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AVB takes the right action with the press at last.

Posted on July 25, 2013 by Scraggs

Just as we were saying yesterday the time has come for all these questions to be ignored on the subject of Gareth Bale, every press conference or interview with anybody connected in some way with Tottenham is asked the same thing, “is Gareth Bale staying?” it really is becoming very wearing, boring and monotonous and shows a distinct lack of respect for the club. At long last AVB refused to answer any more questions on the subject, before the game they asked and he answered “no sale” after the game the same people asked the exact same questions yet again and AVB told it as it was.

How many times can the same answer be given, Gareth Bale is staying with Tottenham for the coming season, he is featured in much of the marketing material already associated with the club and just as importantly his own commercial deals revolve around Tottenham. There is also the small matter of a newly signed contract and expensively put together commercials for BT and their promotion of  the new contract they have for showing Premier League matches this coming season, now I am not privy to the amount he will earn for the three year contract that he has signed but you can be sure it will be seven figures and will be more than the average person earns in a lifetime. Any link to Real Madrid can be firmly dismissed because as a BT Ambassador, as he is called for their Premiership offering just how would his disappearing to the Spanish League look and go down with BT.

As far as “testing Daniel Levy’s resolve  with an £80m bid” headlines are concerned forget it, why do you think Real Madrid or their like spend over the odds on stars like Beckham and Ronaldo? because they are more than just great players, they are also brands and bring untold millions to their clubs in additional merchandising, sponsorship and advertising. Daniel Levy and everybody at Tottenham know that with Gareth Bale in their ranks not only do they have a great player who will, if surrounded by the right players, move the club to a whole new level both on the pitch but also move them into a new stratospere financially.

Tottenham have the chance to become one of the really big clubs in European football and that could be worth way over £100m a season and not a paltry one off £80m, most of which would have to be re-invested just to replace Bale, Liverpol spent £35m of the £50m for Torres on Carroll for example and that didn’t go well for them.

Levy was affected by the loss of Carrick, Berbatov and Keane and stood firm over the Modric issue and Chelsea’s attempt to wrestle him away from Tottenham, he believed Tottenham to be on the verge of something special and he might have been right had it not been for the upheaval which affected the start of the season. Now more and more are beginning to believe that Tottenham are close to being the real deal, lots of fantastic players in the team and squad, some big players purchased at great expense and a coach who seems capable of galvanising the whole club into winners.

Now is not the time to buckle and Levy will not, while contractual issues would also seem to preclude Bale from securing any sort of deal with Madrid for this year at least.


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