite sure if they have the defensive midfielders that Mourinho favours yet, Spurs will edge it there probably. they have nobody like Makelele and Essien in their pomp to take control in midfield and that might be a problem. (Essien now is not the same player.)spurs will edge the power and pace in midfield.

  3. Arsenal rocks says:

    Spuds will always be in arsenals shadows….. Muhuaaaaaassaaa
    Losers 🙂

    • Tony says:

      You will only have to wait 3 games to find out, gooners are starting to panic already? how many more centre forwards will Wenger buy, they have Walcott who signed his contract to play central,Giroud, Gervinho and Chamakh and are now going to break the bank for Higuain. if he gets this wrong perhaps he will try Adebayor again.

      • Arsenal rocks says:

        Never…. How’s St Tottenham day going???
        Seriously arsenal squad is so much better than spuds…..

        • Arsenal rocks says:

          You guys have to contend with an arsenal reject……. Higuain will complete the package and fellaini will be awesome:-) then we shall see a thrashing of the Losers spuds

        • tom says:

          It’s a bit like Champions League exit day, it comes every year but seems to get that bit earlier. Seriously only 2 of your squad would make it into Tottenhams squad , wilshere and Cazorla and if Madrid are getting shot of Higuain he really can’t be all that you are hoping he will be. spurs might be playing Thursday night European football but have every chance of winnining it , but Arsenal will be out of everything by early March as always and that is to enable them to concentrate on the top four position only. top 4 should be named Wengers cup, or something sounding like that.

    • mick says:

      but it’s not such a long shadow as it was, prepare to step into the shadow yourselves.

  4. Arsenal rocks says:

    Who wants to go to spuds

  5. Arsenal4life says:

    we only have one center forward only giroud and with higuain 2, walcott doesn´t count mate.

    • Tony says:

      Hundred grand a week and walcott doesn’t count.Sad. you cannot ignore the others or bendtner because you bought them they are on contract and you must pay them.that is the point bad decisions lets hope higuain is not the same haha

    • mick says:

      Unbelievable, your beginning to soumd like City. Bendtner, Gervinho (over £10m)Chamakh and Giroud are all on your books and you are struggling to get any fee for the first 3. Admit it they were all poor buys and just when Giroud seems to be settling along comes Higuain. £150k a week and £22m, he won’t settle for the bench so Giroud becomes another £13m down the drain.

  6. BeSeriousNow says:

    You so called Arsenal supporters are a joke.

  7. Arsenal rocks says:

    Walcott is a winger/ striker and good teams have 4 strikers so it’s a good thing to have Higuain….. I think Liverpool will finish above the mighty spuds

  8. amitosh says:

    I am an Arsenal fan and I want Spurs/Arsenal both in top 4, they deserve it because of the footballing philosophy they follow and their investment in young talents. Man City can go to hell. Clealsea/ManU/Arsenal/Spurs in top 4 will be good for EPL. After Paulinho , Spurs have all the elements, except a bit of more nerves and one or 2 class forward. Arsenal, too, has all the elements except a finisher and a CDM( they need to sell lots of deadwood to make room for youth players a bit, Spurs already have a small squad and youth players get more chance ). Chelsea has Mou back, best mid-field with lots of youngsters and they need a CDM, a versatile back player and a class striker( and sell dead woods ). ManU are champs, and buying young talents already.

    • Tony says:

      Do not see anything wrong in what you say.for Spurs winning a champions league spot. and becoming a top four team doesnt need to be at arsenals expense any of them will do as it was when relegating Liverpool.north London title chase would be fine by me.

    • mick says:

      sense at last. I also think the London clubs are well placed if not for this season for the coming season. City buy players at their peak and so have only a couple of years left at their very best, that then requires a regular turnover of players and loadsa money. United do have a lot of older players that they rely on Jones, Smalling, Wellbeck and Cleverly wont be enough to keep them at the top. Fergie saw this coming and left the clearing up to Moyes.

  9. Iyke says:

    Stop being nice:-/ just say spurs are shitt every seasoning hoping to finish above arsenal and they fail….well,keep failing

    • craig says:

      Head in sand time for some gooners, it was only a few years ago when Arsenal finished 15 or more points ahead, it is now down to one point. A last minute goal at Everton or a dodgy penalty at home to Norwich, change those and it could have swung it 4 or more points in Spurs favour. Watch your backs.

  10. Thierry says:

    we are moving into another league than the spuds. Good luck in moving stadiums and being financially restricted for the next few years. I wonder if AVB can do as well has wenger has done? I doubt it. We will push on now, suprise alot of people and get back to where we should be, at the top. Funny how, if you go on the justarsenal site, all the gooners are discussing potential signings and future endeavours, whereas you come onto the spurs site and all the spuds are discussing arsenal hahaha, just shows, different class and forever in our shadows.

    • Tony says:

      Not really just shows how interested the Arsenal supporters are in all things Spurs, do you see Spurs people on gooner site, rarely. Keep worrying and trying to convince yourselves everything will be ok. AVB will do better with Spurs than Wenger has done for the past 8 years, just as he did with Porto. COYS.

  11. Thierry says:

    I cannot actually believe you even compare avb with wenger, what an absolute joke, this is what gets me about SOME spurs fans, its like they actually dont know football at all. Wenger has done remarkable in the last 6 or 7 years with not enough money to compete with the other big teams and still keeping us competitive. What will you lot do now? in all seriousness its not a sarcastic question, i want to know what you lot think you will do now, in regards to moving stadium, or staying at WHL? How will you compete?

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