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AVB begins the fightback.

Posted on November 28, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Andre Villas-Boas has worked on these shores for only a little over two years and in all that time the British media have given him a hard time, for a brief spell earlier this year he maybe got a little credit, but not much, as the press were quick to tell us that Tottenham were only a one man team and without the goals and mercurial skills of Gareth Bale we would be nowhere. I have to ask where were those goals from Gareth Bale during the few years he regularly played for Harry Redknapp? or during the first three or four months of last season when the goals hardly flowed for him, should AVB not have received just a little credit for the transformation?

The media seem to have been on AVB’s case since day one, eventually contributing to his demise at Chelsea with stories of arguments and poor treatment of senior players, he had lost the players and the trust of the owner. It all sounds so familiar to what we are hearing now and what is so worrying is that it is the fans that are falling for it and once you lose them it is extremely difficult to survive, it does happen of course and Fergie is the greatest example of a manager who turned it around but it did take five years and a lot of belief from the United board.

The Mail as usual were one of the main instigators of a major story and of course it was followed through by the Metro and the odd job Arsenal lover, apparently the Board at Tottenham were unhappy with Sunday’s result and immediately AVB’s position as coach came under threat, of course they were Levy is a Tottenham supporter and so is the owner and dare I say most if not all of the Board, would ANY supporter not be devastated by such a result?  the players were all disgusted by AVB remarking that they had let themselves and the club down! Absolute rubbish when they are well paid professionals also hurting and fully aware that it was some of them that had made some elementary mistakes resulting in goals.

From a Tottenham perspective the media were obviously disappointed by Redknapp’s removal as they lost an easy Tottenham story but now that his situation is resolved with his appointment at QPR they have stories about them and Tottenham from him and his son. Apart the media trying to find stories to fill their back pages just who else benefits from the sacking frenzy around AVB? well money is reportedly piling on him to be sacked next and presumably any future replacement  so there’s another beneficiary.

Before Sunday a number of players had already gone on record to defend AVB and some others since, yesterday at last AVB himself began his fightback, stating that the board and his players remain totally loyal to him and then launched into the media and it was hinted upon that at some point he had been contemplating or would have liked to have taken some sort of legal action against them.

Right now AVB needs some luck to go his way as it has been in short supply so far, a couple of penalties possibly but with more shots made and more shots on target than any other team the meagre return of goals is a little hard to take. Maybe it is about time that those AVB haters amongst the Tottenham contingent looked at the bigger picture, things are not so bad and they have been considerably worse during the last ten years let alone since the Premiership began. when they continue to say “we want our Tottenham back” I hope that they don’t mean the Tottenham of the last fifteen years because they really haven’t been all that special, even Redknapp’s team won nothing or even came close.

AVB has begun his fightback, it won’t be without problems as the pressure is not only heaped upon him, but because of events and the continuous negativity bombarding Tottenham, the players also have to contend with it. How difficult must it be for the players to give their best when as soon as anything goes wrong, a move breaks down or an opportunity is missed the groans are heard all around. We retweeted on our account today something quite apt;

“AVB is our manager, Spurs is our religion.. Its time to start getting behind him and our players. Unconditional support.. #AVB #COYS

This isn’t a sprint if it was Moyes, Mourinho and Pelligrini would be the coaches in trouble as their clubs expectations are fourfold ours at the moment, when will our own supporters realise that we are actually performing better in terms of points than last season which turned out to be a record points haul. In truth how many of you would settle for a bit of grit and determination in place of some of the cavalier style in return for a trophy and a spot above at least one of last years top four? Put me down for that because I am sick of being the nearly team for so long, underachievers, under performers, call us what you like, did the Arsenal supporters complain when George Graham won titles and cups being the most boring team on the planet, of course they didn’t and the record books do not show them as Champions but Boring.

AVB does not do boring his Porto team bears witness but he does build a team in a certain way, being strong defensively and controlling possession is part of his way but he also likes players able to do the unexpected, Hulk, Falcao and Moutinho, at the moment Tottenham do not have players performing to their level but they do have players that are capable of doing so, some soon, others once the have settled into a new league and still more at some time in the near future, like Erik Lamela who most of us believe is a star in the making.

