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AVB has his perfect strike force.

Posted on September 21, 2013 by Eddie S

At the moment none of us are quite sure the situation with Adebayor so at the moment it’s fair to exclude him from the equation, that then leaves AVB with just the three strikers, Soldado, Defoe and Kane. It is clearly the case that AVB is never likely to set his team up to start a match in the 4-4-2 formation, that is not to say that if the need arises and the bench allows for the switch to happen he will do so.

Roberto Soldado is the striker that AVB will always go to in the big important games and for most league fixtures, he came with a price tag of £26m and a strikers record that all but the very best would envy. Soldado is at the peak of his powers and will not fail to score the goals needed in the Tottenham set up, he was sought and targeted as the perfect foil for the team and how AVB wanted them to play. Soldado is a very clever player, not the quickest but possessing very decent pace, he plays on the shoulder of the last man and times his runs perfectly, so perfectly that Tottenham have only been caught offside the once this season.

There has been much talk recently of Jermain Defoe being unhappy with his current role and how he believes it threatens his possible place in the England squad for Brazil. For a couple of years or more Defoe has had to play second fiddle and do most of his work from the bench or cup games, to his credit he is always prepared and more often than not makes some sort of impact.

£26m Soldado is AVB's No.1.

£26m Soldado is AVB’s No.1.

Once Harry Redknapp had Rafael Van de Vaart to call upon and Crouch was his partner up front before he was replaced by Adebayor. Last season he and Adebayor shared the responsibility but neither took the position and made it their own. Defoe is hungry for games and goals because of the Brazil carrot, he knows his position in the pecking order and will get plenty of game time, ideal for all.

harry kane

Will Harry Kane be AVB’s 3rd striker?

The third striker that AVB has to call upon is Harry Kane, a young up and coming forward who can only get better. He will not expect a great deal other than some playing time enabling him to grow with the squad and gain experience, he will get his chance in some cup games especially if the starting eleven can sew things up early.

AVB is going with what is probably the ideal scenario for the moment, the number one striker in Soldado, a brilliant alternative and backup with Defoe who is nothing if not a goalscorer and Kane, anxious to learn and grow as a player and is big and strong enough to make his presence felt if the need arises.

It could all change if Adebayor is brought in from the cold and Kane joins Harry on loan but unless Tottenham quickly exit the Capital One cup, possible with a difficult away fixture at Villa, then AVB will probably give Kane some time at least until January.

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