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AVB takes on the media(video)

Posted on December 02, 2013 by Guest Writer

At long last AVB came out fighting and took the battle to two of the perpetrators of what seems to be a particularly nasty vendetta against him. During the press interview which followed Sunday’s exciting 2-2 draw with the current champions Manchester United he picked his moment and made his point to the Daily Mail “journalists” who had taken the opportunity to knock the man while he was down.

For weeks now a couple of the tabloids in particular appeared to have been stirring up problems for the Tottenham coach, they have manipulated his words in an attempt to cause a rift between him and the supporters, then they accused him of passing the buck on the Lloris concussion issue to his medical team and more recently attempted to cause a split between him and his players by modifying his words following the disastrous defeat to Manchester City.

As the other tabloids pick up on the situation they follow up with their own take on a situation that has been fabricated, his job then becomes the subject of concern and half a dozen names are bandied around as his successor as mysterious insiders close to Levy, Joe Lewis or the board allegedly come forward with information. All of these devious tactics seem to have been used when he first came to Chelsea, his start at the club was quite good and after his first eight games they had 19 points and were just 3 points behind City, but the stories of unrest continued and he was always the perpetrator and responsible for treating his players so badly. As the crowd started to get on his back some of the senior players caused further unrest and results started to fall apart, not dissimilar to the current situation.

Take a look at this article appearing in the Mail on the 15/10/2011 at that time Chelsea were flying and AVB was acclaimed as the man responsible. Shortly after this game came the John Terry /AntonFerdinand incident and by the 3/11/2011 the tide was beginning to turn As quickly as he became the hero he became the scapegoat and the situation just got worse from then on.

Last week a couple of the Mail articles became more personal, in one of them it was implied that AVB’s achievements at Porto could have been achieved by just about anybody and so it was no achievement at all, four trophies and a complete season domestically and in Europe undefeated and they insulted the entire achievement. The other article seemed to imply that AVB was passing all responsibility for the defeat at the Etihad to his players knowing full well that a coach losing the respect of his players is a dead man walking, but went ahead and changed his words for their own benefit and for a story that could have a crippling effect on his position.

Sam Allardyce has thrown his two bobsworth in and warned AVB against taking on the media, but rather than take issue with AVB he might be better served and actually be expected to side with his own, who in this instance is the wronged party, rather than pander to the people putting not only AVB’s future in jeopardy but Tottenham the club, the players brought to the club and every Tottenham supporter. When something is done to one of ours that could have a direct bearing on results and the future of our club we should be concerned.

It seems that the players are with AVB and they have been quick to say so, the vast majority of the Tottenham support is with him and the detractors quietened by a good performance against United, even so it is probably important that the team start to put together a good run of results, two or three consecutive wins and safe passage through to the semi-finals of the Capital One Cup will have the effect of stabilising the ship.

AVB should not be in the situation he finds himself in as it does seem extremely unjust, he has engaged the media in battle but now must win the war, with Fulham and Sunderland next up six points would go a long way to rectifying the situation. This is the press conference in which it all came to a head and most enjoyable, just as much so as Mourinho recently putting Jamie Redknapp in his place.

5 to “AVB takes on the media(video)”

  1. classic says:

    you guy should stop listening to the media pundit and so on, i mean Arsenal are top of the league and stupid owen says Arsenal are gonna finish 5th, the worst thing he said was Liverpool and United would finish 3rd and 4th, i mean hes just stupid, he said Chelsea would win the pl no argument But we can still win it but owen saying Arsenal would finish 5th is stupid of him even if we are 10th, so i would advice u to stop listening to them, they are all bias not to talk of almost all are ex man u or Liverpool players or fan.

    • Admin says:

      I think almost everybody agrees that Owen is probably the most biased, boring so called pundit on the box and has no idea and you can incl hansen, lawrensen and even your own dixon and keown in that, have to say I am beginning to warm a little to merson who seems to now be giving unbiased views. opinions are rammed down our throat by all areas of the media and it is impossible to evade it. you say don’t listen and then list all your grievances with examples that you have seen and heard. It is so annoying and hard to resist responding to.

  2. classic says:

    @admin seriously i think they are all the same, every one of them. Even merson seems a bit bias sometimes,, the reason they have not been able to criticise Arsenal so much is because of Arsenal performance. I think all avb needs to do is ignore them and do the talking on the pitch.

    • Tony says:

      You would think so but how can a coach go from gods gift on the 15/10 to a disaster just four weeks and 4 games later. John Terry brought all the problems on Chelsea in the very next game against Qpr and was probably the catalyst for many of the problems. As always teflon terry gets off scott free.
      In all honesty your right they are all crap and totally biased and none of them have coached. Surprisingly Neville is not too bad but still favours the usual suspects. I agree that only wins will shut them up but they incite unrest when nothing much is wrong. Forget that arsenal have stormed ahead and consider that AVB and his team are a point behind the champions and four behind city and yet there is no sense of any sort of problem with them while AVb is portrayed as a clown.

  3. classic says:

    @tony yea u can never see them say shit about United when they drop points. The fact is that man United are the team in crisis, yet u wnt hear them talk about any sack letter for moyes. I just wish they miss out on champions league this season and lets see what the media writes about them.

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