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AVB must know his transfer targets but is not letting on.

Posted on May 25, 2013 by Scraggs

We have for the past 3 or 4 years become used to the Redknapp soundbites and admiration for any player mentioned to him by the press, that is why they loved him so much, he was always good for a story and enabled the hacks to fill their boots with pointless and untrue articles. AVB has been a little more guarded in his comments preferring to dismiss supposition and rumour rather than let it fester. There have been many articles relating to Tottenham targets, agents have stated that Tottenham are anxious or close to completing a deal for their client. when questioned AVB has been known to say that the player in question is unknown to him or has not been looked at or considered.

I find it quite interesting and refreshing that AVB plays his cards close to his chest, there are obviously a number of targets, some feasible some not and others that might prefer to wait or choose a challenge elsewhere. Others will go to whoever pays the most money. Over the past 2 transfer windows Tottenham brought in no fewer than 8 new players and with the exception of Adebayor none were previously strongly associated with Tottenham before the deal was done. Holtby, Lloris and Vertonghen were all supposedly favoured to join Arsenal, Dembele was likely to end up at United, while Sigurdsson and Dempsey were Liverpool bound.

So far we have been treated to more Tottenham players leaving than arriving although the usual culprits crop up again and again, fortunately Monaco have concluded a deal for Moutinho early and that rumour can be quickly put to bed. AVB we are told has extensive knowledge of players in the Portuguese league as well as in Spain and more importantly perhaps, Brazil. It is just as likely that Tottenham will bring in a few more almost unknowns as well as perhaps a couple of targets that we all favour and crave.

This transfer window is of vital importance as Tottenham must ensure that the necessary improvements are made, the ambition of the players is met and AVB has a squad that he is happy to start the season with as being able to challenge for the top. AVB has had a full season to assess and will know what is needed, so far it seems that he can pick a player and better still seems able to improve them.

Somehow it seems likely that no matter how many rumours there are the players that finally arrive will be surprise announcements and there might possibly be a relatively unknown gem amongst them.

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