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AVB tells it like it is. 52 years and counting could end this season.

Posted on October 28, 2013 by Random Spurs Supporter

Like it or lump it AVB is entitled to his opinion and if he feels the crowd were unhelpful then who are we to argue, we have all been there when the crowd has been muted and concerned about the performance and the result, rather than become the twelfth man and roaring the team forward the crowd has instead relied upon the team performance to raise their level of support when it should be with their support raising the performance of the team.

How often has the coach or players of the away team talked of the need to quieten the crowd in order to gain the upper hand, if that is so then vociferous unrequited support must in turn be massively important to the home team. When the Tottenham support is in full swing the decibel level goes up several notches and if AVB feels it could make the difference and even if it only might galvanise the team to a higher level of performance then every supporter must do their duty, they pay their money and demand the best performance possible but if they can contribute in any way then they must heed the warning.

So true. To Dare Is To Do

So true. To Dare Is To Do

Tottenham have missed out by the narrowest of margins too often in years gone by but never have they had a better chance of success, that no longer means just a successful cup run or even a top four position and Champions League qualification, this year the stakes are the highest in over fifty years, the title is up for grabs, it is there for as many as five clubs to grab and Tottenham are one of them.

The best coach the club has had in years, the best squad the club has ever put together with quality in just about every position and cover for almost every one of them. We have made the best ever start to a Premiership season and after the best ever points total last season the belief should by now be coursing through the veins of every player and supporter.

If AVB says the players need help from the crowd at White Hart Lane then they must take heed and follow the lead of the travelling Tottenham support who really are second to none, wherever Tottenham play the supporters are there in numbers and make themselves heard. Tottenham travel to Everton this coming weekend and you will be sure to see and hear the Tottenham contingent, before that they have another date at the Lane with  Hull which gives the home support the chance to show AVB and the team just what they can really do before the visit of Sheriff in the Europa Cup and then Newcastle in the Premier League.

The players are doing their bit, they are clearly working hard to create a winning momentum, twelve clean sheets in fifteen games, only three teams having managed to breach the Tottenham defence, that doesn’t happen by luck but by sheer hard work, possession and territory are hugely in Tottenhams favour home and away, all the facts and figures, which include chances created, takeons, crosses and shots on goal, are all impressive but they are obviously keen to start scoring many more goals and that will come because the squad is full of quality across the midfield and up front.

Three home games in the next four outings gives the fans the chance to put AVB’s request to the test, the chance to roar the team on from the first minute to the last, raise the roof, intimidate the opposition and raise the level of performance. The clue is in the name, we are Tottenham SUPPORTers. Let’s do it and see where it takes us this season.



7 to “AVB tells it like it is. 52 years and counting could end this season.”

  1. Eric says:

    What’s the point of home games if our crowd only moans.M with Avb out team needs us the most when they are down.Man u have come back on countless times because their crowd gets behind them till the end

    • Tony says:

      Fantastastic support on the road now need to do it at the Lane. It doesnt take.a brain surgeon to realise that the players will generally respond to a great atmosphere and encouragement everybody does.Time for the crowd to play their pary and drive the team on to success.Spurs are becoming a big club and now they need they need the support that they deserve. Time to make themselves heard.

  2. Eric says:

    “Becoming a big club” that’s important.We don’t have a sugar daddy or been a traditional European heavyweight like Munich or Man u(mind u they r in debt).When Levy took over we were a mid table club on the brink of bankruptcy.A decade later we are challenging for the title with little to no debt.We hardly praise ppl behind the scenes but Levy deserves it all.It’s better to have a lifelong suppoerter businessman take over

  3. lou says:

    I cannot believe that any Spurs supporters have anything to complain about short of winning every game. a draw and a couple of defeats, 3 points behind league leaders and ahead of city and united, add to that the best start in premiership history and some still doubt AVB, madness. Teams now fear spurs and come to the Lane to park the busm some even on their own turf. Building a flowing creative team takes time but it will come. Everybody moaned about spurs brittle defence SORTED, last year it was goals conceded late on in games,SORTED, now it is more likely that Spurs score late goals. Don’t doubt AVB he is the best we have had in a long time and he knows how to win, he was involved with Chelsea, Milan and Porto the latter as the coach and won four out of four.
    AVB has been at the club a little over a year, spurs have lost their 2 superstars modric and Bale , have brought in 14 new players of some quality, added some of academy players to squad, Rose and Townsend amongst others, helped to make Bale a superstar and might be about to do the same with townsend. Don’t even think about ruining this chance of creating a successful period and possibly a dynasty by getting on AVB’s back, something special is happening and the media would be only too pleased to derail Tottenham just like they did by the clamour for Arry for England and even Bale leaving for Madrid. the media darlings are the original sky four of arsenal,chelsea, united and Liverpool, they have been joined by city and Spurs, especially without Arry and his cronies, don’t figure, the problem is that Levy and AVB want it more than the media and the supporters should be behind them and the players every step of the way. If at the end of the season they fall short then vent feelings and call for change if it is warranted but until then no moans but total support and loud support.

    • Tony says:

      Spot on Lou, let’s get success first and the flair and style will follow with the extra revenue, involvement in the CL and chance of silverware. sometimes you have to despair at the motives of some supporters, if they are in fact spurs supporters, and clearly the media wish to maintain the status quo at the top. Time that every Spurs supporter gave their 100% backing in the belief that the clubs at the top of the premier league are about to be invaded by what was the biggest club in London and wish to be again. Tottenham are back and it would be a crime to ruin it now, take winning ugly for a while if that is what it takes to grow it is far better than losing ugly . Tottenham are a club synonymous with style and flair, this squad is full of players able to provide that so keep the faith and make yourselves heard at the Lane, don’t let this opportunity turn into another false dawn.

  4. craig says:

    How many times over the years have Spurs had to come back from a goal down at the lane. 12 clean sheets from 15 starts, it’s not spurs style but is a great habit to have, the style is still there but the team have to learn how to break down teams who defend with 10 players. hammers didn’t even play a forward and defended in depth eventually getting 2 lucky breaks b4 a great goal. don’t take it out on Spurs and their players it’s the opposition who are playing the boring defensive game take it out on them with deafening support of Spurs players.

  5. Eric says:

    Couldn’t agree more Craig

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