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Bale sold but here’s three we bought earlier.

Posted on August 22, 2013 by Tony

The rumours are getting louder and louder even to the point that Gareth Bale has been sighted in Madrid and might well be undergoing a thorough medical examination. It seems that Tottenham have finally agreed to do business at 120m euros which is the equivalent of the £105m demanded by Daniel Levy, now there’s a surprise.

It has been reported that Willian has completed his medical and agreed a five year contract and although some media outlets are implying that he is still considering his options that is probably just a red herring. The latest on Erik Lamela also suggests that he is in London for his medical before signing on for six years. His brothers Twitter account has posted suggesting that the Tottenham deal is very likely to be completed in just a matter of hours, always assuming it really is his account of course.

The third piece of the jigsaw could be Coentrao who has always been the likely makeweight in any deal, he is certainly reported to be keen to leave and told Madrid so having never really settled there. Because of Madrid’s inflated value for a player surplus to requirements he might only join Tottenham later in the transfer window, it could be a case of Daniel Levy wearing his buying hat and holding out for a bargain, Madrid are probably becoming desperate to offload some players and could be prepared to release Coentrao for a knock down price at the last knockings not unlike Van de Vaart a few years back.

Tottenham need a central defender and there have been suggestions that the deal for Vlad Chiriches might be back on, there have even been rumours that he is also in London to complete a medical and sign a contract. He is a player that Baldini has been linked with while with Roma and probably remains the preferred option, he is probably closer in style to a Vertonghen than any other Tottenham defender and has that all important “world class potential” tag so important these days.

Although every Tottenham supporter is happy with the clubs efforts in the transfer market so far, to soften the considerable blow of losing the clear star of last year then how better than to announce the signing of three , possibly four, new stars at huge expense.

Once the Bale sale is confirmed let’s be clear it will be a sad day for Tottenham and for the Premier League, a player who stepped up to world class level last year has immediately felt the need to go to another country and promote their league and compete against English clubs in European competition, that can never be good. It will be interesting to see just how successful he does become and whether he will help Madrid eclipse Barcelona, sadly it is doubtful and he could find himself still searching for silverware for some time yet. In a league consisting of just two competitive teams  it could result in a career wasted but the blow softened by a mammoth bank balance.

The actions of Tottenham as a club using this opportunity to create a squad able to compete on all fronts has lessened the blow of his leaving, even the anger against Bale and his disrespectful antics has subsided a little.

For supporters it’s all about Tottenham Hotspur FC and this summer they are playing a blinder.

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