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AVB remains heavily supported by Tottenham fans.

Posted on November 24, 2013 by Eddie S

As expected the real Tottenham fans supported AVB in our poll with 81% backing him, I am probably of the opinion that the support was considerably higher than that, as it should of course be, but might have been affected by Arsenal and Chelsea supporters pitching in to affect that percentage.

In all honesty is there anybody out there better than our current coach? a coach who is almost certainly destined to become one of the best in Europe. In a little over a year he has helped to transform the squad which is now probably stronger than it has ever been, Tottenham are managing to increase their points total having reached a record last season despite losing one of the worlds best midfielders in Luka Modric, this season  he is still ahead of the game in relation to points totalled and again in spite of losing another world class talent in Gareth Bale.

Today Tottenham face the title favourites on their own ground, a place where they are currently considered imperious with a hundred percent record and having handed out some hidings, especially to Manchester United and Norwich. A bad defeat and AVB’s popularity will probable come under scrutiny again but a decent result might just galvanise Tottenham into what many of us believe they could become, title contenders themselves.

Up until very recently Tottenham have enjoyed a decent record over City, especially away from home, it would be most welcome if they could return to that form today as they currently sit eight points behind the league leaders but only four behind second place.


37 to “AVB remains heavily supported by Tottenham fans.”

  1. Jide says:

    3-0 down. If AVB do not change this tactic of passing the ball back and then the defence kicking it straight to a City player, this score can be anything. Why have the ball and then give it away for no reason or due to pressure from the opposing team? I need someone to enlighten me.

    Also, I thought Kaboul is a defender? Why turn your back every time a shot is taken towards your goal? The city second goal an example of that.

    We are not a title contender. The earlier we realise this the better.

    Oh.. It’s 4 nil now!

  2. Jide says:

    I’m sorry, we are terrible. Paulinho, Sandro, Holtby & Lamela does not have a clue! Lord have mercy!

  3. Boobaspur says:

    What the fuck is this shit I’m watching?

    5-0 with over 30mins remaining.

  4. Jide says:

    Guys I do not know that to think about AVB anymore. You play 2 upfront, 10 minutes later, you change it again to one upfront. Does this guy know that he is doing?

  5. Boobaspur says:

    Spursfan4life – you seem particularly hate filled with this Tottenham side.

    I’m extremely pissed off with today’s “effort” – but I think ostracising the players or even a bunch of people on a fan site is a bit over the top. I wonder should you perhaps invest your energy in another past-time (if this is your response) or at the very least, learn to show a little bit of respect. The way you speak here – personally, I’m just glad I don’t have to deal with you in my day to day life.

    As for this article – it’s possibly the single most stupidly timed release I have witnessed in my short time here.

    I mean, talk about a rod for your own back.

    Maybe the poll was rushed out before a possible trashing at the hands of Man City.

    But my guess is – it will only serve as a venting place for all the many disgruntled and highly annoyed fans (who don’t or do berate their own players so vehemently).

    Spurs were a f**king disgrace today and even I am not so sure about AVB right at this moment at time, particularly in the face of this amusing article.

    • Tony says:

      If you read the initial posting relating to the poll it was intended to cease priot to this game and JTN reported the rwsult as stated. Clearly things were likely to chamge dependent on todays outcome but that was not anticipated by even the most ardent hatet of AVB and Spurs. Lets not forget utd were taken apart by city earlier this season and a coupke of years back as were Arsensl. Overeaction will not solve the problem but work and support will help.

      • Boobaspur says:

        Tony – I understand the poll date was decided prior to today’s result. I did read the initial article and voted, even commented. I just think that I would have waited until after the result.

        You can say this is with the benefit of hindsight, and it is – but you could equally say it was lacking foresight.

        I did vote positive for AVB, and despite much annoyance today, will continue to appreciate him as Spurs Manager.

        However, after a 6-0 defeat (worst since 1997 did the commentator say), reading: “AVB remains heavily supported by Tottenham fans” is just a little bit irksome.

        • Tony says:

          I dont disagree but the article was also clear that a bad defeat would see AVB come under more pressite. That id the case but itd and arsenal have been on the receiving end in thr past and whole there is obviously concern there can be overaction like a certain coupke of people on here who will nevet be happy. I believe that AVB made some poor choices with his starying elevenpossibly again swayed by the media. We needed to be strong todayand this was not the occasion to start with so many lightweights. Townsend and dembele should have started on this occasion in my opinion. Now it is time to be strong again and step it up..