Tottenham might struggle tonight and they might even lose on Sunday to United, something that has happened for almost everyone of the last fifteen years so why should it be such a surprise if it happens again this week. If we want to compete with the big boys then let’s do it from the support up, Lewis and Levy bought the players and made the investment but only a short time ago and those new players need some time, AVB was approached by PSG and another but committed to Tottenham, the players are working to bring the success we want but with three two week international interruptions already it can’t be easy. The easiest part of the process is for us supporters to give our undivided support, AVB and his group of players deserve it until the last minute of this season, thereafter Levy and his board will take whatever action they deem necessary as their aims are our aims, Glory.


7 to “AVB begins the fightback.”

  1. steve says:

    Disgusted that some supporters have been conned by the media on AVB. Good to see him turn on the scum reporters but until the team put a run of wins together they will carry on chipping at him and more and more supporters will side against him. Bring back arry, are you kidding we were almost out of both cups by now except CL season.

  2. Boobaspur says:

    I find it hard to believe any half-sensible Tottenham supporter would be swept up into believing AVB should be shown the door any time soon. Particularly not before the end of the season, unless of course there is another wildly incompetent team performance. I’m not out of order here, I bet each and every one of our players would accept this with varying degree of difficulty. If they didn’t, then they shouldn’t be wearing the shirt.

    And come the end of the season, I believe any Spurs doubters will be well and truly quieted. I don’t even believe their numbers are significant in any way.

    It’s easy to think it’s an imminent catastrophe when the likes of talkSport are mentioning the peril of AVBs position every 20 minutes, probably along with the rags, which I don’t waste my money on.

    Perhaps there are the small few so called hard-core Spurs fans who don’t like AVB because of his brief Chelsea connection – but have those easily media-led few never heard “our enemies enemy is our friend”.

    AVB is class and if he is not given time to settle properly with the comings and goings of so many players, then we will just be guilty of another (this time ridiculous) knee-jerk reaction.

    If there is one thing I would bet on, it’s that there ‘is’ value in the Man City result (strange but true) – that being that it will not happen again. We have got to learn from this. We must fight for every result.

    If our form fails to improve over the entire season, then and only then lets begin to consider AVBs time in charge – not before.

    Of course we can express our thoughts and feelings on performance and results – but overall let us sensible Spurs fans start to get away from this media circus, which is their business remember, and let us all back the team we love, along with all the players and “our” coach.

    • Tony says:

      Great comments and so true, let’s be honest all these supporters moaning about wanting their Tottenham back, what Tottenham? the one that competed for everything fifty years or so ago or the one of the last twenty years that has won a league cup with the hated George Graham and with Ramos. we have had numerous ex players as coach including legends Ossie and Hoddle and none have won us a thing, now some are calling for Klinsmann!!!!! on the basis of what exactly one indifferent season at Bayern and the sack. AVB will sort it in time and we have a chance to step up. fortunately Levy knows.

    • Tony says:

      Great comments from a proper supporter. There is no logic to getting rid now and for who exactly. Apart from the odd bad result the season is on track and AVB has a reputation for improving teams and players. Convinced that he is the real ddeal and just needs time.

  3. Eric says:

    m with boobaspur.Avb deserves the season to be judged

    • Tony says:

      Definitely 21 games played 15 wins, 2 draws, 4 defeats 14 cleansheets. 4 points off 2nd QF of league cup and KO stage of Europeans. 3 points better than last year and still in LC and in harrys time we were out of both cups by now.

    • Tony says:

      There is no logic to turning against him and our own supporters are playing into the hands of the media the atmosphere at the lane is contributing poor home performances and results. In front of your own players should be able to play with freedom but not at the monent as they play in fear of making any sort of mistake. Our supporters should make our players relaxed and confident enough to express themseves not frightened to make a mistake or miss a chance .

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