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Bale-Not for sale and no bid made. Where is Platini now?

Posted on July 30, 2013 by Guest Writer

So it seems that this whole hornets nest is media driven, the perpetrators being the Spanish paper Marca known to be in the employ and the media outlet of madrid. Disgustingly the press and other media outlets in the Uk have taken up their baton and are releasing stories time and again slightly altered but based upon the garbage pumped out by them. There have been obvious lies and fiction reported, lot’s of it is almost identical to last years pursuit of Luka Modric, some of it almost word for word.

Incredibly the BBC today confirmed that there have been no bids for the player but allegedly he wishes to talk to the Spanish club, how would he be aware of interest unless he or his agent had been illegally approached? well Marca are responsible, of course, as well as the words of perez and zidane and this constitutes an illegal approach for another clubs player and it is about time that action was taken by Platini and his cohorts, of course they will say nothing and do nothing as usual.

Tottenham and Daniel Levy must now make a stand against this injustice, as well as standing by their convictions and retaining the services of Gareth Bale, they owe it to themselves and every other club who wish to retain their best players in the face of unwanted and illegal approaches from mega rich clubs.

Obviously some clubs might well welcome the advances of  the biggest and wealthiest for their players as finances need to be carefully controlled, but clubs can go about it in the right way by making an offer and continuing to do so until a fee is accepted, if a club says the player is not for sale then that should be the end of it, unwanted attention and manipulation should not be allowed to manifest itself in the media.

The circumstances of the Bale situation is strange and disgraceful as no financial offer has been made and yet the the column inches in papers and discussions on TV and radio is relentless, just why is the player being driven out of the Premier League and presented to La Liga on a plate! PSG, Monaco, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and City as well as Chelsea could all afford his fee and pay huge wages but it’s all about real madrid!

If it is success and glory that Gareth Bale craves perhaps he would do well to ask Ronaldo and Luka Modric how it has worked out for them, Modric ‘s first year earned him no silverware while Ronaldo has been with them for four years and has one league title and one Copa del Rey, not much to show for joining the second team in Spain and after the club spent around £400m on players, in the same time Barcelona have won three league titles two Champions League titles, two Club World Cup titles and a Copa del Rey.

The reality is that recent history suggests very little success, the period of the Galacticos has been over for ten years or more with no champions League success or finals since 2002, Ronaldo won far more during his time with United while Modric actually played twice as much Champions League football with Tottenham than he did last season with his new club. So many articles refer to the need for Gareth Bale to leave Tottenham to become a great player and win silverware but forget to mention that he is already a great player in spite of Tottenham, in fact the third best in Europe. Joining madrid, while not a graveyard for footballers and their trophy dreams, is certainly not the right choice based on recent experience, Ronaldo, Kaka, Beckham, Owen, Ozil, Benzema, Modric, Alonso, the list is endless, players bought at great expense and who were used to success have failed miserably, for some it was the worst mistake of their careers other than from a financial aspect of course.

Perhaps it is time for journalists to actually do a little research and write a report warning Gareth Bale of the pitfalls of joining a terribly underperforming team in what is a league dominated by just the two clubs, even that is a little farfetched these days as Barcelona have been the dominating force for most of the past ten years.


2 to “Bale-Not for sale and no bid made. Where is Platini now?”

  1. tom says:

    It seems that Madrid have a couple of tabloids in the UK doing their bidding along with Marca, the Mail,Star and Mirror are a bloody disgrace and should be ashamed of their part in this farce.

  2. steve says:

    Platini will not be on the side of an English club he will look on while Spain and France ride roughshod over rules, only English clubs are taking it anything like seriously, they have all refused the silly fees demanded of Falcao, Cavani etc. and as a result are struggling in Europe.

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