        • Tony says:

          It was said before the game and based on the poll , it might seem irksome after the game but was realistic before the game.

  6. jay hickman says:

    this is what happens guys when u get garbage articles written about spurs and talkin up our title credentials… people like tony do nothin but harm by raisin expectations beyond the ridiclious and it comes crashin down makin them look like they would be more suited to writin articles about paint dryin… clueless

    • Tony says:

      This is what happens when supporters shout and scream for change rather than support the coach and players chosen really do talk garbage. Bet you are a bundle of fun at the pub.

  7. jay hickman says:

    cant wait to read the next bit of trash written by tony, is he gonna blame avb now when his team have just posted this poll about him?… contradictions and hypocrites

    • Tony says:

      It’s all about opinion and my opinion is that AVB did make selection mistakes today, he needed a player that you regularly slaughter out there, Dembele, and obviously Townsend.

  8. Boobaspur says:

    Spursfan4life – I’m not going to get into an argument with you beyond saying this – I have not berated or shown the hate or disrespect to any individual that you are prone to showing.

    You need to take a good long look at yourself and realise you are an angry and hate filled person.

    How do you expect anyone to interact with you – when all you do, is carry on like a complete and utter CUNT!

    (fill your boots mate)

  9. Jide says:

    Guys we all need to calm down. Please. We are all hurting with this loss. It is painful no doubt. But we do not need to start berating one another. We are better than that. Let us try and be constructive.

    • Tony says:

      Have to agree it was a terrible performance and result but utd were already stuffed by them not for the first time and utd buried arsenal a short while ago and yet they did not react in the same way. Still just 2 points behid city and 4 chelsea for goodness sake.AVB will know he made mistakes today with team selection but this is not the time to panic.

      • Caleb says:

        If losing 1-0 is called getting buried what do you call a 6-0?

        • Tony says:

          A pasting a bit like losing 8-2 at the other manchester club. No excuses but they have beaten utd a couple of times by big scores including 4 1 earlier this season. Arsenal and United got over it and went on to reach top four so why is it any different for Spurs. still confident but believe AVB did make some bad choices today.

          • Caleb says:

            I understand now sorry. I think spurs need to start scoring and I think everyone can see that, but I just don’t know how. Spurs don’t have a match winner at the moment. And to be fair, it’s not like us arsenal fans weren’t like this after the villa game but we have bounced back, I just feel that the united game will be huge for you a loss and I think you’re in a spot of bother

          • Tony says:

            its a big game i agree but thats for both teams. In all honesty nobody saw that result coming but at the end of it we are still only 2 points behind City 4 chelsea in 2nd and a win over utd will see us leapfrog them. Nothing makes sense to me either at the moment as efforts on goal are being made. balls into the box earlier and more passes down the chanels for soldado might help, tempo needs to go up a notch or two.

  10. Tony says:

    What are you on Spurs havent spent 190m on 7 players in fact inthe last 6 they are more than 30m in credit. Modric is so poor that chelsea United and Madrid were desperate to sign him. Finally it is morons like you who put pressure on, you are whining about every player and AVB after 12 games. A bad day but not the end of the world. It’s at times like this supporters are needed.We lost get over at support the club getting on their backs does not help.

    • Caleb says:

      It doesn’t matter if overall you have made £30million the fact is that the £110 millions pounds worth of players aren’t performing to a worth of £110 million. Especially soldado, for £26 million he hasn’t impressed me at all

      • Tony says:

        As i have said a hundred times it does take time, RVP for you wasn’t instant nor was henri in his day and giroud was average last year, just why are Spurs players any different .Just think there are some unrealistic expectations so early in the season.

        • Caleb says:

          Yes but soldado doesn’t have time really he’s 28. Yes most players aren’t amazing when they first come but when £109 million you expect there to be a much bigger impact

  11. naska says:

    tony,why are you talking about arsenal game of 2years a go?
    while u know arse were missing 8key players ,only rvp,koss and theo were,song,sagna,gibs,gervinho,jack while they didn’t replace cesck and nasri yet.

