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Bale agent sets alarm bells ringing.

Posted on May 29, 2013 by Tony

During a recent brief interview Gareth Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett has said one or two things that might be construed in a very worrying fashion for Tottenham supporters. Let us hope that this was a chance meeting and an off the cuff comment,”agent speak” for at sometime in the future it is something that we might consider and so I must say all the right things right now.

One obvious point is that he did state that his client Gareth Bale should not be a back up or second choice to any player, especially the likes of a player like Neymar, young and unproven in Europe and we all know that Neymar was a huge target of theirs and that they were beaten to his signature by Barcelona.

Perhaps the decision of the young Brazilian would be superstar to choose Barcelona rather than Madrid should be taken on board, Barca are not the team of a couple of years back and yet are still ahead of Real Madrid when young stars make decisions on their footballing future.

You can bet that Daniel Levy is quietly furious about this development unless he had been given the heads up by Bales advisers, either way it is essential that this whole business be put to bed sooner rather than later as it is a ridiculous game to be played. Let’s have the truth and soon, make a definitive decision, either he IS staying, at least for a further year, because he wants to right now or because he is under contract, OR he is being allowed to leave but only if Tottenham receive an extortionate fee.

Up until this point I had been relatively relaxed that Gareth Bale would make the correct footballing decision for his career and at least resist the riches of Madrid for a while yet, following a lack of comment from AVB recently on the situation and the increasing speculation this is no longer the foregone conclusion that I hoped for, perhaps, and I hope I am right Bale is waiting to see the ambition of Tottenham in the transfer market before committing to a further year on his contract, until then his agent is keeping options open not just now but for the future. It would be madness to snub any team that might be an option in the future but this cannot be allowed to drag on, the club and supporters have had to endure these situations on too many occasions in recent years, it started with Sol Campbell, Carrick, Keane and Berbatov and for the past two summers Luka Modric, ENOUGH, finish the speculation now and let’s move on whatever the outcome.

Most Tottenham supporters still maintain that Gareth Bale’s career would be better served remaining with Tottenham who are about to embark on a fantastic period in their history, whereas Real Madrid, even with all their superstars including Ronaldo and after 3 years led by the “Special One”, who is effectively about to be sacked, are still only second best in Spain and have picked up only crumbs at the trophy table in 10years.

Whatever happens let it be resolved soon.

8 to “Bale agent sets alarm bells ringing.”

  1. Adrian says:

    Am I the only person who doesn’t want to see another one man Spurs team next season, lets face it that’s what we were. If Spurs can get 60 million for him I say do it, and build a more balanced squad. If Bale doesn’t leave this transfer window he will leave the next anyway so why delay the inevitable, Bale on his own could get us top four this season and he won’t next season.

    • Tony says:

      I don’t agree that Tottenham were a one man team, he was the most effective goalscorer. RVP is not a one man team at Utd and he wasn’t at Arsenal. Tottenham have plenty of top players like Jan V, Sandro, Dembele, Lloris so this 1 man team talk is rubbish.He won’t leave if Levy shows ambition and then it is up to what happens this coming season. Do well he stays, same again and he will be sold anyway with only 2 years left on contract. If he is to go then make it quick and invest every last penny before all the top players are gone.

  2. Andy says:

    The “£60 million” quoted by many is a terrible offer of £40 over 4 years and 20 in a bunch of if’s and but’s… I don’t think he’ll go just yet. They are all in the Caribbean, AVB can’t just keep on saying that we won’t sell… it’s just the media trying to sell papers and putting in general bollox.

    One man team i’m not sure… but we did struggle to win points without him…

    • Tony says:

      Your probably right would like to have heard the entire interview though, probably just an agent doing what he’s good at. Would welcome somebody actually saying “he is staying, end of”. Most important player but not 1 man team, same as RVP, Suarez, Michu, Mata, all the vital cog in their respective teams as was Bale. Just seen some stats that Tottenham actually scored more goals without Bale, 1.88 per game against 1.66 with him, also interestingly the team won the same percentage of fixtures with and without, puts the 1 man team argument to bed.

  3. Ivor says:

    Only idiots have alarm bells ringing. The sensible know he is staying and are not concerned.

    • Tony says:

      Your probably right and it’s all agent speak for you will be in the frame after he has finished the Tottenham project.

  4. sunfly says:

    Gareth Bale must move on the future at Tottenham is maybe winning the FA cup or qualifying for the Europa league not good enough for a player of Bales ability who has dragged Tottenham up the premiere league with match winning goals this season.Any top team in Europe know they would rather have him playing for them than against them so let the bidding war begin.I hope he goes to Chelsea.He will inevitably one day become the worlds most costliest signing but with the best performances and a glittering career ahead yet to come thats a bargain.

  5. sunfly says:

    Buying Bale buys success.

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