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Bale and Suarez attract the worst of the British press.

Posted on June 01, 2013 by Tony

Both Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez are acknowledged as great players plying their trade in the English Premier League, both were chasing the Players and Football Writers awards as well as English football’s Golden Boot along with Robin Van Persie.

Currently both players are in the sights of Real Madrid as their president seeks re-election, his position has been weakened because their greatest competition Barcelona have won the 18 month battle to sign the, hoped for, next Brazilian superstar Neymar.

As a result of the pressure from the Spanish club and the success of both Bale and Suarez last season when their status dramatically increased following a stellar season, the reaction of the British press could not be more different, strange, or disgraceful!

On the one hand there is a wonderful player performing for one of great teams, a team straining to usurp at least one of the current top four and regain entry into the Champions League, a team in the process of closing the gap to the top and led by a young coach with modern ideas, and then there is a wonderful player………….exactly the same again, both Tottenham and Liverpool are following a similar trail with the former slightly ahead of the game at the moment.

For what seems an eternity almost every publication,pundit and football presenter has been suggesting that Gareth Bale should leave Tottenham in order to continue to improve, they seem intent on pushing him to the exit door and even more strangely, to another league, so weakening the EPL which is after all their bread and butter. There has not been a single solitary article suggesting that Gareth Bale might be doing wrong by abandoning a club instrumental in creating such a wonderful player and building the team around his ability, in order to showcase him, and to get the best from the team.

In the case of Luis Suarez , again there is little doubt in denying a wonderful talent, a player quite different to Bale but equally important to Liverpool and vital in trying to regain their top four status. Suarez has been guilty of some crazy self inflicted misdemeanours we know but he remains the star player at Liverpool.

The difference in the press reaction to Suarez admitting that he fancies the challenge of another club is in stark contrast to Gareth Bale, who has never suggested he wants to leave Tottenham, the headlines today are that Suarez is shameless and that he is a traitor to Liverpool when they stood by him through his difficult moments.

I find all the articles written about Gareth Bale offensive to my club Tottenham because he has a contract with them, he is adored by the fans, he is well paid, he has a contract and will be a rich man for the rest of his life even if he quit the game tomorrow. Tottenham are trying to establish themselves as one of the elite, but at every turn the press are involved in an attempt to destabilise them, from Modric to AVB to VDV and now they seem intent in helping the disgraceful antics of Real Madrid in luring Bale to Spain.

In Liverpool just how do you see Suarez reacting to the adverse reporting on what is going on with him, he has already stated that the press and media are the main reason for wishing to leave and he will look at the papers today and be convinced that he has a point.

Obviously articles are needed to sell newspapers or attract viewers but I just cannot get my head around British publications or TV especially talking up the very best players moving elsewhere, it must surely be in their interest for the very best from across the world to ply their trade in the English Premier League so giving them far more material with which to work.

Just imagine both players going tomorrow just imagine how difficult it would be to fill the back pages without them around, there is only so much you can take of the Rooney saga or will they or won’t they give Terry a new contract.

Absolute madness and a disgrace and all the while with the potential to dilute the quality of the EPL for us all to enjoy and for them to write about, let alone the Champions League, English clubs failed last season and things could get even worse if other European clubs continue to attract the best players to the detriment of the English challengers.

Morons, most of them.

2 to “Bale and Suarez attract the worst of the British press.”

  1. sunfly says:

    Gareth Bale must move on the future at Tottenham is maybe winning the FA cup or qualifying for the Europa league not good enough for a player of Bales ability who has dragged Tottenham up the premiere league with match winning goals this season.Any top team in Europe know they would rather have him playing for them than against them so let the bidding war begin.I hope he goes to Chelsea.

  2. grant says:

    While all the teams that finished in the top four take Tottenham for granted they will buy the players needed to relegate another of them to 5th place. Underestimate Tottenham at your peril they are getting closer and closer to the summit.

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