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AVB criticism of Tottenham unfair.

Posted on December 18, 2014 by Guest Writer

It has been reported that Andre Villas-Boas has spoken out against his two previous employees, Chelsea and Tottenham and though it is true that the Chelsea owner did move the goalposts and his complaint against him is valid his complaint about Daniel Levy failing to tie up the transfers of four players he asked for is in the main quite ridiculous if true.

We know that he wished to purchase Moutinho from Porto and it seems that major efforts were made to tie up a deal for much of the transfer window only for third-party ownership to ruin it all, it can and does happen as we also saw this past transfer window as Tottenham tried to buy Musacchio from Villarreal only to experience all the same headaches before finally settling for Frederico Fazio.

Oscar was another in that first transfer window that AVB had apparently set his sights on and it was believed that the player had all but signed on the dotted line before Chelsea got involved and turned his head with a massive wage hike impossible for a club like Tottenham to compete with. The same can be said of Willian a year later who had even had a medical and perhaps even signed an agreement before Chelsea came up with a bigger fee to the selling club and something like fifty percent more wages.

The final name on the list was the Brazilian striker Damiao, a player long on the Tottenham wish list who had been priced out of a move by the demands of his club and the player himself, a fee of more than £20m was being demanded by Internacional who eventually released him for less than half that amount. The player has since gone on to be a huge disappointment for both his old club and new, Santos have seen just 4 goals from 21 appearances.

If the criticism from AVB is true then it is disappointing and quite ridiculous, two of the players mentioned have gone to Chelsea who have paid more for their services than Tottenham had agreed and have offered the individuals wages far in excess of any that Tottenham could hope to pay until the new stadium is up and running and some involvement in the Champions League is won.

A little common sense is needed as in life and especially football you can’t always get what you want, United wanted Gareth Bale, Chelsea wanted Luka Modric, Liverpool wanted Sanchez, there must be hundreds of such situations, if the richest clubs can’t make it happen what chance Tottenham!

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