    • Tony says:

      sorry i googled it and it just said arsenal lost 8-2 didn’t mention the excuses. The point is that it can and does sometimes happen to the best teams thats all.

  12. jay hickman says:

    tony u KEEP goin on about OTHER TEAMS… we are not man utd or arsenal ffs, man city beat man utd but it wasnt 6 nil nor have man utd just wasted nearly 200mil on 7 garbage players, ur lettin money spendin and other teams cloud ur judgement over spurs… its laughable! not only did u type that we have signed 7 world class players but u also posted an article about how arsenal have signed a flop like ozil, its not a coincidence the cunts are first at the min, ozil complements their team… spurs bought in 7 reputations rather than actually doin their homework on them, check my august msgs out- i posted that none of the players would work for spurs… u jumped the gun thinkin cause we splashed the cash that we would win the league etc etc… what did i type to u? that we will be in trouble and to mark my words, that wasnt negativety, it was a realistic opinion that is happenin right now… i dont believe u have been a fan for decades, u’ve been a fan for only a couple of years and ur articles prove that

    • Tony says:

      Its £200m now, you really are a thick saddo. According to you though utd are massively superior to Spurs as are all their players and so a 4-1 deficit is a disaster for them and equally as bad in your world. Tell me with all these terrible players how many points are we behind city, united and second place chelsea. Call yourself a supporter your a disgrace as it seems you were whining before a ball had been kicked. How good was giroud last year, poor, how good was nasri poor , how good was Ramsey crap, . when will you get in your head that it takes time for players to settle especially those from foreign leagues or because it’s spurs it must happen immediately. If AVB does leave please apply for the job or perhaps you would be better employed as chief scout.

  13. Tony says:

    Levy is a better spurs supporter than you.

  14. Tony says:

    Take a look at the state of the club when they took over and tellme that Spurs have not massively improved, grown and closed the gap on the teams above them. Then there is the new training facility , the new ground to come and Sainsburys, if they have a pharmacists there try to get some happy pills next time.

  15. jay hickman says:

    all in all spurs have bought these players in since avb’s arrival-

    soldado 28mil
    paulinho 17mil
    lemela 30.5mil
    chadli 9mil
    erriksen 11.5mil
    coupe 8mil
    chirichez 9mil
    dembele 15mil
    lloris 9mil
    adebayour 8mil
    holtby 1.5mil
    dempsey 12mil
    sigurrdson 9mil
    vertonghen 12mil

    noone cares if we are in credit or not, thats not the point… the point is that since 2005 levy has paid out 200mil for jol, 95mil for jaunde, 300mil for reddknapp and now nearly 200mil for avb… levy has pissed nearly a billion down the toilet in 9 years on the wrong players leavin every manager short on excellent strikers (bar jol/juande as they had defoe, bent, keane and berbatov) so we are now in a shambles… thats what happens when u ALLOW players who score u goals i.e bale, dempsey, vdv etc leave and replace them with players who cant score… it leaves a big void in goal creation and goals

    for the millions levy has spent in the past few years we could’ve won the title if it was spent on brilliant players, man city did it in 4 years- yes they have a trillionaire but he only spent 400mil in those first 4 years on league winnin players, levy has spent over 400 million in 3 years! on europa league flops… its a joke like tony

    • Tony says:

      Of course its as simple as that we should have gone for rooney and rvp they would have joined for less than half the wages they are getting.yoi have to live within your means and build.maybe you would prefer we be like leeds or portsmouth and overspend.or are you talking fantasy saw how berbatov modric and bale sulked and went on players are paid silly money to join that is why they still pay most of ade wages.the spend keeps getting highet now its 400m in 3 years.

  16. Tony says:

    hilarious, have you done your homework yet?

  17. Tony says:

    Supporters are supposed to find positives or as in your case just find another team or sport to take an interest in. Look where we were last year and you will see we were worse off and had bale in the team.

  18. Boobaspur says:

    Where’s that grumpy-guts gone?

    About time if he is banned. Any other forum would have got rid of him ages ago for flaming and being continually aggressive and disrespectful to other users.

    Me personally – I’m sorry for dropping the big C-Bomb., but I didn’t think it was appropriate the way he was carrying on.

    • Tony says:

      He had to go it just got too much he was bombing the site with terrible comments, I still don’t believe he was one of us but if he was he made Victor Meldrew sound like Micky Flanaghan.

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