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AVB confirms Bale’s contempt for Tottenham.No excuses.

Posted on August 28, 2013 by Guest Writer

Defend him all you want but it has now been confirmed by no other than AVB that Gareth Bale has thrown a tantrum and refused to turn up for training, by doing so most sane person would probably consider that most of the leaked information might just have some truth to it.

AVB has stated that his actions are not acceptable and I sincerely hope that his parting shot from the club is a two week fine, more if it were possible. His contemptible actions and lies regarding injuries and love for the club and supporters is nothing more than a way of retaining his share of any fee because he refused to hand in a transfer request.

Clearly he is a true Real Madrid player, a contemptible piece of work unworthy of any more hero worship from this great club’s supporters. Don’t give me Champions League was his motivation or the fact that it was an opportunity that might not come around again, this has always been about money and even had Tottenham qualified this situation would still have happened. Just how much money is enough for these people? it is becoming quite revolting.

As was the case last year when Modric behaved despicably before leaving expect the same contempt for Bale and ridicule if he and Madrid  fail to attain any sort of success this coming season. It will be Barcelona for the title for me this season with anybody but Madrid to win the Champions League.

In all these weeks many have argued the case that Bale has said nothing and so he should be believed, well unless he was handcuffed to the radiators in his home preventing his attendance at training there really is no way of defending his actions any longer. No more hero worship or legend status for this prima donna, he would have retained respect had he been honest rather than devious and just why couldn’t he, like Modric and Berbatov before him continue to train and play just like Fellaini and Baines, who both might fancy a move to United and all that it entails, they deserve respect as they have got on with their job and have repaid Everton the club who pay their considerable wage.

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